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Threat To Kill Kavanaugh, Insane Protests, Portend Violence

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Paid Leave.

That, so far, is the punishment for a teacher in Minnesota who threatened to kill U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This threat to Kavanaugh, the campaign to destroy him, and then the hysterical reaction when that campaign failed, are merely the latest unhinged eruption from a political movement that has, at times, turned to violence.

Since November 8, 2016, when The Donald upended what the Left would thought be another eight years in the White House with Hillary Clinton at the helm, the Left has been seething with rage sometimes veering into violence that nearly ended in murder.

If the Democrats fail to win the House of Representatives as pollsters confidently predict, more violence might well be ahead.

Pink Hair, Funny Eyebrows
The mainstream media didn’t much care to identify the special-education teacher who threatened Kavanaugh with a tweet, but one Samantha Ness was nevertheless fingered as the culprit.

Madame Ness, who sports pink hair and Groucho Marx eyebrows, apparently flipped her lid for a few minutes, as the triggered snowflakes of this era are wont to do, and unleashed an imprudent thread of hate and vitriol.

“So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh,” she wrote.

“Brett Kavanaugh will be dealing with death threats for the rest of his life being on the Supreme Court. I doubt my mid-west ass is a real threat.”

Whether young Ness is a threat is for law enforcement to decide. The FBI has not charged her with a crime — yet. That’s why Minnesota’s top newspaper, the Star-Tribune, did not identify her, by the way.

Meanwhile, Minnesota’s Intermediate School District 917, the government-education factory where this pedagogue peddles her undoubtedly unique brand of instruction, has placed her on paid leave.

Amusingly, having threatened to kill a Supreme Court justice, the teacher did do her civic duty and urged us to vote.

Other Hate Speech
Yet this latest threat is hardly unique. The Left in general, and feminists in particular, are in a frothing, fuming rage over Kavanaugh, who was confirmed Saturday despite a last-minute smear campaign falsely accusing him of attempted rape and other misdeeds.

The hateful, unproven allegations reached their peak when porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and a client falsely claimed Kavanaugh was a gang rapist.

Nonetheless, the sisterhood is angry.

Women’s March, which is partly led by a Muslim terror sympathizer, tweeted that Republican Senator Susan Collins (R- Maine), whose vote was crucial to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, was a “rape apologist,” and said likewise of the other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A writer for Stephen Colbert tweeted that “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

Dumas later apologized: “The last couple of weeks have been hard for the country and for me personally. The complexity of frustration, anger and sadness can’t be accurately conveyed on twitter, and I regret my tone-deaf attempt at sarcasm in the wake of it.”

Tone-deaf isn’t the word for it, and the last couple of weeks have likely been a little harder on, say, the Kavanaugh family than on a “tone-deaf” scribe for the insufferably unfunny Colbert.

This is what young Ariel wrote a few hours before the tweet that landed her in hot water: “Brett Kavanaugh is 100% gonna ask Justice Sotomayor to fetch him coffee.”

More Violence Coming
Yet words aren’t the only weapon the Left has — insane, violent protest is another.

Cops jailed 30 protesters who attempted to disrupt the final vote on Kavanaugh, with the protesters yelping and screaming as they were carried off. “Shame on you!” they shouted.

“I did not consent” and “I do not consent,” they screeched.

Winnie Wong, a top advisor to Women’s March, promised even more. She warned that if “they think we will be silenced by a bunch of patriarchal men screaming order to take our rights away, they have another thing coming.”

“Our time of behaving is long over. Justice Kavanaugh better get used to protests and disruptions, because he is going to have us fighting every step of the way for the rest of his time on the bench.”

The unhinged women and their beta-male allies were even pounding on the heavy doors of the Supreme Court building after Saturday’s vote, shouting “hey, hey, ho, ho, Kavanaugh has got to go.”

And it all might get worse if Democrats lose on November 6.

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