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S.C. Tea Party Targets Lindsey Graham; Constitutionalist Challenger Steps Up

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Although he probably can’t hear it over the sound of the war drum he’s constantly beating, the bell is tolling louder and louder for Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

A coalition of Tea Party-affiliated groups from across South Carolina has approved a 29-point condemnation of Graham, calling for his replacement with someone committed to the Constitution.

In a copy of the document provided to The New American, Graham’s sins against the Constitution are enumerated and language is included in the resolution that would facilitate its adoption by state and local Republican organizations.

Those seeking to unseat the “Shut up, you don’t get a lawyer” senator point out Graham’s support of several unconstitutional measures. For example:

• Arming Syrian rebels with known ties to Al-Qaeda

• Approving the National Security Agency’s continuing surveillance of innocent Americans

• Calling for the use of drones to target American citizens

• Sending substantial aid to Egypt

• Subordinating American sovereignty to the United Nations

• Voting to continue sending billions to foreign governments worldwide

• Confirming President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees

• Voting for bank bailouts

• Unconstitutionally infringing on the Second Amendment

• Advocacy of amnesty for illegal aliens

• And on and on and on.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the indictment is that it isn’t just some collection of cheap shots; it includes video proof of the incumbent’s ferocious infidelity to his oath of office.

For the first time, it appears that constitutionalists across the Palmetto State have had enough of the “roll over Republican’s” reliable support for so many acts of the federal government that exceed the constitutional boundaries on its power.

The frustration fomented by Graham’s betrayal pervades every word of the resolution’s final paragraphs:

Whereas, as a result of these actions, Lindsey Graham has lost the confidence of this body in his ability to serve as Senator representing the People of South Carolina in a manner consistent with the platform of the Republican Party. Whereas these actions by Lindsey Graham, though they be no reflection on his personal character, are deserving of resolutions of disapproval and remedial action by the local and state organizations of the South Carolina Republican Party.

The solution? The authors of the measure declare that “as a result of the actions taken by Lindsey Graham he has lost the confidence of this body, which resolves that he should be replaced as Senator for the State of South Carolina at the earliest possible electoral opportunity.”

RINOs, progressives, and statists need not apply. Only “properly qualified candidates” will qualify for the position.

Former state Senator Lee Bright is one of Graham’s potential replacements and his constitutional bona fides are beyond reproach.

While serving in the South Carolina state legislature, Bright sponsored state bills creating a state alternative currency, and one nullifying ObamaCare.

In an exclusive interview with The New American, Bright explained why he wants Graham gone and laid out a few of the principles that distinguish him from his would-be primary opponent.

TNA: Why are you running against Lindsey Graham?

Bright: His entire record of service has been one thing after another that conservatives disagree with. Amnesty for illegals, for example.

TNA: How are South Carolinians responding to your message?

Bright: Support is growing. As we hold events across the state, the crowds are getting bigger and bigger. We recently held an event in Columbia that drew over 100 people.

TNA: What is your position on state nullification of unconstitutional federal acts?

Bright: I believe states are the last line of defense. If courts continue refusing to strike down unconstitutional laws, then states must step in. I was the primary sponsor of the bill in South Carolina to nullify ObamaCare. States need to step up and challenge the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and anything aimed at the Second Amendment.

TNA: What are some ways the federal government can be brought back under control?

Bright: I believe by enforcing the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. And by repealing the 16th Amendment. It destroyed our way of life.

TNA: Speaking of the 16th Amendment, what do you think of efforts by federal lawmakers to audit or abolish the Federal Reserve?

Bright: I absolutely support them. I don’t think many in Congress understand the damage the Federal Reserve has caused over the last 100 years. I also support immediately abolishing the IRS.

TNA: Lindsey Graham has a huge campaign account balance (over $6 million). How are you going to overcome that huge advantage and put together a winning coalition?

Bright: Lindsey Graham’s record draws people to my coalition. South Carolinians know that he has been a water carrier for President Obama and that his foreign policy positions have ruined America’s reputation in the world.

TNA: Would you ever support a president bypassing Congress and sending troops into combat?

Bright: No. Constitutionally, Congress has to make that call. There is no reason in this time of such instant communication for a president to think he can’t wait for Congress to consider these things.

TNA: Is there anyone currently serving in the Senate that you would consider similar to yourself?

Bright: I think Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.

TNA: Finally, what can you say that will give people confidence that you can beat Lindsey Graham and put a true constitutional conservative in South Carolina’s senate seat?

Bright: When Ted Cruz was elected, the average amount of private contributions to his campaign was $45. If everyone who donated $45 to Ted Cruz donates $45 to my campaign, Lindsey Graham is toast.

At press time, Chesterfield County is the only Republican Party committee that has adopted the anti-Graham resolution. Chesterfield County Republican Party is the named sponsor of the “resolution in support of censure of Lindsey Graham.”

Blogger Ben Swann quotes County GOP Chairman Jack Parker saying, “Mr. Graham has lost the confidence of this body in his ability to serve as our Senator representing the people of South Carolina in a manner consistent with our platform. We know that a significant number of members of the South Carolina Republican Party across the state feel the same way, and we expect to see more actions, like we have taken, to continue at future county meetings.”

The text of the entire resolution is available here.

 Photo of Sen. Lindsey Graham: AP Images

Joe A. Wolverton, II, J.D. is a correspondent for The New American and travels frequently nationwide speaking on topics of nullification, the NDAA, and the surveillance state. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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