Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Obama and Romney on Foreign Policy (Video)

Written by  The New American Staff

Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, based on not what he actually did but on his reputation as a man of peace. Republican challenger Mitt Romney portrays himself as a foreign policy hawk ready for war with Iran. But how different are they really on foreign policy? 

In the video below — part two in a four part series by our video partner Liberty News Network — The New American correspondent Thomas R. Eddlem takes a hard look at the positions put out by both campaigns on foreign policy. In a nutshell, both Obama and Romney would continue waging undeclared wars with various Middle Eastern nations, though Romney is a bit more belligerent with Iran. 

(See also our videos comparing Obama and Romney on fiscal issues, civil liberties, and social issues. For a detailed article comparing the two candidates on major issues, see Thomas R. Eddlem's "Obama v. Romney: Their Core Beliefs.")

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