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Complaint: Woman’s Champion Avenatti Dragged Actress; Is Abusive, Controlling

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The woman who accused Michael Avenatti of domestic violence has received a restraining order to keep the porn lawyer away from her. 

A judge okayed the order on Monday after hearing the tale of an angry, controlling, violent, foul-mouthed man who dragged Estonian actress Mareli Miniutti across a bedroom. But Avenattis explosion isn’t his first, the budding actress alleged in the complaint.

Avenatti, released on $50,000 bail after police collared him on suspicion of domestic violence last week, denied the claims and again predicted a complete exoneration.

Complaint: "Do Not Disrespect Me"
Miniutti, 24, has been living with the 47-year-old Avenatti since January, she said in the complaint for the restraining order, NBC reported.

But on November 13, she and the tough-talking lawyer, who falsely accused U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape and presents himself as a champion of womankind, fought about money. Avenatti called the young beauty a “f***king b***h," she wrote in the complaint, and then flipped his lid.

Wearing only underwear and a T-shirt, the actress fled to a guest bedroom to escape the “verbally abusive and financially controlling” lawyer. He got “very close to me in a threatening manner that made me feel afraid,” the complaint alleges. Avenatti hit her in the face with a pillow. “Do not disrespect me,” he said. “You don't get to sleep in my house tonight.”

Then Avenatti seized her right wrist, the complaint alleges, and tried to pull her off the bed. Miniutti attempted to text a friend, but Avenatti seized the cellphone. After she was off the bed, he “dragged her through the apartment and into the hallway,” as NBC described the complaint, then “pulled Miniutti back inside when she started ringing a neighbor’s doorbell.”

The complaint, partially reproduced at The Blast, a celebrity website, detailed the hallway encounter:

I was still partially laying on the floor in a public hallway and began ringing the bell of a neighbor’s door in the hallway for help. Respondent then yelled at me, grabbed me by the arm again, and pulled me back into his apartment. Respondent then blocked the door with his body and prevented me from leaving the apartment by holding the door shut. I screamed and asked Respondent to return my phone. Respondent refused to return my phone.

She “pulled on pants,” NBC reported, and escaped the apartment. Avenatti, the complaint alleges, followed and begged her not to spill the beans: “Don’t do this,” he said, “don’t involve them.”

The actress told security and then asked a friend to pick her up, The Blast reported. “At her friend’s house, the actress says she noticed red marks on her body, and called police to report the incident.”

The Blast posted photos of the woman’s injuries, and last week, after Avenatti’s arrest, a policeman told The Associated Press that Miniutti has visible injuries.

Avenatti Denies It All
The Blast also cited another part of the the woman’s complaint. Miniutti says the lawyer roughed her up in February, months before he lodged false gang rape charges against Kavanaugh and established himself as a champion of the sisterhood because he sued the president on behalf of a porn actress. The woman's complaint said:

Respondent acted in a physically violent manner towards me on another occasion in February 2018. At that time, I was living with Respondent in a different apartment in the same building. Respondent had been drinking, and he became angry at me. Respondent pushed me out of the apartment into the public hallway, where I hit my head against a door across the hallway. Respondent then threw my shoes at me, striking me in the leg.

Avenatti, whose wives say he never hit them, continues to say he’s innocent. “I have not been charged with any crime,” Avenatti told NBC. “When all of the facts and evidence, including the security footage, the Instagram posts, and physical evidence is disclosed — which I desperately want — I will be proven innocent. I have done nothing wrong.”

Like his sworn enemy, President Trump, Avenatti's go-to platform is Twitter. “I thought I was clear about this previously but based on comments, evidently not,” he tweeted. “The allegations made against me are FALSE. I am innocent and I did not do what I have been accused of doing. I look forward to ALL of the facts and evidence coming to light. I will be vindicated.”

Said The Donald: “I wish him the best of luck.”

Image of Mareli Miniutti: Screenshot of ad on IMDb website

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