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Trump Wins Again

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The media can spin Tuesday’s primary and special election results any way they want, but the truth is this: Trump triumphed again, which left the Left blaming the third place Green Party candidate for the Democrat’s loss in Ohio’s 12th district.

The Green candidate, we are supposed to believe as well, was a spoiler tossed in the election by meddling Russians to stop the Democrat from winning. Or he was a Republican “plant.”

But beyond that angry speculation, Trump was five for five in GOP candidates winning important contests, which even CNN admitted, so the media scambled to put a sad face on the elections: Republicans won, but not by enough.

Ohio 12
The Democrats and their media auxiliary are calling the Republican win in Ohio’s 12th district a loss for Trump.

That’s because Republican Troy Balderson barely eked out a win over Democrat Danny O’Connor. Trump won the district by 8.1 points in 2016, the theory goes, so the GOP should have carried the district easily.

Instead, Balderson won by just 1,564 votes, as the count stands now. The final tally won’t come in for 10 days.

As the New York Times spun it:

Republicans lost support in every special congressional election since President Trump took office, and Ohio’s 12th District on Tuesday was no exception.

A majority of the seats up for special election have historically leaned solidly to the right, and only two Republicans have lost in these races. Tuesday’s results remained too close to call, but Troy Balderson, the Republican candidate, had the biggest drop in support in all the special elections....

Mr. Balderson’s current margin is 36 percentage points lower than the 2016 margin of Pat Tiberi, the previous representative in that district. The average drop in margin for Republican candidates in special elections held from 2017 to 2018 was more than 20 percentage points.

Perhaps, but as Trump noted in two tweets, all five candidates he endorsed won, Republicans have prevailed in almost every special election this session of Congress and Balderson was losing by a mile in the polls before Trump stepped in to help.

When I decided to go to Ohio for Troy Balderson, he was down in early voting 64 to 36. That was not good. After my speech on Saturday night, there was a big turn for the better. Now Troy wins a great victory during a very tough time of the year for voting. He will win BIG in Nov.

As even CNN’s Chris Cillizza admitted, “Here's an amazing stat: In the last 14 contested Republican primaries where President Donald Trump has endorsed a candidate, his pick has won — or is leading — all 14 times.”

That includes two candidates in Michigan’s primaries for U.S. Senate and governor, John James and Bill Schuette, and Kris Kobach for governor in Kansas, a race yet to be decided.

The other two victors, making Trump’s 5 for 5 tweet, would be Balderson and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s victory in the Show Me State’s GOP primary for U.S. Senate.

Leftists Blame the Greens
Hilariously, leftists are blaming the Greens for O’Connor’s loss to Balderson.

One loud voice was that of actress Alyssa Milano, who called for riots in the streets if Attorney General Jeff Sessions acts on Trump’s suggestion to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as The New American reported last week.

Tweeted the angry Milano:

You know what sucks?

Because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election integrity, I immediately think the Green Party votes tonight are Russian meddling.

Why else would anyone cast a protest vote in Ohio when there’s so much at stake?

Milano then said the Green Party candidate, who received 1,129 votes, was a Republican torpedo, based upon a report in the Daily Beast.

Other leftists were just as furious as the Trump-deranged Milano, as reported. In profanity-laced tweets that have become the specialty of the Left but that dont get them banned from the social-media platform, angry Twitter users accused the Greens of “monkeywrenching” and, again, of being “Russian operatives.”

Maybe, but even if the Democrat had received all the votes the Green candidate received, the Republican still would have had a 435-vote margin.

Such a slim victory might have triggered a recount, but it by no means would guarantee a Democrat victory.

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