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Four Female Victims Express Fear of Clinton Election

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“It terrifies me, and should terrify all men and women,” Paula Jones told the media at a pre-debate press conference orchestrated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“It should terrify all men and women,” added Kathleen Willey at the Sunday conference.

Jones and Willey have accused Bill Clinton of unwanted sexaul advances against them. They appeared at the Trump conference with two other women: Juanita Broaddrick, who says that Bill Clinton raped her, and Kathy Sheton, a rape victim whose assailant was defended by Hillary Clinton. All four were expressing fear that electing Hillary Clinton president would not only be bad for the country, but that the Clintons would retaliate against them personally.

Willey predicted that Hillary Clinton “will annihilate any enemy. All of her enemies. Anybody who has spoken against her. Across the board for I don’t know how many years. She will get rid of them.”

A new “dump” of e-mails by WikiLeaks on Monday included information revealing that the sordid sexual past of former President Bill Clinton is a point of concern within the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Liberal journalist Brent Budowsky told Clinton campaign chief John Podesta in a "confidential" e-mail, “There are people close to the Clintons who says [sic] WJC’s [William Jefferson Clinton] sex life could be damaging to her.”

Some contend that Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades should not be blamed on his wife, but others argue that she was an active participant in covering up Bill Clinton's activities and had joined in “threatening” the women who charged her husband with sexual assault. Additionally, while Bill Clinton is alleged to have had numerous consensual sexual affairs, the Trump press conference introduced women who claimed that there is a difference between “infidelities” and “crimes.”

The women were particularly incensed that some in the mainstream media have essentially parroted the Clinton defense that they were, at most, part of consensual “infidelities.” Two media personalities named by Willey as examples of Clinton defenders in this way are Andrea Mitchell (NBC) and Jake Tapper (CNN).

“We were not willing participants,” Broaddrick said. “These were crimes.”

Willey noted, “These are not infidelities. A rape is not an infidelity. These are crimes. Any other person would be in jail.” And she added: “This is no longer about infidelities, indiscretions, girlfriends, sex, interns — none of these. This is about a serial rapist, a predator, and his wife who has enabled his behavior all of these years.”

“There is not a better word for any of this,” Broaddrick said, in charging that Hillary Clinton was an “enabler” for her husband. “Especially when she threatened me personally.”

“She is complicit in everything that he has done,” Willey said. “No woman who advocates for women attacks the victims of sexual assault be it by her husband or anybody else.”

“She has helped him do it,” asserted Jones.

Broaddrick insisted that Hillary Clinton “has turned a blind eye for decades against what he has done. And she has been the main one to help cover this up. And go after us.”

Willey and Jones both accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault in their cases, with Willey contending that she had suffered acts of intimidation in what she has described as a campaign to silence her.

Willey was a volunteer at the White House who said President Clinton forced himself on her in 1993, in the White House. He denied her charge. Jones was an employee of the state of Arkansas in 1991 when, she alleged, Clinton propositioned her and exposed himself to her. Clinton eventually paid her $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. It was during a deposition in the Jones case that Clinton denied having had a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, leading eventually to his impeachment (for lying under oath, not for having a consensual sexual affair).

A fourth woman targeted Hillary’s role more directly. Kathy Shelton was sexually assaulted in northwestern Arkansas in 1975, when she was just 12 years old. Hillary Clinton, a lawyer, was appointed by a judge to represent Shelton’s alleged attacker. After the prosecution bungled some of the evidence, the attacker was released on a legal technicality, and Hillary was recorded on tape laughing about it.

In a recent interview, Juanita Broaddrick said she was still afraid of Bill Clinton, and is frightened of the prospect of another Clinton presidency.

According to Broaddrick, she was raped by Bill Clinton when he was the attorney general of Arkansas, on April 25, 1978. At the time of the alleged rape, she was a Democrat and a county coordinator for Clinton’s first run for governor, and was in Little Rock for a nursing conference at the Camelot Hotel. Clinton was also campaigning at the conference and suggested they meet at a downstairs coffee shop of the hotel, to discuss the campaign.

Later, Clinton called her and asked if they could meet with her in the hotel room, instead. She recalled later that this made her a “little bit uneasy,” but she did not feel any danger. But, quickly upon entering the room, Clinton sexually attacked her, Broaddrick says.

In a recent interview, Broaddrick said, “And then as he points over my shoulder, he grabs me and turns me to him. And that was a shock. And I tried to push him away. And I only weigned about 120 pounds at that time. He was a very large man. And I kept telling him, ‘No. I don’t want this at all.’

But, according to Broaddrick, “And he grabbed me again, very forcefully. And started biting on my lip. And this was extremely painful. I thought he was going to bite my lip off. And that’s when he pushed me back onto the bed.”

Broaddrick recalled that she was “completely dressed,” wearing a skirt and a blouse. “He tore the waist of my skirt. And then he ripped my pantyhose. And he raped me. It was very vicious. I was just pinned down … I did not know what to do.”

After the initial rape, “He held me down for a long time. And then he did it again. I was so ready for him to leave me alone. When he started raping me again. And it was very brief.... And he did get up and he straightened himself. And my mouth was bleeding.”

While she was left on the bed crying, Clinton headed for the door. “And he puts on his sunglasses. And tells me to get some ice on that [her mouth].” Then he left.

“My lip was just ballooning out four times the size that is should have been.”

But is there any corroboration for Broaddrick’s story?

Broaddrick friend Norma Rogers-Kelsey came to her hotel room a few minutes later and found Juanita badly shaken. Rogers-Kelsey said Broaddrick was in a “state of shock, her lip swollen, mouth bruised, and her pantyhose torn at the crotch.”

According to Rogers-Kelsey, Broaddrick told her that Clinton had forced her to have “intercourse against her will.” Rogers-Kelsey then drove Broaddrick home, stopping several times to put ice on her mouth. Another witness who saw Broaddrick shortly after the alledged episode, Phillip Yoakum, said the lip was ‘damaged to the point of nearly being torn into two pieces.”

Yet, some actually ask why Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for what her husband allegedly did.

Perhaps an October 2000 open letter to Hillary Clinton by Broaddrick, published online, with the opening words, “Do you remember me?,” can provide an answer. It continued:

I have no doubt that you are the same conniving, self-serving person you were twenty-two years ago when I had the misfortune to meet you. When I see you on television, campaigning for the New York senate race, I can see the same hypocrisy in your face that you displayed to me one evening in 1978. You have not changed.

I remember it as though it was yesterday. I only wish that it were yesterday and maybe there would still be time to do something about what your husband, Bill Clinton, did to me. There was a political rally for Mr. Clinton’s bid for governor of Arkansas. I had obligated myself to be at this rally prior to my being assaulted by your husband in April, 1978. I had made up my mind to make an appearance and then leave as soon as the two of you arrived. This was a big mistake, but I was still in a state of shock and denial. You had questioned the gentleman who drove you and Mr. Clinton from the airport. You asked him about me and if I would be at the gathering. Do you remember? You told the driver, “Bill has talked so much about Juanita,” and that you were so anxious to meet me. Well, you wasted no time. As soon as you entered the room, you came directly to me and grabbed my hand. Do you remember how you thanked me, saying, “we want to thank you for everything you do for Bill.” At that point, I was badly shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me? You repeated your statement, but this time with a coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the last eight years. You said, “Everything you do for Bill.”

Broaddrick then asked, “What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping quiet about the assault that I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two weeks before? Were you warning me to continue to keep quiet?”

The recently uncovered tape of Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women is certainly disgusting. No one suggests that the tape should not be an issue in the campaign Yet, incredibly, the mainstream media have devoted very little attention to the allegations of the four women at Trump’s press conference.

Photo shows Donald Trump at his pre-debate news conference with (from the left) Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton, and Paula Jones: AP Images

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