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Ron Paul Rallies the Troops in the Fight for Liberty

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"End the Fed!" "Bring them Home!" "No More War!" "Revolution!" If your idea of fun doesn’t include hearing these phrases shouted in unison by 10,000 people, then be happy you weren’t in Tampa, Florida, at the Republican Convention "Ron Paul" rally at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome on Sunday night, August 26.

“I’ve been to lots of concerts and I’ve never heard anything this loud,” one attendee tweeted to this reporter as the headliner took the stage.

After two hours of speeches by political superstars and up-and-comers and rousing music, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) took the stage and the crowd exploded, chanting: “President Paul! President Paul!”

Humbly the man millions regard as the only hope to save our Republic waved to the happy throng and tried several times unsuccessfully to quiet his cheering admirers. “That’s enough,” he said, seeming almost embarrassed by the adulation.

As the official Ron Paul Revolution song died down, Dr. Paul repeatedly thanked those gathered to hear him — all of whom were on their feet — and reminded them why they had come together: “to promote the cause of liberty with a revolutionary spirit.”

Regarding the stories published by the mainstream media that said the revolution was over, Dr. Paul replied, “Don’t they only wish!”

At that rally cry, the faithful roared louder and the crescendo climbed with every word for the next hour as Dr. Paul promoted peace, liberty, and personal responsibility.

First, Dr. Paul thanked the hundreds of delegates committed to supporting him at the Republican convention being held this week just miles from where he was speaking. He congratulated these delegates for knowing the rules better than the RNC. Then, recognizing the RNC’s rulings that converted the convention into nothing more than a coronation, Dr. Paul said, “They’ve learned how to bend rules, break rules, and now they want to re-write the rules!”

As we have reported, on August 24 the RNC voted to rob Ron Paul of half of the Maine delegates he won at that state’s Republican convention held in May. 

Ashley Ryan, Maine’s next Republican committeeman and Ron Paul delegate, described the RNC’s action as “a huge slap in the face.” The RNC wasn’t finished with its assault on the electoral process, however.

Later that same day the Republican National Convention Rules Committee voted 63-38 to create a new party rule allowing the Republican National Committee — and by extension Mitt Romney — unchecked power to change the party’s rules.

At the urging of the Romney campaign’s chief attorney, Ben Ginsberg, the new rule allows the RNC to re-write the party's rulebook without the approval of the full Republican National Convention. 

The new scheme is an unprecedented power grab that gives the GOP’s presumptive nominee power to control the party and to effectively prevent any dissenting man or message from penetrating the thick veil of control draped by the Establishment over the nominating process.

Undaunted, however, Dr. Paul reminded his listeners that the cause of liberty is more important than any election.

“It’s coming about,” Dr. Paul said, referring to the liberty movement he leads. He credits the turnaround not just to himself or to the millions of likeminded voters, but to the fact that Washington is recognizing that “whether it’s foreign policy, monetary policy, or economic policy, it’s failing and they need something different.”

An explanation of the core principles of these three topics formed the remainder of Dr. Paul’s speech.

Regarding his foreign policy, Dr. Paul reported that many “mainstream Republicans” encouraged him to change his foreign policy if he wanted to be more accepted by the GOP.

Promising never to bend to such pressure, Dr. Paul attributed his undeniable success in attracting thousands of young people to his movement to his message of peace. He also pointed to his popularity among active duty and retired military as evidence that his foreign policy is right for America.

Later in his speech, Dr. Paul returned to this topic. He recounted that many people attack him, saying that if he were president Osama bin Laden would still be alive. Maybe. “So would the 3,000 killed on 9/11 be alive!" he retorted. Not to mention the 8,500 American servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, he added.

These wars, Dr. Paul said, “have given us $4 trillion worth of debt, are unpopular, we can’t afford them, the American people want us out, and they want to bring the troops home!”

“Bring them home! Bring them home!” the throng shouted in approval.

As the din died down, Dr. Paul promised that if the government doesn’t listen to the shouts or listen to common sense, “maybe they’ll listen to the facts of life and the fact is that we can’t afford them anymore.”

Next, Dr. Paul moved on to denouncing Washington’s failed monetary policy. Referring to Congressional attempts to simplify and streamline the government, Dr. Paul said, “We don’t want a more efficient government, we want a government that gets out of the business of doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.”

Turning next to a familiar target, Dr. Paul proclaimed that the era that began in 1913 with the income tax and World War I was over. “We will eventually get rid of the Federal Reserve!” he predicted. 

“End the Fed! End the Fed!” the crowd shouted. “Good idea,” Dr. Paul responded.

Launching into a defense of Austrian economics, Dr. Paul predicted that if the government continues to manipulate currency and pursue economic policy that is based on debt, the middle class will be destroyed.

So much of this debt, Dr. Paul said, has been purposefully created by the central bank and by the federal government in order to finance the military-industrial complex, to keep the big banks in business, and to keep the money flowing to the companies building the missiles we need for the endless wars. 

Much of this corruption is being reported by whistleblowers “who serve an important function,” Dr. Paul explained. The Establishment and their friends in power have begun to persecute these whistleblowers, accusing them of treason.

Mentioning PFC Bradley Manning by name, Dr. Paul said, “Bradley Manning didn’t kill anybody. Bradley Manning hasn’t caused the death of anybody.” He then compared Manning to Daniel Ellsberg, the reporter who exposed the “truth about Viet Nam.”

Dr. Paul also rejected the call to try WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange with treason, admitting, however, that most Americans “believe he is a bad guy.” Dr. Paul believes that American “power and clout” is sufficient to convince Sweden to extradite Assange to the United States. “We have the power to change this,” Dr. Paul said, referring to the hostile climate chilling the work of those who would expose corruption and evil in high places.

Concluding his remarks on a positive and empowering note, Dr. Paul proclaimed that “a free society provides an opportunity to seek virtue and excellence.” He identified this as his personal goal and recommended it to all who love liberty.

It is wrong, Dr. Paul said, for government to try to force someone to be a better person. “That is the seed of an authoritarian society,” he added.

Finally, Dr. Paul ended as he began: sounding the call of personal responsibility and liberty.

“We are now moving into a new era. A new era where we’re going to concentrate on liberty and freedom and property and peace. I believe that is the cause that we should lead.” 

Photo of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) speaking at Republican Convention "rally" in the Sun Dome August 26: AP Images

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