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Trump Derangement Syndrome Intensifies Among Anti-Trump Left

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Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has gripped the radical Left and its media auxiliary since before The Donald was nominated to run as the GOP candidate for president two years ago, and the frightening condition shows no signs of abating.

Indeed, it might be getting worse.

A major media star appeared on S.E. Cupp’s program to complain that Trump supporters don’t like him or his network, a marginally-talented actress thinks it’s time to riot in the streets, and a politician from the Nutmeg State thinks Trump might become a monarch.

And if that isn’t enough, psychologists report that TDS is driving the demented, dissatisfied, and disgruntled into their offices with myriad complaints about uncontrollable cerebellar activity.

Acosta Whines
First up on the list is Jim Acosta, the ever-complaining White House correspondent for CNN.

Acosta was the recipient of some unwelcome opinions about him and his network when the crowd at a Trump rally in Tampa began shouting.

The pro-Trump, heckling Americans let Acosta know what they thought with such chants as “CNN sucks,” “go home,” and “fake news.”

Reporting live on the rally for Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room, Acosta said, “Wolf, obviously all of those things are false. We’re staying right here. We’re going to do our job and report on this rally to all of our viewers tonight.”

Actually, those things aren’t “false” because they are opinions, not statements of fact. Acosta has repeatedly proven, in one anti-Trump report after another, that he doesn’t understand the difference.

After the crowd roasted Acosta and his fake news network, he scurried behind the skirts of S.E. Cupp, the host of her eponymous Unfiltered program on CNN.

Acosta’s long whine is worth reporting in full:

I mean, honestly, it felt like we weren’t in America anymore. I don’t know how to put it any more plainly than that. Americans should not be treating their fellow Americans in this way. But unfortunately, what we’ve seen — and this has been building for some time since the campaign — I’ve been talking about this as an issue since the campaign. When the president, during the campaign, referred to us as the dishonest media, the disgusting news media, liars, scum, and thieves, and so on, and then he rolled that right into the Oval Office, and started calling us the fake news and the enemy of the people, he is whipping these crowds up into a frenzy, to the point where they really want to come after us.

What Acosta thinks of the deranged leftists who have been whipped into a frenzy and who are attacking Trump supporters and officials in public we are not given to know. But we do know Acosta has a mighty thin skin.

Blaming Fox News for the anti-CNN chants, Acosta said Trump supporters can’t think for themselves. Without Fox news and “conservative news outlets that just sort of give them this daily diet of what they consider to be terrible things that we do over here at CNN,” Trump’s base would apparently be lost. “It’s very unfortunate,” he intoned, “but it’s a pitting of American against American and honestly, it needs to stop.”

The other day, Acosta was bellyaching because an aide in the Oval Office had to shout at him because he wouldn’t shut up.

Milano Wants To March, Blumenthal Fears King Donaldus Primus
Then there’s thespian Alyssa Milano and Senator Richard Blumenthal, the leftist from Connecticut.

Milano “put out a call to the Resistance on Wednesday, warning of a revolt if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election is ended,” as Breitbart reported it.

Retweeting Trump’s opinion that the time had come for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to drop his investigation into “collusion” with the Russians, Milano warned, “If they fire Mueller, we take to the streets.”

As one can see by the photo that adorns Milano’s Twitter feed, this is an individual to be taken seriously when she talks politics.

Blumenthal went off the deep end at a rally to oppose Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

“We’re not going to allow Brett Kavanaugh on the United States Supreme Court without a real fight of our lives,” he said. After a rant about healthcare and preexisting conditions, Blumenthal said Kavanaugh would be a “get out of jail free card” for Trump because he doesn’t think the president should be subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. And because Kavanaugh thinks the president can refuse to enforce a valid, constitutional law, Trump “would be a monarch” if the nominee lands on the court.

Blumenthal did not venture an opinion about Barack Hussein Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and his unilateral enactment of the failed DREAM amnesty for illegal aliens.

Shrinks Treat TDS
Meanwhile, psychologists are treating patients who complain of “Trump Anxiety Disorder,” CBC / Radio Canada reported.

“There is a fear of the world ending,” a psychologist told CBC. “It's very disorienting and constantly unsettling.”

Psychologists say the symptoms include “feeling a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what’s happening in the country and spending excessive time on social media,” the network reported.

But Trump supporters are anxious, too. They’re worried that patients with Trump Derangement Syndrome will continue the many well-documented attacks partly caused by the incessant anti-Trump hatred from media leftists such as Acosta.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video of CNN interview

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