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Mexican Senators Encourage Countrymen to "Use Every Tool" to Influence U.S. Elections

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A number of senators from Mexico are encouraging their countrymen in the United States to vote in the upcoming elections. They are joining the wider push to convince Latinos to vote called “Tell Them to Vote” (“Diles Que Voten” in Spanish).

On October 4, the Associated Press (AP) reported:

Sen. Gabriela Cuevas says she will push for the full Senate to back the campaign, which includes videos that call on Mexican-Americans in the U.S. to register to vote. Speaking Tuesday, Cuevas said that "I think this is something that can unify all the political parties.”

An estimated 12 million people of Mexican descent live in the United States.

There was no mention in the AP story or in Mexican media sources as to whether the Mexican senators are encouraging all Mexicans to vote or only those who possess that right as citizens of the United States.

In a report published by the Mexican senate on its Spanish-language website (translated by the author who possesses native fluency in Spanish), Senator Cuevas explained the underlying purpose of the movement to get Mexicans to the polls in the U.S.

“It is equally important that our countrymen can count on all the tools necessary for fully exercising their rights in the United States, like the right to vote, as well as the right to vote in their neighboring country,” Cuevas said.

The true intent of the Mexican senators speaking at the “Promotion of the Latino Vote in the U.S. Presidential Elections” forum sponsored by the Mexican Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs was made less clear by a statement made by another Mexican lawmaker, Hector Flores. (Again, translation provided by this reporter.)

“We shouldn’t only focus on the importance of the Latino vote, but also on the importance of Mexico inside the U.S. elections,” Flores said.

How, exactly, Mexico should or could influence U.S. presidential elections, was not explained by Flores, Cuevas, or any other senator attending the unique forum.

While the intent of these senators is unclear, there have been efforts in the past to have illegal immigrants vote in defiance of the law in order to effect pro-Mexican policy shifts in federal, state, and local governments.

One of the primary proponents of the drive to get illegal immigrants to the polls in November is the administration of President Barack Obama. The story, as told by Selwyn Duke in The New American:

“About 80 percent of the people who are given amnesty, when they’re registered to vote, will vote Democratic,” noted Texas congressman Lamar Smith in 2014. While his number could be a bit low, he was shining a light on a poorly hidden agenda: Today’s immigration, illegal and legal, amounts to a Democrat get-in-the-vote scheme. And now it’s apparent that the Obama administration is attempting to cut to the chase and enable illegal aliens themselves to cast ballots.

And, further on in the article:

And all this is just so illegals can vote in our elections — which is happening. In fact, a 2014 study found that enough non-citizens cast ballots to influence close races. It’s no surprise that Democrats have steadfastly opposed voter-ID measures, either (even though identification is required for most everything else, from receiving government benefits to visiting the White House). Seventy to ninety percent of legal immigrants vote Democrat upon naturalization, and the figure for illegal migrants is at the upper end of that range.

As I said, there is no way to know if the Mexican senators calling for Mexicans to vote in the upcoming U.S. elections intend to empower illegals to do likewise. The Mexican government has, however, been known to help those planning to cross into the United States illegally. Here’s the story from the New York Times:

The Mexican government drew fire from American advocates of tighter borders on Wednesday for publishing a pamphlet that instructs migrants how to safely enter the United States illegally and live there without being detected.

Officials here say the small booklet, illustrated in comic-book style, is not intended to encourage illegal immigration, but to reduce the loss of life. Last year, more than 300 migrants died while crossing rivers and deserts to reach the United States.

The guidebook also advises would-be migrants to avoid hiring professional immigrant-smugglers and to refuse to carry packages for others. It also instructs people never to lie to border officials, carry false documents or resist arrest.

Regardless of any underlying lawless intent on the part of the Mexican senators supporting the "Tell Them to Vote" campaign, the organization’s own website puts the issue in clear focus.

From the “About Us” section of the website:

We stand behind those who recognize and celebrate diversity, and not those who attack that which is different because they do not understand it. The world is a beautiful mosaic of cultures and identities. We seek to convince people from a place of love instead of hatred. It is all about building a world that unites and integrates us, not one that divides or discriminates against us.

No right-minded person believes in promoting hatred, no matter what the invented cause, but “integration” is a word used far too often by those with allegiance to countries whose financial well-being would be boosted by an economic and political integration with the United States.

Integration is a word that is painful to the ears of constitutionalists and those unwilling to surrender U.S. sovereignty to a committee of globalists who are unelected by the American people and unaccountable to them. Integration is an internationalist tool for subordinating American law to the globalist bureaucracy at the United Nations. 

Economic and political integration will push the once independent United States of America into yet another collectivist bloc that will facilitate the complete dissolution of our country and our states into no more than subordinate outposts of a one-world government.

Although neither the "Tell Them to Vote" people, nor the Mexican senators mention Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by name, both groups use criticism of “walls” as a code word for the GOP nominee.

“Today we see that what we do can help raise awareness about the US presidential election, a decision that will affect everyone,” Tell Them to Vote explains. “It is time to build bridges that bring us closer together, not walls that keep us apart. Your vote is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.”

Senator Cuevas encouraged Mexicans in the U.S. to vote in order to combat the “campaign of hate against Mexicans.”

Americans should be tired of the campaign of hate against the U.S. Constitution and against the monied plutocrats that occupy the marbled palaces on the Potomac and will use all means available to them to influence, infect, and injure elections in such a way as to shred the Constitution and cement their own control of government — here and around the world.

At the end of the press conference announcing the Mexicans senators’ plan to influence the upcoming U.S. elections, Senator Cuevas put a fine point on the underlying impetus.

“Your vote counts and today the vote of Mexicans and Latinos can write the history of the United States,” Cuevas added. 

Should the history of the United States be re-written by the success of the “Tell Them to Vote” campaign, the future of constitutionally protected liberty and the consent of the governed could be in danger.

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