It is perhaps shocking that the New York Times is running an article today painting GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore in a positive light.

Questions have been raised about the high-school yearbook used to make a case against Roy Moore, but the accuser's lawyer, Gloria Allred, is refusing to allow an independent analysis of Moore's signature — before the election.

On a near-party line vote of 227-205, the House of Representatives passed a major tax overhaul bill on November 16 that would cut taxes more than $1.4 trillion over 10 years.

The latest accusation against Roy Moore has led him to dismiss it as all about politics. What are we to believe?

Scandals take many forms. Consider, for instance, that Democrat Doug Jones, Judge Moore’s opponent, is pro-prenatal infanticide. It means Jones believes in the murder of underage girls — and boys. That’s beyond scandalous.

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