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Racists Prepare for “Race War” Over Florida Shooting

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Black and white racist groups including the “New Black Panther Party” (NBPP) and the “National Socialist Movement” (NSM) — both believed to be heavily infiltrated by federal agencies — claim to be preparing for an all-out “race war” as the fallout from the shooting of Trayvon Martin continues to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, President Obama, much of the establishment press, professional hate agitators, and even the United Nations have been pouring fuel on the fire.

Law enforcement officials have said that so far, there are no indications of violence or “armed patrols” in Sanford, and that protests have been peaceful. Sgt. David Morgenstern with the Sanford Police Department told the press on April 9 that there were no signs of either the neo-Nazi NSM or of the NBPP. However, both racist groups and their affiliates are under fire for openly proclaiming that a “race war” is coming and that they intend to participate in the slaughter.

In a recording of what was reported to be a NBPP conference call obtained by the conservative media service Breitbart.com, leaders of the NBPP black supremacist group describe their preparations for imminent “bloodshed.” One activist participating in the call advocates the complete destruction of capitalism and “class structure,” urging other members to begin stockpiling military weaponry and start training to use it.  

“Black power! I just wanna say to all the listeners that’s on this phone call: If you are having any doubts about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we in, that has never ended, let me tell you something, the things that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these [police] pigs, these pink people, these ***** ****** purple people, it has been long overdue,” said a woman who identified herself as NBPP Tampa chapter “Chief of Staff” Michelle Williams.

Another call participant then speaks of blood and revolution. “We gotta suit up and boot up, and get prepared for the war that we’re in,” said the man, identified in a recording of the call as "Nation Spokesman of the New Black Panther Party" Chawn Kweli. “This stuff got to boil over, and all your greats talked about there having to be bloodshed involved with revolution — true revolution means some bloodshed.... We gotta go through it.”

And he sounds serious, too. “We’re talking about some blood. We’re going to have to cause some blood and go through some blood and battles,” Kweli emphasized. “I’m talking about that blond haired, blue eyed, sometime brown eyed, Caucasian walking around with a mindset — a demonistic mindset and a nature to do evil and brutality.”

Later, an unidentified female on the call praises black men who riot or kill whites. “I’m kinda pissed off right now that the state of Florida ain’t on fire,” she said. “I am for violence if non-violence means we continue to postpone a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence. You feel me?”

Petitioners, activists and shooter George Zimmerman’s family are all calling on race-obsessed Attorney General Eric Holder to arrest and prosecute the NBPP leadership involved in inciting violence. Among the grievances against the group was a “bounty” it offered for the “capture” of Zimmerman, who has said he shot 17-year-old Martin in self-defense. He has not yet been charged with a crime.   

“I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” an unidentified member of Zimmerman’s family wrote in a letter to Holder. “I would surmise that, based on your own definition of a hate crime, you have chosen not to arrest these individuals based solely on your race.”

On the other side, white supremacists are claiming to be organizing “armed patrols” to “defend whites.” The neo-Nazi group NSM, long known to be filled with federal agents — or government agents provocateurs, as some analysts portray them — has made public statements suggesting that it, too, is making plans to parade around Florida in anticipation of a “race war.”

“The NSM does not disagree with the Panthers on the matter of Racial separation, however their ability to openly and very publicly break the law and avoid prosecution is something that is of grave concern to the White Community,” so-called NSM “Commander” Jeff Schoep wrote in a statement posted online, claiming his “patrols” would be operating within the law. “As citizens and neighbors dissolve along Racial lines, the possibility of further Racial violence in the Melting Pot is brimming over like a powder keg ready to explode into the streets.”

National Socialist Movement self-styled “Commander” Schoep told the Miami New Times that the group’s armed “patrols” consisted of 10 to 20 “volunteers” from around the state, though it remains unclear whether there really are any white supremacists on patrol. "We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody, but we are prepared for it," he was quoted as saying. "We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over."

While concern about the escalating potential for violence is growing, only minor incidents have been reported so far — mostly vandalism variously blasting and praising Zimmerman. Late last month in South Florida, however, a group of dozens of young protesters purporting to seek “Justice for Trayvon” ransacked a store. Residents were alarmed, but the furor soon died down.

Experts say that the Obama administration appears to be shielding the NBPP from prosecution — a controversial response that attracted severe criticism after members of the group were let off the hook despite intimidating voters at the polls in 2008. But, there are several state criminal statutes that the organization may have violated in recent weeks, too, opening up the possibility that they could be arrested in Florida.

“There was a time in this country when criminal threats were treated as criminal threats. There was a time when stalking polls on election day with a billy club was taken seriously,” wrote former Justice Department official Christian Adams, who resigned after the administration decided to drop the prosecutions of NBPP members. He calls them “thugs.”

“They've been talking like this for years,” Adams noted in response to the recently released conference call. “They tone down the rhetoric at strategic times, just enough to make people like Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum at the Justice Department give them a pass.”

Zimmerman, meanwhile, has gone into hiding in fear of his life. “As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life,” he said in a statement posted on his website. “I assure you, the facts will come to light.”

According to analysts, powerful “Insiders” — people who wield massive influence in media and government with the aim of consolidating control — would use any “race war” violence to further advance an anti-constitutional agenda. Meanwhile, a contrived “war” would serve to distract Americans from the real problems facing the nation, and those responsible for them.

Multiple investigations into the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin are ongoing as investigators try to determine the facts. In the meantime, sensible people of all races are demanding an immediate end to the foolishness and hatred — and the prosecution of anyone caught breaking the law.


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