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Report: Guards Ignored Epstein, Cellmate Removed. Mossad, Prince Andrew Figure in Case

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Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire sex offender whom federal prosecutors indicted on sex-trafficking charges in July, wasn’t just removed from suicide watch after a supposed failed attempt to kill himself last month. The people who were supposed to watch him didn’t. And so Epstein escaped punishment for his terrible crimes.

The question, of course, is whether Epstsein really hanged himself, or whether Deep-State enforcers arranged his demise.

Post Report
The latest on the mystery comes from the Washington Post, which reported that “corrections officers had not checked in on financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein for ‘several’ hours before he was found hanging in his cell Saturday, a person familiar with the matter said, just one in a series of missteps in the hours leading up to his death.”

Officers should have been checking on Epstein, who was being held in a special housing unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, every 30 minutes, and, under normal circumstances, he also should have had a cellmate, according to the person familiar with the matter and union officials representing facility employees.

But a person who had been assigned to share a cell with Epstein was transferred on Friday, and — for reasons that investigators are still exploring — he did not receive a new cellmate, the person familiar with the matter said Sunday night. That left Epstein, who had previously been placed on suicide watch, alone and unmonitored — at least in the hours before his death — by even those officers assigned to guard him.

The Post’s source, understandably, spoke anonymously.

The information comports with what a former inmate explained in a letter to the New York Post, as The New American reported yesterday. “There’s no way that man could have killed himself.” he wrote. “I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility.”

Epstein could not have hanged himself because the ceilings are too high and the sheets are too flimsy to hold a big man, he wrote. The bed can’t be moved, and “there’s no light fixture” or anything else from which to hang oneself.

Even more importantly is how often guards check the inmates, he wrote. The Washington Post reported that guards check inmates every half-hour. But the inmate who wrote to the New York Post explained that visits are much more frequent, “about about every nine minutes, whether you’re on suicide watch or not.”

The two questions, if the Washington Post is right, are these: First, why didn’t guards check on Epstein for several hours if they were duty-bound to do so every 30 minutes? And two, why was Epstein’s cellmate suddenly moved, which left the 66-year-old sex pervert alone?

Deep State Hit?
The answer might be that it was time for Epstein, accused of molesting girls as young as 14, to depart.

Epstein skated on similar sex charges in 2008 when then federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta, who became President Trump’s labor secretary, cut a deal that permitted Epstein to plead guilty to lesser state charges. That news resurfaced when authorities collared Epstein last month and forced Acosta to resign.

In July and with Epstein in jail, investigative reporter Vicky Ward divulged in the Daily Beast that Acosta cut the deal because Epstein, a member of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, was connected to “intelligence.”

A week after Ward’s piece, Vanity Fair explained that the release of 2,000 pages of material from another Epstein-related case will expose the nation’s top political elites and their connections to Epstein. That case is the defamation lawsuit that one of Epstein’s victims, whose attorney is Democrat powerbroker David Boies, filed against the woman whom police believe was Epstein’s procurer: Ghislaine Maxwell, the 57-year-old and conveniently missing British socialite. According to Vanity Fair,

D.C. is on edge. “Epstein bragged about his contacts in Washington,” Boies said. Reporters are likely to dig into why the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Epstein and kept the deal secret from his victims. One theory circulating among prominent Republicans is that Epstein was a Mossad agent. Another is that the George W. Bush White House directed Acosta not to prosecute Epstein to protect Prince Andrew on behalf of the British government, then the United States' closest ally in the Iraq war. “The royal family did everything they could to try and discredit the Prince Andrew stuff,” Boies told me. “When we tried to follow up with anything, we were stonewalled. We wanted to interview him, they were unwilling to do anything.” (Prince Andrew could not be reached for comment.)

Epstein’s departed the scene, it appears, in a timely fashion.

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