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Liberal Journalist: Media Should Talk About Trump Being Mentally Unstable

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Declaring someone mentally ill so you could get rid of him certainly was a common strategy in communist countries. It’s reflected, too, in a recent comment by Andrew Sullivan, as the journalist advised the media to make hay out of President Trump’s mental health. A person would have to be wacko to oppose the Establishment, right?

As CNN reported Monday, “‘To have such an unstable figure, incapable of accepting reality, at the center of the world, is an extremely dangerous thing,’ Sullivan said in an interview for Sunday’s ‘Reliable Sources’ on CNN.”

“Sullivan's view is that the president is exhibiting ‘bonkers’ behavior — and that if they tip toe around it, journalists are doing the public a disservice,” CNN continued.

This left Trump friend and Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy questioning Sullivan's mental state. He called the journalist’s assessment “over the top.” As CNN also informed, “‘Are you guys really connected to reality?’ Ruddy asked CNN’s Brian Stelter on ‘Reliable Sources.’”

Sullivan’s problem (one of them, anyway) is, he states, that Trump tells lies that “are direct refutations of reality”; this lies in stark contrast to Bill Clinton, opines the journalist, whose prevarications “paid some deference to the truth.” Yet Sullivan’s gripe appears to be, in part, that Trump simply isn’t slick enough for his tastes.

Among other things, the journalist cites Trump’s claim that the murder rate is the highest it has been in 45 to 47 years. While we could wonder if the president questions the accuracy of today’s crime stats — for example, Baltimore police have simply stopped arresting many criminals under Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake — it is true that one can’t credibly claim the highest murder rate in four decades.

Yet Sullivan, and CNN, exhibited their own dislocation from reality when speaking of Trump’s supposedly “bogus” claims about rampant voter fraud. This claim is bogus itself — fake news.

I do tire of having to repeat simple facts:

• A Democrat election commissioner was caught on video admitting there’s “a lot of vote fraud.”

• A Democrat operative was caught on video planning it, speaking of its prevalence, and admitting that his side has been rigging elections “for 50 years.”

• Actual cases of vote fraud occur and are documented repeatedly.

• A vote-fraud monitoring group claimed last year that three million non-citizens voted in past presidential elections. This is close to what Trump claimed and is no doubt where he got his figure.

Yet Trump didn’t even go that far. He spoke of three million “illegal votes,” not three million illegals voting — there’s a big difference. There are many ways of stealing votes.

I don’t claim myself to know the precise figure relating to this. How could we know illegal activity’s exact magnitude when little effort is made to address the problem? But I have reported on it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here — but hear nothing but crickets.

The point is that the Fake News (mainstream) Media live in an alternate, Alice in Wonderland universe. One should ask Mr. Sullivan: Are you mentally unbalanced, sir? Or are you just so uninformed that you don’t know of a major threat to our electoral system?

Certainly, it’s the media’s job to be a watchdog. Yet it has become a dishonest attack dog going after the underdog. Trump certainly is eccentric, given to grandiose statements and hyperbole. Leaders are seldom, however, just the average bloke. And where was Sullivan et al. on our stranger-than-fiction leftist politicians?

Consider that in 2015 an NSA analyst “claimed that a senior European diplomat told him that the entire government of a European country considers President Obama to be literally mentally unwell,” reported InfoWars at the time.

The same year, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly and Congressman Allen West’s website both asked if Obama was “delusional.” This was followed by veteran journalist Sharyl Attkisson revealing that sources told her Obama preserved his delusions by refusing to even look at intelligence contradicting his leftist world view. Where was Sullivan?

How about an inflated sense of self? National Review reported in 2009 that Obama “told someone he was interviewing in 2007 for the job of his political director: ‘I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.”  

Then there’s Hillary Clinton. She was filmed collapsing on different occasions and needing help getting up stairs. Many, including Secret Service agents, attested that she was well neither physically nor mentally; we’re told she was given to bouts of depression and fits of rage. Again, where was Sullivan?

We could also mention her husband, the Wizard of Is. Perhaps nothing epitomized him better than his transitioning from laughter to fake tears, after seeing a camera, while exiting the memorial service for late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown in 1996 (video below, narrated by radio host Rush Limbaugh).

What would an honest psychiatrist say about such behavior? Could it be described as sociopathic?

CNN writes that Sullivan’s “overarching point” is “that democratic debates require a common set of facts.” True enough, but has the deceitful mainstream media helped in this regard? How about when NBC doctored George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him appear racist? When the media peddled the “Hands up, don’t shoot!” lie, call vote fraud virtually nonexistent, and generally suppress truths and spread lies in service to a leftist agenda, are they seeking facts?

There’s a reason CNN critics dubbed it the Counterfeit News Network and have said that it “IS Fake News.” And there’s a reason Americans trust Trump more than the media.

Radio host Michael Savage famously wrote a book years ago titled Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, and liberals have also diagnosed conservatives as mentally ill. This is no surprise: The chasm between liberals and conservatives approaches Grand Canyon proportions.

But Sullivan is half right: Fruitful debates don’t need “a” common set of facts — they require a common acknowledgement of the facts. This is impossible when one side, disconnected from Truth, exists in an alternate universe where sanity appears as sickness.

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