Thursday, 16 April 2009

Labor Unions Endorse Immigration "Reform"

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The nation’s two largest labor union federations, the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win,  announced on April 13 unanimous support for planned legislation that will achieve a wholesale overhaul of the official American stance on immigration. Specifically, the plan would legalize the status of illegal immigrants already in the United States, establish a “worker verification program” (national ID card?), and erect significant barriers to those businesses attempting to bring in foreign-born temporary workers. All three planks of this platform represent compromises among the various supporters, anxious to get something done quickly.

Furthermore, the scheme includes a provision establishing an ostensibly “independent” and “depoliticized” commission that will answer to no one (including the people’s elected representatives in Congress) and will be empowered to unilaterally gather data and assess the nation’s immigration needs and set quotas accordingly. The identity of the organizations and individuals funding and fostering the passage of this comprehensive alteration of America’s immigration policy (as well as the shameless disregarding of the constitutional requirement that all legislation begin in the Congress) leaves little doubt as to whom this commission will be ultimately accountable. Nor is their doubt as to the negative impact that legalizing illegal immigrants will have on immigration laws in the future or on American workers that the AFL-CIO and Change to Win are supposed to represent.

Joining this band of usual suspects in their assault on the economic stability of the American worker is President Barack Obama, who has promised to push Congress to quickly enact this bill, as well as several pro-illegal immigrant groups that have called for unqualified amnesty for all those who have illegally entered the United States. Unsurprisingly, the unions, the Obama administration, and the amnesty supporters have hitched the wagon of their fortunes to the gravy train that is the deep pockets of liberal billionaire activist George Soros. Soros, through several front organizations he funds, has committed to invest millions in a grass-roots media blitz planned to coincide with congressional hearings on the matter later in the fall.

Despite the powerful and monied interests propelling this program, there has been some opposition, especially from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Randel Johnson, one of the Chamber’s vice-presidents, declared frankly, “If the unions think they’re going to push a bill through without the support of the business community, they’re crazy.” Unfortunately, Johnson has underestimated the opposition in this fight if he believes that the weakened labor unions are the real muscle pushing this plan along the path toward law.

Although undoubtedly designed to coat this unconstitutional effort with a patina of concern for the American worker, the support of the labor unions is unlikely to distract opponents from decrying the unprecedented potential for permanent harm included in this plan. The instant legalization of some 12 million illegals will give them unfettered and undeserved access to jobs necessary to keep American families from being swept away by the widening economic maelstrom being fomented by the very people who would present government assistance as the only shelter from the storm.

Notwithstanding the wealth and influence of this coalition, there is yet time for determined Americans to voice their opposition to this legislation.

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