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Real Collusion: “China Town Hall” Brings Beijing’s Propagandists to Your Home Town

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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will serve as the featured speaker at the twelfth annual “China Town Hall” meeting, a webcast event sponsored by the National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR), the organization has announced. “China's rapid development and Sino-American relations have a direct impact on the lives of nearly everyone in the United States,” the NCUSCR website states. “CHINA Town Hall is a national conversation about China that provides Americans across the United States and beyond the opportunity to discuss issues in the relationship with leading experts.”

The China Town Hall event is to be composed of two components: the main speaker webcast (Dr. Rice), followed by local conversations across the United States with “leading experts” on China. According to the NCUSCR promotional material, the organization plans to schedule more than 80 local events in at least 40 states, with more than 100 speakers.

The bio for Dr. Rice provided for the China Town Hall states: “From January 2005 to 2009, Secretary Rice served as the 66th Secretary of State of the United States, the second woman and first African American woman to hold the post. She also served as President George W. Bush’s Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor) from January 2001 to 2005, the first woman to hold the position.”

Prior to that, Condoleezza Rice served on Bush senior’s National Security Council staff and as special assistant to the president for national security affairs. Undoubtedly, the item on her cv that was most influential in boosting her career path to top White House posts was the fact that she had just completed a term as an “international affairs fellow” of the Council on Foreign Relations, the globalist brain trust that has operated as our nation's de facto governing force behind the scenes, with its members holding many of the top positions in both Republican and Democrat administrations for much of the past century. (See here.)

The NCUSCR serves as a primary front for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in promoting its decades-long agenda of building Communist China into a superpower, while simultaneously undermining the United States’ economic, manufacturing, industrial, agricultural, and technological leadership. The NCUSCR boasts of its key role in starting the U.S.-China ball rolling, noting, “In 1972, we sponsored the historic visit of China’s Ping-Pong team to the United States, which led to our dual focus on exchanges and public outreach.”

As we have reported previously, that “ping pong diplomacy” was set in motion the previous year with the secret trip of Henry Kissinger and his assistant, Winston Lord, to Beijing. That trip laid the groundwork for Kissinger subsequently to lead President Richard Nixon to China to shake the hand of mass-murderer Mao Tse-tung and start the process of transforming Communist China from a backward Third World dictatorship into a global hegemon. Kissinger, who has been a CFR member since 1956, served as a CFR director 1977-81 and has headlined many of its programs. He is the most famous living member of the organization and has had a “Henry A. Kissinger Chair in U.S. Foreign Policy” named in his honor at the CFR. Winston Lord has been a CFR member since 1973, was a director from 1977-85, and served as CFR president from 1977-85.

Virtually the entire leadership of the NCUSCR has been drawn from the rolls of the CFR, as are nearly all of the main speakers for the annual China Town Hall events.

Here, for instance, is the roster of main speakers for the NCUSCR China Town Halls, with our notation (CFR) signifying membership in the Council:

2018 - Condoleezza Rice (CFR)
2017 - Susan Rice (CFR)
2016 - Henry Kissinger (CFR)
2015 - Robert Rubin (CFR), Sheldon Day, and Daniel Rosen (CFR)
2014 - Jimmy Carter (CFR)
2013 CHINA Town Hall: Madeleine Albright (CFR)
2012 CHINA Town Hall: Gary Locke
2011 CHINA Town Hall: Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR)
2010 CHINA Town Hall: Jon Huntsman
2009 CHINA Town Hall: Kurt Campbell (CFR)
2008 CHINA Town Hall: Norman Ornstein (CFR)
2007 CHINA Town Hall: Thomas Christensen (CFR)

Here are the top officers of NCUSCR:

President - Stephen A. Orlins (CFR)
Chair of the Board of Directors  - Carla A. Hills (CFR Chairman Emeritus)
Executive vice co-chair - Maurice R. Greenberg (CFR)
Executive vice co-chair - Henry A. Kissinger (CFR)
Vice chair - Evan G. Greenberg (CFR)
Vice chair - Nicholas R. Lardy (CFR)
Vice chair - Roy J. Stapleton Roy (CFR)
Vice chair - Thomas H. Kean (CFR)
Vice chair - William R. Rhodes (CFR)
Vice chair - James R. Sasser (CFR)

What will the China Town Hall be trying to sell to the American people? What the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations has been selling for decades: more trade with China is good for everybody. Don’t worry, just welcome all our new “partnerships” with the totalitarian regime in Beijing. That’s the message of an August 1, 2018 article in The Atlantic by Anja Manuel (CFR) entitled “Chinese Tech Isn’t the Enemy.”

Manuel, by the way, is a partner in RiceHadleyGates, LLC, the high-powered consultancy put together by Condoleezza Rice (CFR), Stephen Hadley (CFR), and Robert Gates (CFR). A big chunk of RiceHadleyGates’ revenue stream is tied to sealing more deals with Communist China’s state-owned enterprises, as well as with China’s “private” companies, which are merely camouflaged appendages of China’s Communist Party.

Stay tuned for more about the China Town Hall.

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