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An Illegal Alien Set Free by Catch-and-release Killed a Woman in Head-on Collision

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Yet another American is dead because immigration authorities didn’t deport an illegal alien.

Why wasn’t he deported? Because after he jumped the border, he claimed asylum and immigration authorities released him. He never showed up for his asylum hearing. Authorities denied his claim and ordered him deported.

But deporting him meant finding him. That never happened. And so he stayed in the country, only to get behind the wheel, police allege, and kill someone.

Thus does the case have all the elements of an illegal-alien vehicular homicide of the type that inspired President Trump’s oath to secure of the border, not least by ending catch and release; i.e., catching illegals, then releasing them in the vain hope they’ll return for a hearing to determine whether they can stay in the country.

And so another American, this one a beloved mother and teacher, is dead thanks to catch-and-release, which Trump vowed to stop and even signed an order to do so.

66 in a 55
The suspect in the case is a 16-year-old border-jumping Guatemalan, Domingo Marcos Diego.

Diego, Mobile’s NBC 15 reported, “is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who tried to claim asylum in Arizona in 2017. When he was a no-show to his hearing, prosecutors say he was denied asylum and issued a final order of deportation. Authorities didn’t catch up with him until Monday's crash.”

The Mobile County District Attorney, the station reported, accuses Marcos of killing Sonya Jones on March 18 on Highway 98 in Semmes, Alabama. If what the authorities say is true, Marcos didn’t much care about Jones.

At a preliminary hearing that sent the case to a grand jury, a state trooper testified that a witness saw Diego flee the scene. He “collapsed near a tree then got up again,” but such were his injuries that he “collapsed again, then tried to crawl away,” the station reported.

As well, surveillance video captured the wreck and Diego’s unsuccessful flight. Not surprisingly, the trooper testified that “crash data” showed that Diego was speeding, 66 mph in a 55-mph zone.

Diego’s attorney doesn’t deny his client was in the wreck, the station reported, but instead “claims another car hit him and that caused the accident.” But the crash data, prosecutors say, belie that story.

The Fox affiliate offered more details. The trooper testifed that Diego was driving an SUV and “crossed the center turn lane and ran into Jones' car head on,” while Diego’s attorney says after the other car hit the illegal Guatemalan’s SUV, he slammed on his brakes and slid into the oncoming traffic.

Police have charged the illegal alien with “homicide by vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident with injury,” the station reported, felonies that could send him to prison for 20 years.

Diego is in jail without bond. Authorities rightly fear he’ll run for home and try to escape justice.

A GoFundMe effort seeks $50,000 to help Jones’s daughter, but thus far has raised only $545.

Typical Illegal
Diego fits the profile of the illegal-alien miscreants who visit mayhem upon unsuspecting Americans who never know what hit them.

He crossed the border illegally and filed a bogus asylum claim when authorities collared him. He never showed up for an asylum hearing, the tip-off that his asylum claim was, like 90 percent of those from Northern Triangle illegals, a scam to get into the country and disappear.

Yet he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get behind the wheel if immigration authorities hadn’t released him, a practice that Trump said he would stop cold.

Indeed, catch-and-release, apparently, has increased. Immigration authorities are flooding American towns with illegals because holding facilities are full, and Trump doesn’t have the stones to defy the courts and Congress, exert his duty and authority to defend the borders, then ship the illegal-alien vagabonds back home.

Instead, border authorities are handling more than 2,000 illegals per daymore than 400,000 crossed in the first six months of the fiscal year, 100,000 in March alone — then releasing them.

As amusing as it is to see Trump threaten to dump the illegals into sanctuary cities and give open-borders leftists what they asked for, that vow, even if kept, doesn’t solve the problem of the open southern border. It merely continues catch and release, which, indeed, Trump has restarted despite ordering its end.

In late March, the Department of Homeland Security loosed 108,500 illegals upon unsuspecting Americans since about January 1. The DHS released some 24,000 between March 5 and March 20 alone.

How many more Domingo Marcos Diegos are in the 108,500, and how more mothers and teachers must die?

Image: Screenshot of a WKRG Channel 5 news broadcast

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