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Agent Who Protected Hillary: “There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Mrs. Clinton”

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Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 collapse has raised many eyebrows and worried many allies, but it has done more than that to an ex-Secret Service agent who used to protect the Clintons.

It “scares me,” he says.

Gary Byrne, who served in the Secret Service Uniform Division as an officer from 1991-2003 and authored the recent book Crisis of Character, explains, “Through the lens of my 29-year-career in The Service, I can see what a naked-eyed media pundit cannot: There is something seriously wrong with Mrs. Clinton.”

Note that this echoes my observation in a September 12 piece: “There clearly is something wrong with Hillary Clinton. Very, very wrong.” What have Byrne, I, and many others observed?

Byrne begins by explaining that the Secret Service (SS) agents surrounding Clinton in New York City during her now infamous 9/11 ceremony health episode were very professional and that their behavior was “telling.” As Clinton was waiting for the black van that would usher her away, she was propped up against a metal bollard, with staffers helping to stabilize her. Byrne writes, using the present tense:

She has a rigid wavering posture.… One agent gets the door, but no one moves to enter. The Secret Service doesn’t like to wait — standing still in the eyes of the Service is waiting for an attack to happen. But the staffer can’t move Mrs. Clinton. Anything that holds up a motorcade is extremely dangerous and anything that ties up a Secret Service agent’s hands from drawing their pistol or intervening [sic] a threat is a hazard.

In other words, Clinton was so out of it that the SS had to depart from procedure and accept the danger that her standing still involved (video below).

Byrne then mentions the first time Clinton’s legs folded, upon being moved toward the van, and writes, “Close examination of Mrs. Clinton’s legs reveal her feet and legs have extended and are not holding her weight at all. The toes of her right foot drag and skid on the pavement. As they lift and push her forward, her legs don’t keep up and she falls forward again,” losing a shoe.

Byrne goes on to relate the Clinton campaign’s ever-changing story on her health. The 9/11 issue first was blamed on overheating and dehydration (in 70-some-odd degree temperatures), then on “pneumonia,” which, despite being a contagious disease, didn’t stop her from hugging a little girl on a Manhattan street an hour and a half post-collapse. And previously her health woes had often been chalked up to “allergies.”

But Byrne appears to believe that Clinton’s real allergy is to truth. He writes of his concerns:

Here’s what was very disturbing to me: after the medical episode, she went to her daughter’s apartment and not to an Emergency Room. Secret Service procedure for each detail dictates that everyone knows which hospital to go to depending on the event — heart failure, gunshot, you name it. It is very revealing that, whatever is wrong with her, she is being treated by her own private medical specialists in secret and, judging by the ballet-like reaction by her detail, they have dealt with this before.

Her detail knew that there was something very wrong with her and they were prepared.

They were prepared because Clinton is plagued by an ongoing, and serious, illness, which, not surprisingly, continues to show its signs. Consider her bizarre behavior while addressing Sunday’s New York City terrorist bombings during an airborne presser (video below). As Powerline relates, “She seems barely awake, and can barely make it through her statement without falling asleep standing up. But the incredible part comes around the 40-second mark, when a reporter asks for her reaction to Trump’s remarks, and ... she simply repeats the first statement almost verbatim, like she’s stuck in a tape loop.”

(Hat tip: American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson.)

And while Clinton appears to be deteriorating rapidly, the warning signs have long been present. As I wrote August 23 while theorizing that “electing her could leave us with a president Tim Kaine,” “The 68-year-old has fainted on at least a few different occasions in recent years, including a 2009 incident in Yemen during which she fractured her elbow and a 2012 incident resulting in a concussion.” Moreover, the “former secretary of state has suffered more fainting spells than publicly known, wrote the New York Post in 2014, relating information from Edward Klein’s 2014 book Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas.

While it isn’t unusual for elderly women, in their 80s and 90s, to lose balance and suffer falls, note that Clinton was only 61 years old at the time of the 2009 incident, relatively young by today’s standards. In addition, that event, the 9/11 collapse, and the 2012 incident weren’t merely “falls”: Clinton clearly lacked consciousness to an extent where she couldn’t even break her fall. She was dead weight going down.

Yet there’s more. As I also wrote August 23, “Clinton has experienced bizarre coughing spells that can last for minutes at a time, and was late for the resumption of the New Hampshire Democratic Debate last December, leaving her rivals conspicuously alone on the stage.” Then there was the picture (shown below) posted by the online Drudge Report and which went viral earlier in August, showing the candidate being helped up a short flight of stairs by two men, one on each side of her.


And presents yet another picture of Clinton being propped up by handlers. As the site puts it, “Documenting the falls, stumbles, black outs, and general health issues of Hillary Clinton is practically becoming a daily occurrence.”

As many have now heard, it has been theorized that Clinton suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Most notably, Dr. Ted Noel, a medical doctor with more than 36 years’ experience, created a video (shown below) in which he makes a convincing case for this.

And note: Dr. Noel states that Clinton’s strange coughing fits are “evidence of a swallowing disorder” common to Parkinson’s disease sufferers. These disorders cause fluid to enter the lungs, he says, “and ultimately cause pneumonia” — precisely what Clinton’s camp finally blamed for her 9/11 collapse. In fact, Noel informs, “aspiration pneumonia” is a leading cause of death in such patients.

Of course, while this would explain the pneumonia, it wouldn’t explain Clinton’s willingness to expose the young girl, whom she hugged, to a potentially life-threatening disease.

Note also that I personally interviewed a board certified physician (who wishes to remain anonymous) with more than three decades’ experience who was willing to watch and evaluate Dr. Noel’s video. He agreed: Parkinson’s is the most plausible explanation for Clinton’s signs and symptoms.

As for Gary Byrne, he rendered more of a layman’s diagnosis, writing, “When I protected her, I witnessed her irate behavior and, frankly, I don’t think anyone can operate with such uncontrollable fits of anger and not have it take a toll on a person’s health — I think that’s exactly what has resulted.” And while rage alone probably doesn’t explain Clinton’s bizarre behavior and symptoms, her temper fits and profanity are said to be legion.

So how rapid is Clinton’s health deteriorating? According to Dolly Kyle, a lawyer who was a Bill Clinton childhood friend and romantic partner, Hillary is “losing her mental capabilities” and shouldn’t be trusted “with matches in the kitchen.” Whatever the case, Clinton’s health woes certainly threaten to burn down the Democrats’ electoral chances in November. 

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