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Kavanaugh Case Inspires Yalies to Comic Protest

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The insanity that has enveloped U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has reached the comic.

On Monday, students at Yale University besieged the law school, which Kavanaugh attended, to protest his elevation to court, as if either Kavanaugh cares or the university can do something about it.

The protest and the entire theater of the Kavanaugh affair assumes, of course, we must “believe survivors” of alleged sexual crimes, evidence regardless, and that women never lie about rape or assault.

Yale Follies
At Yale’s clown show, the Associated Press reported, “dozens of students dressed in black” bellyached about the accused federal judge.

Having traveled to River City to express their pointless opinions, some Yalies wasted a perfectly good chance to see the sights in Washington, D.C.

Reported AP:

“We are interested in making sure that the judicial confirmation process can be as fair and thorough as possible,” law school student Dianne Lake told the New Haven Register. “And that we as a community, as a country, as a nation, take allegations of sexual violence and sexual misconduct seriously and that we value the voices of women that come forward and treat them with the respect that they deserve.”

AP noted that the protest occurred after The New Yorker published a second big allegation from a woman to whom Kavanaugh exposed himself at “drunken dorm party.” AP did not include the salient fact that the “victim” was soaked like a Martini olive and could not remember the putative assault for 35 years. Then she did remember it after 35 years and six days, having discussed it at length with a lawyer and The New Yorker.

Frighteningly, the Yale faculty went along with the nuttery, canceling or rescheduling law-school class to accommodate the childish tantrum.

And so did the dean of the law school. “The allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are rightly causing deep concern at Yale Law School and across the country,” said Heather Gerken. “I am so proud of the work our community is doing to engage with these issues, and I stand with them.”

Yes, Women Lie About Rape
Yet the premise of the protest, and, indeed, of the whole evidence-free attack on Kavanaugh, is that we have no choice but to “believe survivors” because “women never lie.”

A Google search shows they do, and not infrequently.

A month ago, a student in New York who lied about being raped landed in jail. In June, a woman who lied about rape at a college near Bay City, Michigan, received a 45-day jail sentence. In England last year, a woman went to jail after falsely accusing 15 men of rape over a period of years.

More famously, Columbia University settled a lawsuit with a student falsely accused of rape. After a school disciplinary hearing cleared the young man, the university permitted the “victim” to wander thither and yon about campus carrying a mattress, a supposed symbol of her “oppression.” Even after the university settled, the woman continued lying about it.

Actress Lena Dunham peddled a false accusation of rape, while Rolling Stones' account of brutal rape at the University of Virginia was fiction as well. The prosecutor who tried to ruin Duke University lacrosse players with false charges was jailed and disbarred. As with Columbia University, the University of Virginia and Duke cases ended in major monetary settlements.

Long ago, a young woman named Tawana Brawley falsely claimed police officers abducted and raped her, then carved obscenities into the skin of her abdomen. The main promoter of Brawley’s outlandish claim was a little-known street agitator, Al Sharpton, whom a court slapped with a major defamation judgment because of his false claims.

And Sharpton knew Brawley lied, as The New American reported.

“The Brawley story do sound like bull****, but it don’t matter,” he told a friend. “We’re building a movement. This is the perfect issue. Because you’ve got whites on blacks.”

It’s not whites on blacks in the case of Kavanaugh. It is, the Yale students and his accusers would say, a misogynistic rapist on women. And they’re building a movement, too. A movement where truth doesn’t matter.

If it did, Al Sharpton wouldn’t be a top host on MSNBC.


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