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Leftist Jihad: Artists Performing at Trump’s Inauguration Targeted for Destruction

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Before Hillary Clinton lost the election, the liberal message was that we had to respect the tradition of a “peaceful transfer of power.” Since Nov. 8, however, the Left has pulled out all the stops to scuttle Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the latest examples is how artists who consider performing at the inauguration have been threatened with career destruction.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Singer Jennifer Holliday was invited to perform at the inauguration, and even before she was able to accept or decline, her fans began posting their disapproval on Twitter and Facebook.

As reported by Newsmax, one “fan” tweeted: “I know times are hard, but [expletive], can’t be that hard.  So disappointed in you.”

“Unless Jennifer Holliday is going to commandeer Trump’s inauguration with a rendition of ‘And I’m Telling You Obama’s Not Going,’ keep it!” tweeted another.

Jennifer Holliday responded by apologizing to her fans, stating she would not perform at the inauguration and that she had a “lapse in judgement” in considering the offer.

World-class opera singer Andrea Bocelli, though a longtime Trump friend, has also balked. He said he’s come under too much “heat”; for example, angry social-media users tweeted the hashtag #BoycottBocelli.

Other artists showed more backbone, notably 16-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho, who’ll be singing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Then there’s actor, singer, and song writer Frank Stallone, younger brother of a-lister Sylvester Stallone. He criticized the cowardly and cash-oriented (and often communistic) celebrities who balked, writing on Instagram:

I think it’s a disgrace that all these so called performers have pulled out of the inauguration. They are a disgrace to the arts and to this country. If I get the call I’ll pay my own flight and I’ll be there in a New York second and I won’t need to lip sync like some of the others. God Bless you Mr. Trump 2027.

The following is a list of other celebrities refusing to attend, as compiled by Fox News:

• Gene Simmons’ wife told TMZ KISS "politely declined" the invitation to perform at the inauguration. Simmons said he would be touring Europe at the time.

• Trump’s longtime friend Steve Wynn reportedly promised to deliver Celine Dion to perform at the inauguration, but could not follow through.

• Producer David Foster released a statement “politely declining” the offer to participate in the inauguration after rumors swirled he was participating.

• Elton John told the New York Times he was not performing after Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the presidential transition team, told the BBC the singer would sing a song or two....

Variety and the NY Post have reported that Garth Brooks will not perform at the inauguration after he said earlier this month he "would be honored" to perform....

• The manager for the band Chainsmokers had to respond to New York Magazine’s Brian Feldman after he tweeted the band was performing. They are not.

• “Will and Grace” star Eric McCormack told The Wrap he would perform at the inauguration, but only in exchange for a lobotomy, adding: "My whole brain removed from my head…I don’t know what the line-up will be, but I hear Scott Baio’s doing dramatic readings.”

(Now there’s a good case for government-provided healthcare: free lobotomies for leftists!)

And the following are performers/groups that have agreed to lend their talents, as presented by Entertainment GH:

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will sing at the swearing-in ceremony this year, the group announced.

The choir has previously performed at the inauguration of George H.W. Bush, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson. They also sang at an inaugural parade for George W. Bush.

The Radio City Rockettes will also be performing at the inauguration, Presidential Inaugural Committee Communications Director Boris Epshteyn revealed in a CNN interview.

... Also giving a performance at the inauguration of Donald Trump will be the Missouri State University Chorale.

In addition, country music artist Toby Keith performed at the pre-Inaugural "Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration" at the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday.

Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once noted that tolerance was one of the “last virtues of a dying society.” It’s also one of the last qualities leftists actually exhibit — despite their posturing to the contrary.

Note that tolerance, properly defined, involves a person’s ability to abide a perceived negative. For example, we wouldn’t have to tolerate a beautiful car or delectable meal, but we would have to tolerate bad weather or a stubborn cold.

So how tolerant is the Left, really? Whenever its minions perceive anything as a negative — as is the case now with the Trump presidency — they want it completely and utterly destroyed. They’re not tolerant, just intolerable.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of Muslim jihadists driving artists who draw Mohammad into hiding. The difference is that leftists aren’t threatening to chop off heads (yet) — just careers.

Photo of Toby Keith performing at pre-Inaugural "Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration," Jan. 19, 2017: AP Images

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