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Soros Believes Liberal Democracy Endangered

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George Soros, the Hungarian-born leftist who has spent the last 15 years or so unloading money to prop up the Democratic Party, its candidates, and street activists, is in trouble.

At least if you the believe the New York Times, which published a major feature on the man who might be the most dangerous leftist on the planet.

The Times reported in its headline, “Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing.” And just to be sure readers know where the Times is headed, it adds this subhead; “His enemies paint him as all-powerful, but the billionaire philanthropist believes that his political legacy has never been in greater jeopardy.”

One can only hope.

Sympathy for the Devil
The point of the Times seems to be that Soros, a self-made billionaire who rose through the ranks of Wall Street to become one of the world’s wealthiest men, thinks the billions he has spent on his political philanthropy might be frustrated by the likes of Donald Trump and the people he has inspired.

Although Soros pumped millions into the former Soviet bloc to establish the tentacles of his political empire there, the Times reported, he didn’t turn his attention to the United States until the Bush administration’s attack on Iraq after 9/11. The magazine added,

Angered by what he saw as an effort by the Bush administration to use the war on terror to stoke fear and stifle dissent, he began donating vast sums to Democratic candidates and progressive causes. He helped fund the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, as well as MoveOn.org, and spent more than $20 million backing John Kerry’s unsuccessful bid to deny Bush a second term. In addition to being a generous donor, he was an outspoken one. He accused the Bush administration of employing Nazi propaganda techniques, and later said that the United States would need to undergo “a certain de-Nazification process” after Bush left office.

Soros lost that election, and adding insult to injury, the man he helped elect in 2008 didn’t pay enough attention to the great man. Soros was an “early backer” of Obama’s maiden presidential voyage, yet Soros said Obama was “actually [his] greatest disappointment” because he “had hoped that Obama would seek his counsel, especially on financial and economic matters. Instead, I was frozen out.”

Obama, Soros lamented to the Times, “closed the door on me.”

Then he helped Hillary Clinton. On behalf of her failed presidential effort and other Democrats, Soros spent $25 million. He lost again, this time to Donald Trump.

Thus, the Times concluded, “liberal democracy” is imperiled:

With the rise of Donald Trump in the United States, where Soros is a major donor to Democratic candidates and progressive groups, and the growing strength of right-wing populist parties in Western Europe, Soros’s vision of liberal democracy is under threat in its longtime strongholds. Nationalism and tribalism are resurgent, barriers are being raised and borders reinforced and Soros is confronting the possibility that the goal to which he has devoted most of his wealth and the last chapter of his life will end in failure.

According to the Times, “In his annual state-of-the-world speech in Davos this year, Soros said Trump ‘would like to establish a mafia state, but he can’t, because the Constitution, other institutions and a vibrant civil society won’t allow it.’”

Which raises the obvious question of how his “vision of liberal democracy is under threat,” except by voters who aren’t interested in the Soros agenda.

Whatever the answer, the octogenarian subversive is “doing his part to shorten the Trump era: In advance of the midterm elections, Soros has so far contributed at least $15 million to support Democratic candidates and causes.”

Question: If the Democrats lose again, will “liberal democracy” have come to its end?

What Soros Funds
As The New American has reported on numerous occasions, Soros is a major backer of globalist, left-winganti-American causes, mostly through his Open Society Foundations (OSF). One of those causes — in helping “liberal democracy, of course — is fiddling with elections and the media.

Leaked documents published by PJ Media showed that Soros “moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the Left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats.” PJ Media also noted,

These Soros-funded efforts moved through dozens of 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) charities and involved the active compliance with civil rights groups, government officials, and purportedly non-partisan groups like the League of Women Voters.

The leaked documents also reveal deliberate and successful efforts to manipulate media coverage of election issues in mainstream media outlets like the The New York Times.

Discover The Networks (DTN) provides a long list of Soros-backed endeavors. The breadth of the influence of Soros on the American Left is such that one wonders whether he is not funding the entire shebang. One major Soros investment is indirectly subsidizing the mainstream media’s biggest stars.

On top of that, DTN reported, “over the preceding few years, Soros had quietly transferred $18 billion of his $24.6 billion in personal assets to OSF, thereby making OSF the second-largest U.S.-based philanthropy (behind only the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).”

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