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Times Names Four Women Accused of Helping Maxwell Line Up Epstein’s Victims

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Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t the only woman accused of providing girls to Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender and Deep State financier who supposedly hanged himself in his jail while under arrest for sex-trafficking.

Maxwell, who was Epstein’s No. 2 and also abused girls, victims say, didn’t act alone.

Many others helped the 57-year-old British socialite, including those named in today’s New York Times, provide Epstein with a ceaseless supply of young girls to molest.

Epstein was under federal indictment for sex-trafficking when he was found dead in his cell on August. 10. That indictment alleged that multiple co-conspirators helped Epstein but did not name them.

Many lawsuits do, however, the Times reported.

From Recruited to Recruiters
The Times’ account opens with Haley Robson, who was a 16-year-old from South Florida when she agreed to give Esptein massages for money. Robson then became a recruiter, and explained in a court deposition that lining up victims wasn’t difficult, the newspaper reported. “I didn’t have to convince them,” she said in the deposition. “I proposed to them. They took it.”

That scene opens a lengthy, disturbing story based on “unsealed court records and depositions, along with new interviews” that detail “how this small cadre of women helped Mr. Epstein lure girls into his orbit and managed the logistics of his encounters with them.”

Epstein’s “organized network of underlings” included those who “trained girls how to sexually pleasure him,” along with “office assistants who booked cars and travel” and “recruiters who ensured he always had a fresh supply of teenage girls at the ready.”

Epstein might be dead, the Times reported, but the case against them will likely go on:

Four women were apparently so instrumental to Mr. Epstein’s operation that they were named as possible “co-conspirators” and were granted immunity from prosecution in a widely criticized plea bargain Mr. Epstein struck with federal prosecutors in Florida more than a decade ago. That deal allowed Mr. Epstein to plead guilty to state charges and to spend 13 months in a county jail rather than face a federal sex-trafficking indictment.

The four women — Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff, Adriana Ross and Nadia Marcinkova — could still be subject to criminal charges in Manhattan. The United States attorney’s office has said it is not bound by the Florida agreement.

Maxwell was the orchestra conductor, as victim Virginia Giuffre said, but the daughter of the British publishing tycoon relied upon others to help keep Epstein happy.

Kellen, Maxwell’s top aide, the Times reported, “has been accused in multiple lawsuits of scheduling girls for sex sessions with Mr. Epstein in his Palm Beach mansion.” One lawsuit called Kellen the “lieutenant,” and “David Rodgers, Mr. Epstein’s pilot, said in a deposition that Ms. Kellen was ‘like an assistant to Ghislaine.’”

At Esptein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Kellen “would escort them upstairs to Mr. Epstein’s bedroom and lay out the massage table with the various oils and lotions that they were to use on him, according to police reports,” the Times reported.

With Maxwell, Kellen trained victim Sarah Ransome, who appeared at a hearing Tuesday to dismiss Epstein's indictment, how to please him sexually.

Groff, Epstein’s executive assistant for two decades, “was one of the possible co-conspirators named in the 2008 plea deal Mr. Epstein’s lawyers worked out with the United States attorney’s office in Miami.”

Though Groff claimed she was just an average executive secretary, Ransome claimed Groff “also arranged travel and lodging for the seemingly endless stream of adolescent girls and young women who provided Mr. Epstein with erotic massages.”

Groff denies the charge.

Ross, another “potential co-conspirator in the 2008 plea deal” removed computers from Epstein’s mansion in Florida, the house manager said in a deposition.

Victim to Abuser
Marcinkova, a former model, is accused of repeatedly molesting a 16-year-old girl with Epstein. Yet Marcinkova “might have been underage herself when she became involved with Mr. Epstein,” which means she too could be an Epstein victim, the Times reported.

And prosecuting them, the Times reported, citing a former prosecutor, is a tough nettle to grab.

Robson, recruited at high school to give Epstein “massages” only to become a recruiter herself, could be another example. She was “not among the four women given immunity in the Florida plea agreement,” the Times reported. And cops were ready to charge her with crimes a decade ago.

Sued twice, Robson revealed in a deposition “she made $200 for every high school girl she brought to the Palm Beach mansion. She recruited the girls from her high school, including one who was 14. When she brought a 23-year-old, Mr. Epstein balked. Too old, he told her.”

Robson said the girls were well aware of what was expected.

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