Saturday, 10 May 2008

Main Concern Doesn’t Sway Voters

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Support your CandidatesAs part of the pulse-taking of the electorate to see what makes Americans’ hearts beat faster as the United States heads toward another presidential election, an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll found that the worsening economy is Americans’ number one concern, yet candidates’ positions on the economy are not creating a base of support for any of the leading presidential candidates: Clinton, McCain, or Obama.

Such a seeming logical disconnect might actually be very logical. It could be because, as Robert Michaels, a Republican from Fort Collins, Colorado, said, “I’m not sure what any candidate can do to improve the job situation.” Or it could be, especially in the case of lower middle-class and poor Americans, that the voters have already chosen the candidate that they believe will give them the biggest government handout. Or it could be that Americans are realizing that there isn’t much of a substantive difference amongst the three candidates, especially having to do with the economy, hence they might as well make their decision for president based on some less concrete criteria — such as whether he or she is more honest than the other candidates.

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