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Everyone Agrees: Brilliant Trump Ad Is Willie Horton, Part 2

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Liberals and conservatives in the media got the vapors again today, this time over an ad from President Trump that nails Democrats for policies that have allowed the entry of illegal-alien criminals into the country.

The ad features a convicted murderer bragging about his crimes, as well as the migrant horde surging toward the southern border of the United States. It drew the standard leftist response from the usual suspects: racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.

Whether the ad portrayed a truth we are not told.

The Ad

The compelling and all-too-frightening advertisement featured the words “illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes killed our people” superimposed over the trial video that features his bragging about killing cops.

“I will break out soon, and I will kill more,” he says, as the words “Democrats let him into our country” appear on the screen to a pounding drum.

The ad then goes back to another moment at his trial: “The only thing I f****ing regret is that I f***ing killed two. I wish I f***ng killed more of those motherf***ers.”

As the words “Democrats let him stay” scroll, he says, “I will kill more cops soon.”

Trump left out Bracamontes’ threats to kill jurors.

They convicted him of killing two cops in the Sacramento area in 2014. He was twice deported, once in 1997, and once in 2001.

The ad also features the teeming mass of migrants pushing North, at one point pushing down a border fence, as well as a migrant who seeks a pardon for attempted murder.

“Who else would Democrats let in?" the ad asks.

Then viewers get the clincher: "President Donald J. Trump and Republicans Are Making America Safe Again."

The ad invited an immediate comparison to President George H.W. Bush’s infamous but highly effective Willie Horton campaign ad that depicted Bush’s Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis as soft on crime. Dukakis was a proponent of weekend furloughs for criminals who were locked in prison. Willie Horton, a convicted murderer who was locked in prison without the possibility of parole, was released on a weekend pass and then raped a woman and tied and knifed her fiance. That ad was part of Bush’s effort to “strip the bark off the little bastard,” as Bush torpedo Lee Atwater put it. “We’re going to make Willie Horton his running mate.”

Atwater apologized before he died of brain cancer.

“The insinuation is, if you elect Governor Dukakis as president, we’re going to have black rapists running amok in the country,” a political science professor told the Washington Post. It’s playing to white fears about black crime.”

In 1990, the Post noted, the New York Times said “Willie Horton was devastating to Mr. Dukakis.”

Thus is Trump aligning the Democrats with an illegal-alien cop killer.

In fairness to the Democrats, one must admit Republicans have assisted their quest for open borders.

Liberals Need Smelling Salts

Not a few liberals quickly repaired to the fainting couch.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who agrees with colleauge Don Lemon that the country needs a white man's ban, denounced the ad quickly. Trump’s masterpiece of campaign artistry “Willie Horton redux,” Cuomo sniffed.

Noting that Trump “is willing to use lies and scare tactics to terrify his base,” Lemon agreed, apparently aware of the scare tactics Cuomo’s brother Andrew, the Democratic governor of New York, used against Ed Koch, his father Mario’s opponent in the Big Apple’s mayoral race in 1977. “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo,” the slogan went. The Cuomos denied it, of course.

The Trump ad is “racist,” of course, a sentiment that appeared 15 times in Lemon’s segment and with which leftist commentator Max Boot heartily concurred. Huffed Boot, “This ad is giving demagoguery a bad name. This is so blatant, so over the top, so hysterical. It is just a disgrace.”

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Robert Reich tweeted similarly: “This may be the most desperate and vile ad since Willie Horton,” the former labor secretary wrote. “They've resorted to fearmongering.”

Alleged conservatives agreed, the Post reported. Arizona desert flower Jeff Flake, an alleged Republican, said the ad is “sickening” and a “new low in campaigning,” like Lemon, apparently unaware of campaign advertising history, such as the notorious and false “Daisy” ad that painted presidential candidate Barry Goldwater as an extremist who would cause nuclear war.

National Review, trying to ensure a place for its writer on the television talk shows, joined the stampeding herd: “This is, without question, a racist ad.”

The commentators did not question the authenticity of the video depicting a crazed illegal alien threatening jurors and bragging at his trial that he killed “f***ing” cops.

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