Drones, the Customs and Border Protection reports, are now a weapon to help illegals enter the United States. If that weren’t enough, on Tuesday, border agents collared 1,800 illegals in a single day.

The latest reports from Customs and Border Protection, and the news that smugglers are advertising in Central American newspapers, shows that border cops are up against a never-ending flow of people in large groups and drugs worth millions.

Thanks to the Trump administration’s refusal to stop its policy of catch and release, so many illegal aliens are roaming the streets of Yuma, Arizona, that the mayor declared a state of emergency.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been overwhelmed by large numbers of illegal migrants released by the Border Patrol and has appealed for donations of food and other items. 

Taking a leaf out of Barack Obama’s book, President Trump announced Friday that he may give leftist politicians exactly what they claim to want: more impoverished migrants. In fact, Trump proposes sending the illegals currently streaming across our border right to the liberals’ sanctuary (read: immi-lawless) cities.

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