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Covering (Up) Bilderberg: The Washington Post Leads the Wall of Silence on the Globalist Confab

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“Democracy Dies In Darkness” — That’s the mawkish slogan that began appearing below the Washington Post’s nameplate in February 2017. You know, back when — according to “progressive” dogma — Donald Trump (aka the Dark Lord Sauron) ushered in his new regime of racism, repression, and fascism. For the past two-and-a-half years, the Post has led (along with the New York Times) the establishment’s Fake News Media (FNM) pack in a desperate effort to “save democracy” by undoing the 2016 elections and removing President Trump, by any means necessary. According to some accounts, the slogan originated with Bob Woodward, WaPo’s star “investigative reporter” for the past 50 years. Yes, the same Bob Woodward of Watergate, Deep Throat, and Deep State fame. In an article entitled “Words from Woodward,” The Berkshire Eagle of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, reported on December 10, 2008, that “Bob Woodward, possibly one of the most famous newspaper reporters of all time,” delivered a lecture, in which “there were plenty of shiny pearls of wisdom, such as: ‘What should we really worry about? Secret government. Democracy dies in darkness.’”

Twitterdom is filled with reverential references to Woodward’s supposed aversion to secrecy in government. Retired reporter Alan Johnson, for example, tweeted on April 28, 2010: “Woodward's biggest worry: secrecy in government. ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’"

And, after the WaPo megastar appeared at the Columbia Journalism School in 2012, he was further lionized by tweets such as this one (accompanied with a photo of adoring student journalists): “Strive to unravel: ‘Secret government. Democracies die in darkness.’ — Bob Woodward”


“Secret government.” “Secrecy in government.” “Democracy dies in darkness.” “Strive to unravel.” Really? And, as if that WaPo democracy/darkness sloganeering is not sufficiently gag-worthy, how about its other equally risible tagline: “The Story Must Be Told”? Really. But the Post doesn’t know when to stop; it also runs this cringe-inducing self-puffery: “Others cover stories. We uncover them.”

Yes, Woodward and the Washington Post are courageously shining the light into the caliginous corridors of power, bringing sunshine and transparency to the shadowy recesses of government. Right? Ah, yes, so where were fearless Bob and WaPo during the recent very secretive Bilderberg gathering of the high and mighty. The Post’s own Megan McArdle was listed on the official roster of attendees and the Post has always been well-represented at the annual, secret gathering. Like Jennifer Rubin and George Will (neocons/globalists at the Post posing as conservatives) McArdle provides libertarian/conservative “balance” at the Post, in much the same manner that Ross Douthat and David Brooks serve as conservative camouflage (albeit totally unbelievable)  at the New York Times. Among McArdle’s accomplishments that have endeared her to progressives and have helped propel her upward through the FNM ranks (The Atlantic, Newsweek, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Salon) are her attacks on Dr. Ron Paul, the Texas congressman and maverick Republican presidential candidate. McArdle was only too willing to serve as the cat’s paw in the smear campaign to depict Dr. Paul as “racist,” “nutty,” and a (oh goodness!) “conspiracy theorist.”

However, we’ve waited more than a week to hear from McArdle about her glorious outing with the great and the good at the most exclusive and secretive club on the planet: Bilderberg. Again, the slogan mantras: “The Story Must Be Told”; “Democracy Dies in Darkness”; “Others cover stories. We uncover them.” Yeah, right. We’re still waiting, but all we hear is crickets chirping. Bob Woodward, where are you? Remember, Bob?: “What should we really worry about? Secret government. Democracy dies in darkness.”

The Washington Post didn’t completely spike coverage of the event. The paper’s anodyne report on the leadup to Bilderberg is typical of what we have come to expect. “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo headed to Europe on Thursday as part of another bid to build support for the U.S. government’s pressure campaign against Iran,” the Post reported on May 30. “But there is one stop en route that is sure to interest those who are more conspiratorially minded: Pompeo’s side trip to the secretive Bilderberg Meeting.”

Yes, this curious attendance at a super-secret conclave of world movers and shakers will only pique the interest of the “more conspiratorially minded.” This is where Leslie Nielsen’s Naked Gun character Frank Drebin pops up to tell an awestruck crowd gawking at people running from the exploding, burning building: “Nothing to see here! Move along!”

The Post’s reporter, Adam Taylor, continues: “The State Department has said that Pompeo is planning to briefly stop by the elite event, held this year in Montreux, at some point during a three-day stay in Switzerland. He is not the only senior U.S. official visiting, either — Jared Kushner, President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, is listed as an attendee on the meeting’s website.” True to form, after throwing out a few of the facts concerning who the Bilderberg attendees will be, the Post’s report goes on to suggest that only the crazies —the wild-eyed “conspiracy theorists” — will get worked up over the innocuous globalist gabfest.

“The involvement of key Trump administration members may spark criticism from those who view the meetings as nefarious gatherings of the global elite,” says Taylor, noting that “Conspiracy theorists, including a number who have publicly supported Trump, have picketed the event in recent years.”

The Post reporter goes on to dismiss these concerns, stating:

For example, Alex Jones, the American radio host who interviewed Trump when he was a presidential candidate in 2015, has claimed that Google “planned and launched” the Arab Spring at one such Bilderberg gathering.

“There are powerful corporate groups, above government, manipulating things,” Jones said in 2013 in Britain, where he was filmed standing outside the site of that year’s Bilderberg event.

People who have attended the meeting say that there is little to these theories and that it is just a forum for honest and open debate. However, Bilderberg’s long history, unusual levels of secrecy and A-list guests certainly make it an unusual event.

Yes, there are “unusual levels of secrecy” and “A-list guests” for this “unusual event,” but, hey, it’s “just a forum for honest and open debate.” Yes, this is the “fearless reporting” drivel that comes to us from the celebrated Washington Post. The same Washington Post that shamelessly — ludicrously — markets itself with virtue-signaling slogans such as “The Story Must Be Told.”

"Ruling-class Journalists"

Since the folks at WaPo appear to be on a sloganeering jag, here are a few apropos suggestions for consideration:  “Hypocrisy Knows no limits,” “Liars R Us,” or “Transparency for All — Except Ruling Class Journalists.”

In case you didn’t know, concerning that last slogan suggestion, the Post actually considers its editors and writers — along with other select FNM media elites — as “ruling class journalists,” a class of humans that rank above others. The Post revealed this in a rare “confession” (or boast) by the Post’s own ombudsman, Richard Harwood, back in October 1993. In an extraordinary  column, entitled “Ruling Class Journalists,” Harwood confirmed the existence of the Deep State, the unelected, unaccountable permanent government that has usurped control over our country.

Harwood pointed particularly to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which he described as “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.” It is that, certainly, and most American members of Bilderberg are also members of the Council. Harwood listed some of the then-current members:

The president is a member. So is his secretary of state, the deputy secretary of state, all five of the undersecretaries, several of the assistant secretaries and the department's legal adviser. The president's national security adviser and his deputy are members. The director of Central Intelligence (like all previous directors) and the chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board are members. The secretary of defense, three undersecretaries and at least four assistant secretaries are members. The secretaries of the departments of housing and urban development, interior, health and human services and the chief White House public relations man, David Gergen, are members, along with the speaker of the House and the majority leader of the Senate….

“This is not a retinue of people who ‘look like America,’ as the president once put it, but they very definitely look like the people who, for more than half a century, have managed our international affairs and our military-industrial complex,” Harwood wrote. Indeed.

Harwood, who was himself a CFR member, acknowledged that the Council, besides having achieved a lockhold on the federal government, had also, in effect, achieved a virtual monopoly over the media, with leading media mavens not only gracing the CFR membership roster, but also serving as directors of the globalist group. Harwood listed some of the more well-known CFR “journalists” of that time, noting: “In the past 15 years, council directors have included Hedley Donovan of Time Inc., Elizabeth Drew of the New Yorker, Philip Geyelin of The Washington Post, Karen Elliott House of the Wall Street Journal, and Strobe Talbott of Time magazine.”

His own Washington Post was well represented, he observed: "The editorial page editor, deputy editorial page editor, executive editor, managing editor, foreign editor, national affairs editor, business and financial editor and various writers as well as Katharine Graham, the paper’s principal owner, represent The Washington Post in the council’s membership."

Harwood further expounded:

The executive editor, managing editor and foreign editor of the New York Times are members, along with executives of such other large newspapers as the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, the weekly newsmagazines, network television executives and celebrities — Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Jim Lehrer, for example — and various columnists, among them Charles Krauthammer, William Buckley, George Will and Jim Hoagland.

The membership of these journalists in the CFR, said Harwood, is an acknowledgment of “their ascension into the American ruling class. They do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy for the United States; they help make it.” They are, in other words, not truly journalists, but propagandists and cover-up artists for the Deep State “ruling class.” Their careers, their fame, their fortunes, their coveted access all depend on their continued, slavish service to the Deep State.

Following his startling admission, Harwood then attempted to strip it of meaningful import with the following inane conclusion: “Is there something unethical in these new relationships, some great danger that conflicts of interest are bound to arise when journalists get cheek and jowl with the establishment? Probably not. They are part of that establishment whether they like it or not, sharing most of its values and world views. In any case, they must deal with it daily in their professional lives, even to learning which forks to use.”

Presstitutes of the World Unite

David Rockefeller, “Mr. Globalist,” was for several decades chairman, then chair emeritus, of the CFR, as well as the founder and chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and a longtime leader at the Bilderberg conferences. At the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, he expressed his appreciation for the compliant, self-censoring “discretion” of the ruling-class journalists in attendance with these words:

We are grateful to the Washington PostThe New York TimesTime Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.

Rockefeller’s statement quoted above did not leak out because one of the Bilderberg media participants broke his oath of Omerta. No, we know about it thanks to French intelligence, which succeeded in monitoring the meeting and leaked the quote to French publications.

This year’s crop of listed “ruling class presstitutes” attending Bilderberg (and covering up for the global manipulations of the uber-elite cabal) included, besides the Post’s McArdle:

Claire McCaskill — former U.S. senator (D-Mo.), now an “analyst” for NBC News;
Stefano Feltri — deputy editor-in-chief of Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)
Lilli Gruber — editor-in-chief and anchor of Otto e mezzo and La7 TV (Italy)
John Micklethwait — editor-in-chief, Bloomberg LP (USA)
Zanny Minton Beddoes — editor-in-hief, The Economist (U.K.)
Dominique Nora — managing editor, L'Obs (France)
Jolanta Piekowska — anchor and presenter, TVP, radio "Trójka," TVN and TVN24 BIS (Poland)
Martin H. Wolf — chief economics commentator, Financial Times (U.K.)

True to form, all of these presstitutes have kept their silence. As we reported in an earlier article on this year’s Bilderberg conference, former NATO Secretary-General Willy Claes (who is also a former Belgian foreign minister and past Bilderberg attendee) has publicly stated that Bilderberg participants each receive a report at the conclusion of the globalist conference, and they then “use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect.” History has shown, as we reported in the same article, that these policies include toppling governments, replacing heads of state and heads of central banks, boosting minor politicians to pinnacles of power, raiding national treasuries, undermining national sovereignty, and promoting regional and world government. Covering this up and diverting public attention from the machinations of this cabal is not “discretion,”  but treason – if not in the literal, legal sense (although it is likely that as well), then certainly in the moral, ethical sense. And the “conservative, alternative” media that should be calling them out on this have, for the most part, fallen into cowed silence, trembling in fear at the prospect of being branded with the dread “conspiracy theorist” label.

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