While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is an easy scapegoat for conservatives in the border wall debate, don't forget that it was a former Speaker of the House who first dropped the ball on this issue.

If Democrats and radical lawfare leftists think they can stop President Trump from building a border wall unilaterally after declaring a national emergency, they might want to think again.

President Trump cut through the Kabuki-theater political atmosphere and bluntly stated that the Republicans were “wasting their time” negotiating border security with Democrats.

The illegal alien suspected of killing a policeman in Newman, California, had seven people, a federal indictment says, conspire to help him escape to Mexico to avoid arrest, all thanks to California’s sancturary law.

The approaching horde of illegal aliens who think they’ll cross the U.S.-Mexican border and declare squatter’s rights with phony asylum claims has prompted the Pentagon plan another big deployment.

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