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Sheriff Arpaio: “Close” to Finding Obama Birth Certificate Forger

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It was the elephant on the back of the elephant in the middle of the room. In a recent interview with Rusty Humphries, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio made news by saying that the Obama administration was “incompetent” and that its current dumping of illegals in Arizona is intentional. Yet perhaps even more shocking was a 45-second segment of the interview that has received scant attention: A claim by Arpaio that he’s close to discovering who forged Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

His comments were made between 9:59 and 10:44 in the interview and began as an explanation of why he would not run for Arizona governor despite appeals to do so. Arpaio said, “I would have to resign; I’m not going to leave this office to somebody coming in when I have sensitive investigations going.”

And then came the bombshell. Arpaio continued: “including the president’s birth certificate — I haven’t finished that yet.”

Picking up the ball, Humphries asked just a bit later, “Do you still believe that the president was not born in the country? Do you still think there’s a problem with the birth certificate? This prompted Arpaio to reply, with evident passion:

You know, I don’t care where he was born. It has nothing to do with it. I’m concerned about a forged, fraudulent government document; from day one I’ve been investigating that. Now we have to find out who’s behind that; I’m getting close to that. But I’m looking at a fraudulent document. Anybody else would go to jail.

This should raise eyebrows coming from Arpaio. Love him or hate him — and few are indifferent about “America’s Toughest Sheriff” — his reputation is that of a straight-shooter not given to hyperbole. So his claim of being close to discovering the forger of Obama’s birth certificate is to be taken seriously.

Arpaio launched the birth-certificate investigation in 2011, in response to a complaint by the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party, with the creation of a five-person, volunteer "Cold Case Posse" consisting of “two former law enforcement officers, two retired attorneys, and retired New Jersey police detective Michael Zullo,” reported the online Daily Caller at the time.

And on July 17, 2012, the results were announced. After having already declared in March of that year that the president’s long-form birth certificate was likely a computer-generated forgery, Arpaio’s investigators could make a definitive statement.

Obama’s birth certificate is “definitely fraudulent.”

Yet this bombshell received relatively little mainstream-media play, with the claims being portrayed as a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory. The problem with this dismissive attitude is that Arpaio’s allegations present only two possibilities: A major American law-enforcement agency is spreading misinformation for the purposes of damaging a sitting president.

Or Obama’s birth certificate really is fraudulent.  

Either way it’s a scandal.

And either way it warrants further investigation.

It certainly didn’t help Obama’s cause when it surfaced in 2012 that Acton & Dystel, Obama’s former literary agent, published a 1991 promotional booklet that billed Obama as having been "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." This claim — made by a professional publishing company in a volume costing tens of thousands of dollars to produce — “persisted for 16 years, through at least three different versions of Jane Dystel's website, and through at least four different versions of Obama's biography,” wrote in May 2012.

Of course, Acton & Dystel and others now chalk the Kenya birth claim up to a “fact-checking” error. Yet as American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson pointed out at the time, “There is no plausible explanation of how the literary agency came to believe Obama was born in Kenya, other than that Obama told that to his agency. They could not make a mistake ‘fact checking’ without an initial fact to check. Only Obama could have supplied such information.”

Nor did it help the president’s cause when, in November 2008, then Kenyan ambassador to the United States Peter Ogego said on the Mike in the Morning Show that Obama’s birthplace in Kenya was “already an attraction.” Furthermore, when asked by a host if a “marker” would be placed at the site, Ogego indicated it was unnecessary because Obama’s Kenyan birthplace was “already well known.”  

So what’s the truth? Was Obama lying to Acton & Dystel for the purposes of increasing his multicultural cachet? Was Ogego simply repeating a Kenyan urban myth born of a desire to lay claim to the world’s most powerful man?

Or was Obama really born in Kenya?

There are different theories, but owing to media refusal to investigate, lament critics, few definitive answers.

Yet, say observers, while they may not know the “who” or “why” of the matter, one thing we do know definitively is the “what”: Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. And it isn’t just Arpaio’s posse making this claim. Another is Nick Chase, “a retired but still very active technical writer, technical editor, computer programmer, and stock market newsletter writer” who during his career “has produced documentation on computers, typewriters, typesetters, headline-makers, and other pieces of equipment … [and who] has programmed typesetting equipment,” reads his bio. He stated in 2012 that, among other things, the birth certificate fails the “pitch test” (details here). Chase said that among experts in his field, “it's been an ‘open secret’ that the document image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a complete fake.”

Then there’s Mara Zebest, “a graphic artist and co-author for a number of Adobe product books including the Inside Photoshop series, which typically exceeded 1,000 pages and was published in at least ten different languages around the world.” She is “also tech editor for numerous books for both Adobe and Microsoft products and has worked closely with the Cold Case Posse (CCP) for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) in providing evidence on Obama's forged birth certificate.” She wrote in 2012, “Obama's PDF file never originated as a paper document, but rather was born in cyberspace or was — to put it another way — digitally manufactured.”

Yet the who and why may be known soon — and the revelations may be shocking. As’s Bob Unruh reported last December, “‘When this [birth certificate] information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,’ Mike Zullo told WND. ‘This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.’”

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