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Obama’s Political Career Began With Castro-backed Terrorist

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While Obama framed his latest decrees on U.S. relations with the brutal Communist Cuban dictatorship this week as a way to “help” the people of Cuba and serve “American interests,” he failed to mention an important detail of his life that may have played a role in the decision. More than a decade before becoming president, Obama launched his fledgling political career in the home of an unrepentant communist terrorist whose murderous organization was backed primarily by none other than the ruthless Castro regime in Havana. That terrorist, of course, was William Ayers (shown), co-founder of the Weather Underground infamous for bombings, terror attacks, robberies, and murders across the United States.

As part of the broad policy changes decreed by Obama this week, the U.S. government will release spies and a convicted murderer working for the savage Communist dictatorship. In exchange, the Castro regime released American hostage Alan Gross, a man who was attempting to bring Internet to some of the enslaved Cuban people, who have virtually no access to information other than regime propaganda. Around the world, communists and dictators celebrated the announcement that Obama was once again negotiating — or outright surrendering, perhaps — to hostage-taking terrorists. Globalists, long working to legitimize (and before that, bring to power) the Cuban regime also declared victory after the announcement.

So far, however, little has been said in the establishment press about Obama’s own links to the murderous dictatorship ruling over Cuba. Back when the Weather Underground was perpetrating terrorist attacks in the United States, it had one very strong ally: the Soviet-backed dictatorship ruling over Cuba. In fact, the FBI declared that Cuba was helping the Weathermen as early as 1977. Bernardine Dohrn, a convicted Weather Underground terrorist and prominent Obama fundraiser, even traveled to Cuba in 1969, meeting with Communist Vietnamese operatives during the trip.  

Whistle-blowers and investigators involved in the Weathermen’s reign of terror later revealed how the Cuban regime's embassies in Mexico City and Ottawa actually helped coordinate the underground terrorist movement in the United States. Among other roles, the Castro regime helped Weathermen — who according to infiltrators planned to exterminate millions of Americans after the “revolution” — disappear and re-appear as needed. It continues to shelter fugitive communist terrorists on the island. Julian Rizo, an official with the regime's intelligence-terror service, the DGI, actually gave a speech to the Weather Underground to rally their revolutionary fervor. In addition to murdering police, the Weathermen bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, the State Department, and more.

Now fast forward several decades: Many "ex"-terrorist Weathermen had burrowed their way into American universities and academia. Perhaps the most prominent among the Castro-backed domestic terrorists was co-founder Ayers, who, along with his wife, was involved in numerous deadly attacks on U.S. soil. Eventually, he got a job as a professor of education at the University of Illinois. Far more troubling, though, are his links to Barack Obama, who launched his fledgling political career in Ayers' living room before going on to shock the world by becoming the president of the United States.  

Conservapedia also noted that another Weather Underground co-founder, Jeff Jones, worked for several years with Obama’s “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones, who eventually resigned after his own words identifying himself as a revolutionary communist were uncovered and publicized. But as far back as the mid-1990s, and even in his early years, Obama was literally surrounded by a gaggle of Marxists, Maoists, terrorists, and other pro-Castro forces backed by Havana. A comparison of writing styles also revealed that Ayers — who boasts of his terrorism has said publicly that he “should have done more” — may have ghost-written Obama’s book Dreams From My Father.     

According to research by analysts, Obama is the first and only person in history with well-established links to a known terror organization to ever gain control over the U.S. government’s nuclear arsenal. Of course, administration apparatchiks in the White House and the increasingly discredited establishment press have tried hard to downplay the myriad ties to Castro-backed terrorists. In 2008, for example, Obama's chief strategist, David Axelrod, claimed Obama “didn't know the history” of his communist terrorist backer. Much of the press largely ignored the explosive scandal.

When it came to another Castro-backed Communist terrorist, though, Obama was hardly shy about expressing his adoration. Upon the death of Nelson Mandela — chief of the Soviet-backed African National Congress’ terrorist wing and a member of the South African Communist Party’s Central Committee — Obama showered him with praise in a speech at his funeral, comparing him to America’s Founing Fathers. He also took the opportunity to shake hands with Raul Castro, the current despot enslaving the Cuban people after his older brother stepped down. The current ANC-SACP South African regime, implicated in ongoing preparations for genocide, boasted of its role in facilitating Obama and Castro’s recent announcement.     

Disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, in addition to arming Mexican drug cartels while attacking the gun rights of Americans, has also been accused of being too sympathetic toward Cuban regime-backed terrorists — at the very least. During the Clinton administration, for example, while serving as deputy attorney general, Holder reportedly played a major role in the pardons issued for Weathermen and FALN terrorists for their reign of terror. It is well-known and well-documented that both of those terror groups were supported by the Castro regime.   

In a so-called “Fact Sheet” released by the White House on December 17, meanwhile, the administration even echoed the Castro regime’s ludicrous talking points, suggesting that the U.S. embargo — not communist tyranny — was largely to blame for the misery of the Cuban people. “We know from hard-learned experience that it is better to encourage and support reform than to impose policies that will render a country a failed state,” the White House said, as if the embargo had rendered Cuba a “failed state” rather than the ruthless dictatorship enslaving that once-prosperous nation.  

Even the upper levels of the globalist establishment, which unashamedly aided Castro’s murderous rise to power over the Cuban people more than five decades ago, barely bothers to conceal its affection for the Havana dictatorship’s tyranny. As The New American reported last year, Julia Sweig, who leads the globalist Council on Foreign Relations’ Latin America scheming, is a brazen apologist for communist terrorism and the brutal Castro regime. She also has myriad close ties to the dictatorship and its brutal allies across the region.  

“Sweig's intimacy with the Cuban government underscores the long-term continuity of CFR policy,” James Perloff, author of The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline, told The New American. “When Fidel Castro was only a fledgling revolutionary, it was CFR member Herbert L. Matthews's articles in the New York Times that persuaded Americans that Castro was an ‘anti-communist’ and democratic leader. This paved the way for Castro's rise to power, with its brutal dictatorship and Soviet missiles aimed at America.”

Another unreported aspect linked to Obama’s announcement is the role of the Cuban regime in exporting communist revolution. Indeed, among other schemes, Fidel Castro co-founded the now-powerful Foro de São Paulo in 1990 (FSP, or São Paulo Forum in English). The group is spearheading the ongoing takeover of Latin America by a closely knit network of autocratic, Castro-friendly socialist and communist regimes and forces — even as the Obama administration continues to send U.S. taxpayer dollars and even military assistance to those same oppressors and “ex”-communist mass-murderers.

The totalitarian network, which the U.S. government fully understands yet continues to aid and abet, now dominates regional politics south of the U.S. border. Along with despot Fidel Castro, other co-founders include radical former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, the Sandinistas, and an array of Marxist narco-terrorist groups.  The organization uses oil money from Venezuela, drug money from the Colombian FARC, Cuban training of “security” services, rigged elections, and more, to export Cuba-style revolution across the hemisphere. According to its own documents, the network eventually hopes to rebuild in Latin America what was (perhaps temporarily) lost in Eastern Europe — communist tyranny.

With Obama’s recent decrees on relations with the Cuban regime, the FSP and Castro undoubtedly just took another great step “forward” in achieving that goal. Of course, U.S. lawmakers expressed outrage over the administration’s lawless machinations and the purported legitimacy Obama conferred on a U.S.-designated state-sponsor of terrorism that savagely oppresses and terrorizes the victims it misrules. Whether Congress will step in to actually stop Obama’s scheming, however, remains to be seen.

Photo of William Ayers: AP Image

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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