Friday, 24 August 2012

Obama and Romney on Social Issues (Video)

Written by  The New American Staff

There is no question that incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama opposes traditional American social values. After all, he backs government subsidies for abortion and state recognition of same-sex “marriage.” But is Republican challenger Mitt Romney a reliable social conservative? 

In the video below — the final final installment in a four-part series by our video partner Liberty News Network —The New American correspondent Thomas R. Eddlem takes a hard look at the record of the Obama administration and the positions staked out by the Romney campaign on social issues. While Romney's judgment and conversion to social conservatism is questionable, Obama has reliably undermined traditional values. 

(See also our videos comparing Obama and Romney on fiscal issues, foreign policy, and civil liberties. For a detailed article comparing the two candidates on major issues, see Thomas R. Eddlem's "Obama v. Romney: Their Core Beliefs.")

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