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Kissinger Beats "New World Order" Drums - Again

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kissingerAs we have reported in the past week (here and here), former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been extraordinarily busy of late, flitting about the world and proclaiming the need for President-elect Obama and other leaders to seize current crises as opportunities to build a "new world order." Now Kissinger has formalized his verbal statements in an essay for the International Herald Tribune, which is the global edition of the New York Times. The essay, entitled, "The chance for a new world order," came out on January 12, when Kissinger was in Beijing (along with new world order advocates Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcrosft and Winston Lord) to celebrate our growing interdependence with communist China, a key part of the new world order crafted by Kissinger nearly 40 years ago when he paved the way for Nixon's historic trip to China.

"As the new U.S. administration prepares to take office amid grave financial and international crises, it may seem counterintuitive to argue that the very unsettled nature of the international system generates a unique opportunity for creative diplomacy," Kissinger states in the opening sentence of his essay. He continues, developing the themes that world leaders can either continue in the present system of sovereign, independent states stumbling toward the abyss of chaos, or take the enlightened path toward world government. Here are a few salient excerpts:

The nadir of the existing international financial system coincides with simultaneous political crises around the globe. Never have so many transformations occurred at the same time in so many different parts of the world and been made globally accessible via instantaneous communication. The alternative to a new international order is chaos.


International order will not come about either in the political or economic field until there emerge general rules toward which countries can orient themselves.


Not since the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy half a century ago has a new administration come into office with such a reservoir of expectations. It is unprecedented that all the principal actors on the world stage are avowing their desire to undertake the transformations imposed on them by the world crisis in collaboration with the United States.


The ultimate challenge is to shape the common concern of most countries and all major ones regarding the economic crisis, together with a common fear of jihadist terrorism, into a common strategy reinforced by the realization that the new issues like proliferation, energy and climate change permit no national or regional solution.

As we have noted previously, the push by the one-world elites at the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission for world government, under the rubric of a "new world order," is accelerating.

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