President Trump and Republicans are negotiating with Democrats to work out a plan acceptable to both sides, as the Obama-era DACA program nears its expiration in March.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against Motel 6 for voluntarily providing guest lists to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Senior United States District Judge for the Western District of Washington James Robart issued an order on December 23 that granted a nationwide injunction partially lifting a Trump administration ban on refugees from 11 countries where terrorist activity has been high. The order also partially blocks the administration’s restrictions on the process of reuniting refugee families from those nations. This latest action is a continuation of a non-stop series of similar blocking tactics by federal judges against the administration’s efforts to protect the nation from terrorist activities by foreign nationals admitted to the United States.

In a continuing legal battle between the Trump administration and two illegal alien teenage girls represented by the ACLU, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled on December 18 that the administration couldn’t block the teens, who are in federal custody, from getting taxpayer-funded abortions. The teenagers are being held by authorities because they entered the country illegally.

Chinese women are traveling to Saipan, in the U.S. territory of Northern Marianas, to have their babies, so their offspring can receive “birthright” U.S. citizenship.

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