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Persecuted Baltimore Police Officers Sue Activist Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

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Marilyn Mosby (shown), the state prosecutor and chief arsonist in Baltimore’s inflammatory Freddie Gray case, was in her typical high dudgeon form when she took to the microphones Wednesday to announce she was dropping charges against the three remaining officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Sounding like a female Al Sharpton riling up the street protesters, rather than a justice-seeking officer of the court, the fuming-mad Mosby ranted (see video below): “We do not believe that Freddie Gray killed himself. We stand by the medical examiner’s determination that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide.”

However, she noted, in light of the fact that three of the six officers charged in Gray’s death had already been acquitted, and given the likelihood that the remaining three would “unfortunately” also be acquitted, she has decided to drop her political crusade. “After much thought and prayer it has become clear to me that ... we can try this case 100 times ... and we would still end up with the same results,” Mosby said.

The tables could soon be turned on Baltimore’s fiery prosecutor, whose incendiary rhetoric poured gasoline on the city’s racial unrest, leading to riots, looting, arson, and mayhem in 2015. Marilyn Mosby the prosecutor may soon be Marilyn Mosby the defendant. Due to her egregious misconduct, she is facing disbarment proceedings and civil lawsuits from (so far) five of the six police officers she charged in the Gray case.

Mosby, who became a media darling last year when she announced the murder charges against the officers, has gone so far over the top in her zeal to prosecute them and pander to a militant constituency, that even many of her erstwhile supporters have abandoned her. From across the political spectrum, law professors and former prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges have criticized her unethical and unprofessional conduct in the case.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who is also a racial activist, publicly rebuked Mosby in an interview Wednesday, saying the prosecutor’s comments are “absolutely not helpful” because they “insinuate that the process is rigged.” Speaking with Fox News from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where she served as secretary, Mayor Rawlings-Blake took issue especially with Mosby’s harsh criticism of Judge Barry Williams. The mayor described Judge Williams as “one of the most highly regarded judges on the Circuit court,” for whom she has “the utmost respect.” “If you actually read his report, you’ll see why he made his decision,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said.

Judge Williams, who is black, repeatedly smacked down Marilyn Mosby in court for failing to provide evidence to back up her sensational charges, and, even more seriously, for repeatedly failing to provide exculpatory evidence to the defense.

Michael E. Glass, an attorney for two of the police officers, accused Mosby of political motivation in the case. "Marilyn Mosby's comments in her press conference today confirm that the charges brought against my clients, Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter, as well as the other four officers, were politically motivated and not supported by evidence to establish probable cause," Glass said, following Mrs. Mosby’s inflammatory media event.

Glass said his clients suffered "extensive pain and suffering," having been publicly charged with a heinous crime and suspended without pay for more than a year. One of his clients, Lt. Brian Rice, charges in his lawsuit that Mosby lied about him publicly and spoke "in a divisive and inciting manner" while doing so.

In her demeanor, timing, and choice of words, Mosby was virtually indistinguishable in character from the rabble rousers who descended on Baltimore to stoke the fires. Prominent among those racial/class arsonists are Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) activist Carl Dix (see video here) and his boon companion Prof. Cornel West of Union Theological Seminary (and formerly, of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton). Prof. West (a “favorite” guest of Sean Hannity on Fox News) and Comrade Dix are leaders of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and #RiseUpOctober, both of which serve as fronts for the Revolutionary Communist Party and are largely under the direction of veteran RCP cadres. The RCP has a long history of violence, and idolizes Red Chinese dictator and mass-murderer Mao Zedong. 

Mosby’s critics charge that she was exploiting and manipulating the volatile Freddie Gray case not only in the hopes of building her own political base, but also to help propel her husband, Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby, in his quest to be the city’s next mayor. Marilyn Mosby played to the racist, Marxist #BlackLivesMatter-Al Sharpton-Carl Dix-Cornell West gallery, feeding the popular, media-assisted lie that Freddie Gray’s death is further evidence of systemic racism in America.

These are some of the basic facts that have been deliberately covered over in perpetuating the Freddie Gray-as-martyr/systemic racism myth: Baltimore is, and has been for a long time, a city run by black, liberal Democrats. Moreover, African Americans held most of the key positions of power and influence at the time of the Freddie Gray arrest, including:

• Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake — a very close Obama-Clinton operative;

• Anthony W. Batts — police commissioner at the time of Gray’s arrest;

• John W. Anderson — sheriff;

• Judge Barry Williams — a longtime legal activist for civil rights;

• Bernard C. "Jack" Young — Baltimore City Council president;

• Eight of the 15 Baltimore City Council members; and

• Rep. Elijah Cummings — U.S. representative.

Moreover, three of the six arresting officers in the Freddie Gray case are black, including Officer Caesar Goodson, Jr., who was acquitted of “depraved-heart murder” this past June. And more than half of the Baltimore Police Department officers are black or fit into other “people of color” categories. Genuine racism and/or police brutality and corruption are serious matters that must be seriously dealt with. However, when politicians — and Marilyn Mosby is a politician — exploit already inflamed passions for political gain, they not only jeopardize public safety and destroy confidence in our justice system, but also violate the rights of the accused (the police officers) and destroy the constitutional protections of all.

“Runaway Prosecutor”

Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf of George Washington University Law School has filed a complaint with the Maryland Bar Counsel, seeking to have Mosby investigated and disbarred for “dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful” misrepresentation of the facts in the Freddie Gray case.

In an interview yesterday with Breitbart News Daily radio host Stephen K. Bannon, Prof. Banzhaf compared Mosby to former North Carolina attorney Mike Nifong, who was disbarred and sued for similarly egregious actions in the infamous Duke University lacrosse case.

“Eventually, she’s going to suffer the same kind of fate as Nifong,” Banzhaf told Bannon. “She is going to be disbarred, and she’s already being sued,” he added. “These suits are being strengthened by the fact that she continued to bring [charges], even though she had no case. If not disbarred, at least a very significant sanction.”

Prof. Banzhaf told Bannon’s SiriusXM audience: 

She had a case which, at the very beginning, she couldn’t reasonably believe. Yet there are now three decisions by the judge throwing out each and every one of her legal theories, saying with regard to most of the key facts she has to prove. It wasn’t that there was little evidence. He said, “No evidence. No evidence. No evidence.” Yet she continued to do it. And it was only the pressure of, I think, the threat of disbarment — two complaints against her; one is mine, and the mounting lawsuits which finally forced her to say, “Okay, I’m not going to keep digging this hole any better. I’m going to get out, and I’m now going to claim that I won because all of these victories have occurred." 

Prof. Banzhaf has called Mosby a “runaway prosecutor.” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, responding to Mosby’s press conference on Wednesday, said, “I think she ought to prosecute herself." "I think it was disgraceful what she did and the way she did it, and the news conference that she had where they were guilty before anybody knew the facts," Trump said, while holding a campaign press conference in Florida.

Days before, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke electrified the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with a speech that opened with a condemnation of the “malicious” conduct of Mosby and her BlackLiesMatter co-conspirators. “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make something very clear: Blue Lives Matter in America!” Clarke declared, to thunderous cheers.

“I stand before you tonight with a heavy heart, as the law enforcement community prepares to bury three of the Louisiana, Baton Rouge’s finest,” Clarke said. “But there is some good news coming out of Baltimore, Maryland, as Lt. Brian Rice was acquitted on all charges, and the malicious prosecution of activist state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby.” The mention of Mosby elicited a round of boos almost as hearty as the earlier cheers.

It is usually very difficult to win a civil suit against an abusive prosecutor, and difficult even to get him/her disbarred or sanctioned. However, if for no other reason than to put prosecutors on notice that outrageous and socially destructive abuses of their public offices will not be tolerated, many Americans are hoping that Marilyn Mosby will be disbarred and removed from office.

Photo of Marilyn Mosby: AP Images

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