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“Monkeying” Up Our Nation With False “Racism” Charges

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“Racism” certainly is a problem in America today. The latest example concerns Florida GOP gubernatorial hopeful Ron DeSantis’ use of the term “monkey [this] up” to warn of what would ensue were his socialist opponent elected. But the prejudice in question here isn’t actually what many think.

The controversy began when DeSantis appeared on Fox News Wednesday and said of his rival Andrew Gillum’s (D-Fla.) policies, “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state” (video below).

Because Gillum happens to be black, the Left and its enablers went wild, accusing DeSantis of “racist dog-whistling.” The latter’s campaign rightly called the accusation “absurd,” with DeSantis saying Wednesday on Hannity that the remark had “zero to do with race.” In contrast, though, the reaction to it has everything to do with race.

That is, the “racism” accusation would never have been made were DeSantis not white.

This is the unspoken truth. A perfect example of this prejudice was displayed by former RNC chairman Michael Steele, who shamefully said on MSNBC Thursday that DeSantis didn’t deserve the “benefit of the doubt” because his comments reflect “how white folks talk about black men who are successful.”

Really? All white people, Mr. Steele? Just most? Some? A real interviewer would have asked these questions.

Doubling down on the race-baiting and paranoia, Steele also took issue with DeSantis’ saying that Gillum is “articulate,” that “he performs well”; Steele complained that being thus characterized “doesn’t happen to a lot of white candidates.” Well, no, it doesn’t.

Because few candidates, of any color, are strikingly articulate. Would DeSantis be treated better if he called Gillum a babbling idiot? (Steele video below.)

Steele also asked incredulously, implying that DeSantis had birthed a neologism to advance “racism,” “Who uses the term ‘monkey things up’?” Oh, I don’t know.

Maybe the person here in 2014, talking about how not to mess up an auto repair.

Then there’s the guy here expounding upon computer issues in 2015, and the fellow here discussing in 2013 how hot air can affect a corn harvest.

Of course, in fairness, The New American cannot confirm that these people weren’t referencing a black car, a black computer, and black corn.

Nonetheless, as the Political Insider explains,” The term ‘monkey it up’ is a slang [expression] sometimes used in repair shops in the South ... that means “sc[**]w up.” Example of proper usage: “Race baiters are going to monkey up our society by sowing division.”

This brings us to the “racist dog whistles” bit. It’s pretty irrational thinking DeSantis would, in this politically correct time, have used the monkey term had he thought it could have a racial connotation. After all, consider the trouble it has caused him. And how would it be necessary, anyway? Is it a secret that Gillum is black?

In reality, the reaction to the monkey comment is a “racist dog whistle.” The message is, “Don’t vote for DeSantis because he’s just another ‘racist’ white man.” This plays upon our time’s truly fashionable prejudices, which even the day-late-and-dollar-short Washington Post acknowledged recently in its piece, “The worst thing to be in many Democratic primaries? A white male candidate.”

Then there are people such as Steele, who truly seem to believe that DeSantis was playing on race. They bring to mind a certain phenomenon, one amusingly illustrated by the old joke involving a psychiatrist showing a patient various ink blots. After the latter repeatedly responds that every image reminds him of lustful physical encounters, the doctor notes, “Sir, you seem to be obsessed with sex.” The patient responds, indignantly:

“Don’t blame me. You’re the one showing me the dirty pictures!”

As the Twitter user “indychick” put it, “Interestingly, only dogs hear dog whistles. Likewise, only racists hear ‘man of color’ when the word ‘monkey’ is used” — or, at least, only the race-obsessed do.

But whether a reflection of genuinely twisted, bigoted minds or a demagogic vote-getting ploy, one tragedy of this race-hustling is that it distracts us from real issues. Politicians, pundits, and voters should be discussing whether or not Gillum’s radical socialist policies are good for America. But this misdirection is by design. For if leftism were debated and honestly considered on its merits, there’d be no leftism.

Oh, if anyone doubts how cynically and malevolently many liberals use the race card, just consider the late John McCain. While he’s now being lauded by left-wingers — Chuck Schumer (D-NY) even wants to rename a Senate building after him — they didn’t shrink from labeling him a “racist” when he was alive. Notably, he was branded such after calling ex-Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a “monkey” in 2013 (never mind that Ahmadinejad, like McCain, is Caucasian).

What changed? McCain is useful to leftists now — and dead men can’t monkey up Democrats’ quest for power.

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