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Shocking Claim: Hillary Clinton Personally Directed Illegal Campaign Activity

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Recent undercover videos exposing Democrat plots to commit vote fraud and incite violence at Donald Trump events have so far cost two Democrat operatives their jobs. Now yet another video features one of those operatives revealing that Hillary Clinton engaged in what has been called “illegal coordinated campaign expenditures.”

The result of a year-long investigation by Project Veritas, the video is part III in the organization’s series “Rigging the Election.” It outlines a plot to organize a smear campaign — using operatives in duck costumes — to push the notion that the GOP nominee “ducks” taxes (such critics have yet to produce an individual or company that, unlike Trump, voluntarily and unfathomably pays more in taxes than the law demands). Yet failing to do what the law demands is precisely what Project Veritas alleges Hillary Clinton is guilty of.

In fact, the Democrat operatives caught on video make clear that the smear campaign was actually Clinton’s very own idea. And it certainly was made reality, as the August 18 footage shown below of duck operatives outside a Charlotte, N.C., rally evidences.

The critical admission comes at 4:20 in the Project Veritas sting video (shown below), when Democrat operative Bob Creamer says, “In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground. So, by God, we would get ducks on the ground.” This caused the Project Veritas undercover reporter to exclaim, Oh, she ... so it’s ... wow.” Then, obviously aware that direct coordination between Creamer’s group Democracy Partners and the campaign would be damning, Creamer said, “Don’t repeat that to anybody.”

Creamer, a criminal who once served prison time for tax violations and bank fraud, founded Democracy Partners in 2011. After the release of the first two Project Veritas “Rigging the Election” videos, which indicated his complicity in vote-fraud and incitement-to-violence schemes, he said he was “stepping back” from his work with the Democrat campaign for Hillary Clinton. The latest Project Veritas video also includes footage of Scott Foval, an operative who figured prominently in the first two videos as well. Foval worked with the left-wing group Americans United for Change until revelations in the first video caused the organization to fire him. Foval also previously worked for “People for the American Way,” a George Soros-funded organization; and has his own company, the Foval Group.

The previous Project Veritas videos exposed much actionable criminality. And part III is no different, with Project Veritas writing of Clinton’s complicity, “The direct involvement of the campaign and the Democratic National Committee with Americans United for Change and activists wearing Donald Duck costumes smacks strongly of illegal coordinated campaign expenditures. Federal campaign law experts have told us ‘the ducks on the ground are likely public communications for purposes of the law. It’s political activity opposing Trump, paid for by Americans United for Change funds but controlled by Clinton and her campaign.’”

And this wasn’t the first time Creamer revealed upper-echelon involvement in nefarious activities. He can be seen in the first video (shown below) — which explores the planned-violence plots — saying, “The campaign is fully in it.... Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on.” Note that this plotting was so underhanded that, in one instance, a Democrat operative falsely accused a 73-year-old Trump supporter of “cold-cocking” her and feigned injury for the purposes of generating bad press against the Republican’s campaign.

In fact, Foval actually outlined the web of deceit in the above video, saying, “I am contracted to him [Creamer]. But I answer to the head of special events for the DNC and the head of the special events and the political for the campaign.... The [Hillary Clinton] campaign pays DNC [Democratic National Committee], DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, the Foval Group goes and executes the s**t on the ground.”

And what they were executing went far beyond duck operations, so far that a concerned citizen should wonder about the company Clinton keeps. As Foval admitted about vote fraud in part II of the Project Veritas series (shown below), “It’s a pretty easy thing for Republicans to say, ‘Well, they’re bussing people in!’ Well, you know what? We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f*****g a******s for 50 years, and we’re not going to stop now.”

Just as damnably, Foval admitted in part I that they’d even take advantage of unfortunates, saying, “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do s**t [incite violence], make no mistake.” He’d also proudly proclaimed, “We’re starting anarchy here” and had his justification at the ready, stating, “It doesn’t matter what the legal and ethical people say; we need to win this m****rf****r.”

Not surprisingly, these Machiavellian miscreants’ tentacles reach not just into the Clinton campaign and DNC but the presidency itself. Creamer, whom Foval described as “diabolical” and a “black hat” guy, visited the White House a whopping 342 times between November 21, 2009 and June 24, 2016; this included 47 meetings directly with Barack Obama himself. Such contact prompted the site Weasel Zippers to ask, “What was this ‘black hat’ guy, convicted felon, doing on such great terms with the White House?... Just exactly what was he discussing at the White House and with Obama all those times?”

This is the kind of corruption that has made “Hillary for Prison 2016” a popular rallying cry. And even fellow leftist Jill Stein, Green Party nominee, is sounding the alarm. Slamming the Democrat Party, she wrote in some recent tweets, “The Dems' leaked emails reveal their mastery of corporate politics. Manipulate the process, the voters, [and] the media, all to serve the elite” and “If you vote for a party that disenfranchised millions by rigging its own primary [against Bernie Sanders], that perpetuates a corrupt system.”

Especially when that party’s nominee hails from what many call the “Clinton crime family.” Johnny Chung, who told a Senate committee in 1997 that he funneled $100,000 from the Chinese military to the DNC, once said of the Bill Clinton presidency, "The White House is like a subway. You have to put in coins to open the gates." Americans may want to ponder this before deciding who will become the executive branch’s gatekeeper next January.

Photo of Hillary Clinton: AP Images

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