Monday, 27 April 2009

“Mexico as the ‘Pier,’ Arizona as the ‘Docks’”

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ImagineArizona“Mexico as the ‘pier,’ Arizona as the ‘docks’ ” — meaning that Mexico serves as the initial port of entry while Arizona supplies the warehousing and transportation facilities — is the vision of John Munger, chairman of the newly formed political action committee ImagineArizona.

The Arizona Daily Star spoke with Munger and reported on April 10 that his goal is to have Arizona “encourage Mexico to build a major deep-water port on the country’s northern west coast,” probably “near Guaymas, about 250 miles south of Arizona in Sonora.” According to the Daily Star, Munger sees that the “shipping ports in Los Angeles and San Diego are near capacity at a time of growing Asian markets.” The ImagineArizona website calls this an “opportunity” for Arizona to “become a critically important and large part of a major international sea port serving shipping from all parts of Asia, including China, Japan and Korea.”

Therein lies the rub. While Munger and ImagineArizona portray only the benefits increased international trade would bring to Arizona, they are not considering how the U.S. economy would be harmed by increasing the flood of cheaply made foreign products that no American company can afford to compete with. Also, this close cooperation between Arizona and Mexico will only serve to strengthen the move toward hemispheric integration that President George W. Bush began with his Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement with Canada and Mexico.

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