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Deep State: Why Did the Del Beccaro Timeline of Obama DOJ-FBI Abuse Disappear?

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Why did Forbes website take down a hot-trending article about one of the most talked-about Trump-related issues of our day?


If you’re like most Americans, you probably feel somewhat challenged trying to make sense of the jumble of names and events in the whole ongoing Trump-Russia-collusion-Steele-dossier-FISA-memo-Mueller-Clinton-Obama-Uranium-Nunes-Comey-McCabe-Brennan-Schiff-Deep State-FBI-DOJ-CIA-CNN-MSM affair. Good luck trying to keep up with who-did-what-when and who-knew-what-when — while still trying to keep up with other important matters, as well as attempting to have some kind of normal life. And yet, regardless of which “side” one tends to come down on, or lean toward, the issues involved are so consequential to freedom and our continued existence as a nation that widespread public knowledge of the facts in the matter is essential.

Thus, a fact-based timeline of key events, dates, and individuals, with annotated commentary and helpful links could be a much-appreciated asset — for journalists, public officials, researchers, and private citizens alike. A number of such timelines do populate various Internet sites. However, one recently produced timeline that has been wildly popular has mysteriously disappeared from the website of a major mainstream publisher: Forbes magazine.

Why did the Forbes website take down a hot-trending article about one of the most talked-about Trump-related issues of our day? Forbes published the article, by Thomas Del Beccaro, entitled “Biased FBI and DOJ Officials Broke the Law and Tried to Decide the Election,” on February 5. The article is actually a detailed timeline of events, beginning with the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal in March 2015, and chronicling the Obama DOJ-FBI efforts both to exonerate her and to implicate Donald Trump in treasonous activities with Russia. The article quickly went viral.

On February 8, Del Beccaro, an attorney, author, and Forbes contributor, was a guest on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak. As a result, his timeline article really went viral. Then, a strange thing happened: Forbes took it down. No note, no explanation. All of the links to the original Forbes article from various websites and search engines bring up a “404 error” message.

Again, the question: Why would the folks running Forbes take the unusual step of killing a highly popular article that is bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website? Were they threatened with a lawsuit? Were they threatened in other ways by Deep State operatives of the Obama-Clinton globalist camp? Were they ordered to kill the article by Forbes' new owners, the mysterious Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media Investments? (That last-mentioned possibility would sure open up a new Clinton "Chinagate" scandal.) Forbes isn’t saying. There may be other explanations, but any of the three afore-mentioned possibilities present very troubling concerns.

Fortunately, the timeline article has not disappeared down the memory hole. Thomas Del Beccara’s has his own website,, where his TIMELINE OF TRUTH is still available. Although the timeline may have lost some valuable exposure by being knocked off the Forbes website, the ongoing daily updates that Beccara provides on his own website make it all the more valuable.

Roger L. Simon, a novelist and co-founder of PJ Media, praised the Del Beccaro timeline in a tweet, declaring it to be: “ABSOLUTE MUST READ> Best overall analysis of FBI/DOJ scandal so far with timeline.” We have not yet completed a detailed study of the Del Beccaro timeline, but have already found it to be enormously useful. Whatever or whomever is responsible for killing it at Forbes, the TIMELINE OF TRUTH has been resurrected and is now finding a second life with even wider circulation. The Truth will out — if enough pains are taken to make it so.

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