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Hillary’s Mad Dash for Cash: Billionaire Elites and Pampered Celebs

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With no regard to the massive carbon footprint she and her entourage are leaving in their wake, Hillary Clinton is jet-setting back and forth from East Coast to West Coast, on a record run of Big Bucks soirees with the uber-rich of Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley (Rothschilds, Sabans, Katzenbergs, et al). Forget all her populist blather in the primaries about taking on the evil Too Big To Fail/Too Big To Jail Wall Street banksters (whom she voted to bail out). Now that Bernie Sanders has jumped on her bandwagon, she doesn’t have to pander to his voter base.  So, she’s fundraising with a fury. She has already passed the $500 million mark, the halfway point to her stated goal of an obscene $1 billion campaign cash trove for her White House bid.

While the astronomical size of the Clinton buy-the-vote booty is itself remarkable, it is the sources from which it comes that should most cause worry. The Clinton cash cascade is not flowing in in $10-$100 donations from “the people” — you know, the millions of average Americans she claims to champion — but from a small cadre of the mega-rich, corporatist elite, who stand to reap big rewards from patronizing her. Just as important, they are shielded by their wealth and political connections from the harmful impacts that the Obama-Clinton socialist policies already are having on our nation’s economy, on America’s middle class, and on our nation’s security.

Last weekend, as the Los Angeles Times reported, Hillary was schmoozing with the aristocrat/plutocrat set in Martha’s Vineyard, at one of the sumptuous estates of Lady Lynn Forester Rothschild, of the fabulously wealthy (and infamously powerful and corrupt)  banking dynasty. Lady de Rothschild, a fanatically devoted supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton — and a major donor to their corruption-plagued foundation — was also a leading force behind the phony crony capitalism confab, beguilingly called the “Inclusive Capitalism Summit,” which The New American’s Alex Newman reported on in 2014.

According to the Los Angeles Times report, the Rothschild soiree netted Clinton $3 million, while another schmoozefest the same day at the Martha’s Vineyard seaside home of former Universal Studios CEO Frank Biondi brought in $2 million. “At the Rothschild event,” the Times reported, “an aide to Clinton said, Clinton talked about how America succeeds when ‘everyone shares in the rewards, not just those at the top.’” The hypocrisy of  that boilerplate rhetoric, no doubt, was received with appropriate amusement by the champagne-and-caviar “populists” at the glamor get-together; the attendees, after all, represent those who are reaping rewards at the top of the top.

According to the Times:

Hillary Clinton dropped by the resort island of Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to pick up more than $3 million in campaign contributions.

Thirty people contributed $50,000 apiece to attend the Saturday night function at the summer home of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a wealthy investment manager so committed to Clinton that she couldn’t bring herself to vote for then-Sen. Barack Obama after he defeated Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary.

After scooping up millions at Martha’s Vineyard, Team Hillary set off for the Golden State, which has always proven to be a huge cash cow for the Clintons. The corporate limousine liberals and pampered celebrities of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs just love Hillary. A report today on CNN, “Hillary Clinton's California swing yields $19 million in 72 hours,” provides details on the Big Money events at the homes of Hollywood moguls, tech titans, movie mega-stars, and sports idols. Among those chipping in for this latest round of Clinton pay-to-play were: Bob Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company; Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation; singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake; Hall of Fame basketball star Magic Johnson; investor/film producer Haim Saban; Apple CEO Tim Cook; former HP CEO Meg Whitman; and actors Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, and Tobey Maguire.

Other leftwing Hollywood celeb activists who  prominently support Hillary include George Clooney, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Maher, and Katy Perry.

We have provided more details on the globalist, world-government billionaires who support Hillary here and here.

Following her California cash haul, Clinton was winging back to the East Coast to the fabulous Hampton estates, where, CNN reports, she has more Big Money events “hosted by Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch; real estate developer Bill Rudin; venture capitalist and longtime Clinton supporter Alan Patricof and hedge fund manager Adam Sender.”

Besides bringing in oceans of lucre, the peripatetic money grubbing offers Clinton another huge advantage: providing another excuse for avoiding press conferences that might bring up her health, e-mails, and Clinton Foundation corruption. Not that Clinton has had much to worry about on that front, since the liberal-left Big Media press corps is so far “in the tank” for her that she can be fairly confident of “running out the clock" on the many scandals and controversies that dog her.

In an unintentional self-indicting admission, the Clinton-friendly CNN piece cited above actually acknowledges that the current money tour is a shameless evasion, in which the media — CNN included — are complicit. CNN reports:

The fundraisers have also kept Clinton mostly out of the public eye during a series of negative stories about the Clinton Foundation and emails she failed to turn over to the State Department after leaving in 2013. Trump has made the foundation a focus of his attacks this week, even calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.

When confronted with controversy, Clinton's campaign has consistently reacted in similar fashion: Sit tight, hope Trump will overshadow the story with errors of his own, criticize the media, and try solutions that address the issues but don't fully end it.

Closed-door fundraisers — tweets from celebrities notwithstanding — have made it easier to employ that strategy.

Clinton's traveling press corps, in a break with precedent that Barack Obama followed in 2008, has not been allowed into any fundraisers on her swing through California. To date, Clinton has headlined over 320 fundraisers. Only five of them have been opened to her press pool.

It has now been 264 days since Hillary Clinton held a press conference. She has stayed inside a protective cocoon, providing only scripted, favorable “interviews” with selected-and-vetted “journalist” fans and promo appearances on the likes of the Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres shows. Even the pro-Hillary Washington Post admits “That’s Ridiculous.” But the Post, like the rest  of the controlled media herd, refuses to call Hillary out on her evasion strategy.

Photo of Hillary Clinton: AP Images

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