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Washington Post Corrects Again, This Time for a Pence Hater

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The Washington Post had to publish another big correction this week, except this time the errors came not from reporters and editors with an anti-white, anti-Catholic agenda, but instead from a has-been actress and failed gubernatorial candidate who bills herself as an “unqualified lesbian.”

Cynthia Nixon, one of the stars of Sex in the City, HBO’s soft-porn program about the lubricious exploits of four slatterns in New York City, smuggled a big lie past the newspaper’s editors in an op-ed piece she wrote about Vice President Mike Pence.

The occasion of her attack? Nixon, the loser in the race to unseat leftist New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, zinged presumed presidential candidate Joe Biden on Twitter for calling Pence a “decent guy.”

When the Post unwisely permitted the disgruntled, failed candidate to write a piece for its op-ed page, the article contained major errors of fact, lies, and half-truths. The piece was printed anyway — and now the Post has decided to correct one of those assertions.

The Piece and the Correction
Nixon’s nasty attack on Pence centered, of course, on his aversion to pretending that homosexual behavior is acceptable, that such a thing as homosexual “marriage” is real, and that people who think they are members of the opposite sex are “transgender,” not mentally ill.

Among the fibs Nixon retailed for the Post’s readers were that Pence, as head of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, published an article urging businesses not to hire homosexuals. The claim was preposterous, of course, but apparently neither Nixon nor the Post checked the facts. The original piece also hid an important fact: Pence and his handlers had disputed some of Nixon’s claims.

Thus, the correction.

But there were other deceptions.

Of course, Nixon’s suggestion is that anyone who opposes sapphic or homosexual sodomy is a hater and possibly dangerous — likewise for anyone who suggests that “transgender” people need psychiatric care rather than surgery and hormones for a “sex change.” Thus did Nixon unbosom other lies and half-truths to explain why Biden was so wrong to call Pence a “decent guy.”

Nixon claimed that Pence “built his career on homophobia and misogyny.” Nixon offered no proof that Pence hates homosexuals or women, the latter claim being obviously absurd. Although the preposterous claim that Pence hates homosexuals need not be refuted, it’s worth observing that merely opposing homosexual behavior or its normalization is not “homophobia.”

Nixon wrote that Pence works for an administration that “seeks to define transgender Americans out of existence by stripping federal recognition of their gender identity.” That isn’t a fact; it’s an hysterial falsehood.

The Clarence Thomas Lie — Again
But then Nixon shifted from disparaging Pence to belittling Biden, and told a big whopper, in a short reprise of Biden’s role in the confirmation of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court. Anita Hill, recall, accused Thomas of sexual harassment when she worked with him at the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. “As chairman of the 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Thomas,” Nixon wrote, “Biden did not call other women to testify out of collegiality toward Thomas and his Republican colleagues, leaving [Anita] Hill, the silenced women and the truth itself as collateral damage.”

Again, false. Four of Hill’s friends did testify, including two women. One of them told staff members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Thomas’ harassment began before Hill worked for Thomas, then changed that story when it became clear it did not make sense.

Another of Hill’s putative corroborating witnesses refused to testify because her credibility as a witness against Thomas was questionable. He had fired her for calling a fellow employee a “faggot,” and she had attempted to retaliate against another former boss who fired her for incompetence. Biden lifted a subpoena that would have compelled her testimony.

Thirteen “other women” all said or testified that Thomas did not and never would do the awful things of which Hill accused him. All were Hill’s colleagues who could, if Thomas had done what Hill said, corroborate her accounts. Not one backed her claims.

Nor was Hill a “silenced woman.” She testified before the committee at length.

The Post's correction in this instance, as with its recent editor’s note meant to protect itself from Nicholas Sandmann’s $250 million lawsuit, failed to correct at least one major error, leaving the Post with at least one more correction to make.

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