President Trump said he would sign an executive order ending birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens born in the United States, noting that his legal advisors say he can act without legislation from Congress.

San Francisco spent $310,000 setting up a special system to accommodate noncitizens voting in the November school board election, but only 49 have signed up so far.

Tuesday is the day President Trump will announce his plan to stop the “migrant caravan,” while leftists are gearing up to file border-busting lawsuits that will stop the president from deporting the illegal aliens.

The “migrant caravan” rolling through Mexico insisted it would continue its relentless trek to smash open the U.S. border.

Unhinged Floridian Cesar Sayoc’s 13 bombs didn’t, thankfully, detonate. But there’s a larger bomb — a biological one — that soon may go off in our midst: the migrant invasion currently snaking its way toward our nation.

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