Sunday, 27 July 2008

Obama, McCain Address La Raza

Written by  The New American

Barack ObamaWhile Representatives Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, and Duncan Hunter were in the presidential race, immigration and border security were pushed to center stage.

In the crowded early primaries, Republican and Democrat candidates alike rushed to the right, proclaiming their resolve to mend our broken system. Even Senators John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama — all longtime “open border” doves — suddenly became border security hawks. However, now that McCain and Obama both have their nominations virtually in the bag, both have been seeking the “Latino vote,” with both candidates addressing the pro-amnesty National Council of La Raza convention in San Diego in mid-July.

Addressing the La Raza convention on July 13, Obama said that “we have to finally bring those 12 million people [i.e. illegal immigrants] out of the shadows” and “offer those who are willing to make amends a pathway to citizenship.” Speaking to the same group a day later, McCain said that he “helped author with Senator Kennedy comprehensive immigration reform” — and remained “committed to fair, practical, and comprehensive immigration reform.”

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