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“Gay Pride” Parades, Nudity, and Nihilism

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Bolstered by the Supreme Court’s recent DOMA decision, it is reported that two million people attended this past Sunday’s homosexual “Pride” parade in New York City. This mirrors increased attendance in such parades nationwide, with participants eager to celebrate what is viewed as a milestone in the advancement of the homosexual agenda.

As per usual, the “Pride” events were supported by liberal politicians and celebrities. Writes CBS New York:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other political leaders marched in the [NYC] parade. Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner also courted support in the crowd speaking to spectators through a bullhorn, and Public Advocate and candidate Bill de Blasio also marched.

… Serving as this year’s grand marshal is musician and activist Harry Belafonte.

… Lady Gaga kicked off the weekend of celebrations with an appearance and performance at the pride rally in TriBeCa.

… Gov. Cuomo also launched the “I Love NY LGBT” tourism website.

In attendance as well was City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who hopes to become NYC’s first openly homosexual mayor.

As for notables making appearances elsewhere, CBS writes:

In Chicago, the parade down Halsted Street, Broadway and Diversey Parkway in the city’s Boystown and East Lakeview districts was expected to top last year’s record attendance of 850,000 people in the wake of the DOMA decision, WBBM Newsradio reported. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn were among the participants, and retired NHL player Wade Davis served as grand marshal.

Yet the picture of unity presented by the media belies the controversy over homosexual parades bubbling beneath the surface. Much of this centers around the nudity and simulated sex acts that are staples of such events and the double standard that allows for them in violation of local decency laws. As Peter LaBarbera writes about what he witnessed during Chicago “Pride” parades:

  • In 2004, a disgusting gay (oral-anal) sex act that was allowed to go on in the middle of the street (children were seen nearby) — right in front of a row of Chicago cops — involving two guys who were trying to get under the skin of a group of Christian protesters whom the cops were protecting;...
  • in 2007, a male transvestite (?) going topless with “his” breasts exposed for block after block as cops and parade organizers did nothing; see:
  • lewd acts (e.g., simulated sodomy) and gyrating sexual dances on floats — including one by an apparent lesbian cop who appeared to be drunk or high, riding atop a Chicago PD float;
  • a contingent of sadomasochists marching in the parades as they do every year;
  • blatant anti-religious and anti-conservative bigotry on display — usually equating Christianity or the Catholic Church with “hate”;
  • after the 2007 parade, homosexual “pride” celebrants assaulted two peaceful men giving a Christian street witness in opposition to homosexuality; see;
  • a homosexual bathhouse called “Steamworks,” which fields a float every year at the parade. Steamworks is a 24/7 sex club on Halsted Street in Boystown where men go for anonymous sexual liaisons with other men.

In his article LaBarbera points out that the young often witness the above and asks, “Should children attend lewd ‘Gay Pride’ parades?”

This also raises another serious question: The clarion call among homosexual activists has long been that they just want to be treated like everyone else. So will the authorities ever grant them their wish? As columnist Joe Warmington wrote in 2009 about Toronto’s homosexual parade:

"There is frequent nudity and mock sex acts on our main street and that is against the law."

— Rev. Charles McVety

Will there be as many indecent exposure charges handed out this Gay Pride weekend as there will be parking tickets?

… McVety [president of Canada Christian College] says it really comes down to nothing more than enforcing the law of the land equally — and making sure there is not a two-tiered system in which people associated with a powerful movement get away with breaking laws that those not as connected could not.

… police have in the past charged participants for nudity — only to have charges dropped because it was successfully argued the suspects were wearing shoes.

It was not specified on what part of the body the shoes were worn.

In fact, this double standard is now being enshrined in law. Spurred to action by a group of men who habitually display their birthday suits in the city’s homosexual Castro district, notoriously libertine San Francisco recently enacted an ordinance prohibiting the exposure of one’s genitalia in public (nudity, per se, was not previously illegal in SF). Yet exceptions are made for “the city's annual gay pride event and the Folsom Street Fair, which celebrates sadomasochism and other sexual subcultures,” writes CNS News.  

It is this apparent hypocrisy that rankles many critics. For while the homosexual movement purports to be concerned with equality, one may ask: Is it really about making some Americans more equal than others?

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