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Tech Shocker: Google Workers Donate to Democrats!

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File this one under “Sky Is blue, water Is wet.”

The GovPredict Blog reports that Google employees and Google itself donate almost all their political money to Democrats.

Shocking as it might sound, the tech behemoth’s workforce is liberal!

Of course, we didn’t need GovPredict to show us that. Recent events at Facebook and Google demonstrate conclusively that the towering tech megaliths are, by-and-large, a haven for the technologically savvy but ideologically dopey.

Social Justice Warriors rule the tech industry.

The Data
GovPredict’s Emil Pitkin asked a “simple” question: “What are the political preferences of Alphabet employees, as revealed by their political giving histories, and how have these preferences evolved over time?”

For some reason, Pitkin thought he would need to drill into the data to find this out, but anyway, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, he wrote, is “an interesting case because it is a conglomerate that has made a series of acquisitions. For the sake of this analysis, we considered the best known subsidiaries, including Google, YouTube, Nest, Google Ventures, Calico, Adsense, Google Ventures, and Verily, in addition, of course, to the holding company itself.”

And so Pitkin compiled data from the Federal Elections Commission.

But before pulling back the curtain on Google’s SJW’s, Pitkin elaborated on his methodology, detailing “233 variants” and the “1,105 unique [Democratic or Republican] committees to which Alphabet employees have contributed over the past decade and a half.”

What did the data show? SHOCKER: Googlers donate to Democrats!

Since 2004, Alphabet employees have contributed a little over 90 percent of their political dollars to Democratic candidates and causes. Since 2008, the strongest imbalance came in 2016, when 94 percent of their contributions went to Democrats. In 2010, Republicans received the largest share of Alphabet employees’ contributions, when they received 19 percent of political dollars.

The largest contributor over the last decade and a half has been Eric Schmidt, who is listed as CEO, Executive Chairman, Chairman & CEO, and other similar titles.

Pitkin didn’t divulge what Schmidt donated, but a quick click over to offers a clue, and a somewhat unexpected result unless you don’t know how corporate chieftains spread around the fertilizer.

Schmidt donated to hard-core leftists, of course. But he also sent some Google bucks to Republicans, including Representative Bob Goodlatte and Senator Orrin Hatch. He sent a whopping $33,900 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The radical Left’s iron grip on Google is well known thanks to a lawsuit filed by former Google engineer James Damore, whom the company fired because he pulled back the curtain on its ideological biases. Google canned Damore after he wrote “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” a memo that exposed the lunacy that passes, in the Social Justice Warrior’s mind, for good business practice.

Among Damore’s conclusions were that Google “created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.” That “lack of discussion,” in turn, “fosters the most extreme and authoritarian elements of this ideology.”

Damore really stepped into a cow pie when he wrote that “differences in distributions of traits between men and women may in part explain why we don't have 50% representation of women in tech and leadership,” and “discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.”

The hysterical reaction to Damore’s detailed and unassailable exegesis, which included noting the obvious and scientifically demonstrable differences between men and women, rather proved Damore’s point. Top Google employees called him “repulsive,” and threatened violence, his lawsuit alleges, while an e-mail from one called him “a misogynist and a terrible person,” closing with, “F*** you.”

As one passage from the lawsuit notes:

Google employees and managers strongly preferred to hear the same orthodox opinions regurgitated repeatedly, producing an ideologic[al] echo chamber.... When Plaintiffs challenged Google’s illegal employment practices, they were openly threatened and subjected to harassment and retaliation from Google. Google created an environment of protecting employees who harassed individuals who spoke out against Google’s view or the “Googley way,” as it is sometimes known internally. Google employees knew they could harass Plaintiffs with impunity, given the tone set by managers — and they did so.

And Google’s not the only tech company that has built, apparently, an atmosphere of Stalinist repression, at least for conservatives. At Facebook, The New American reported recently, an objectivist at the company wrote a memorandum detailing its ideological insanity. Leftist employees, of course, found it “offensive.”

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