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Grassley Seeks FBI Probe of Another Kavanaugh Rape Liar

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The FBI has received yet another inquiry from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) about a ridiculous rape accusation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

But this time the FBI already has a confession of at least two lies.

A woman admits that she lied in claiming to be “Jane Doe,” the anonymous author of a rape accusation against Kavanaugh. But that admission means she also lied about being raped.

“Kavanaugh raped me,” she lied in writing.

The Letter

On September 25, Grassley wrote, committee investigators received an undated letter, handwritten by “Jane Doe” of Oceanside California, from staff members of leftist Senator Kamala Harris of California. Harris had failed to upend Kavanaugh’s confirmation with lies about his judicial record.

Postmarked September 19 in San Diego, the letter detailed an alleged gang rape by Kavanaugh and a friend in the back seat of car. It contained no other details.

“Kavanaugh kissed me forcefully,” the letter says, and put his hand under her sweater:

“No,” I yelled at him. The boy in the backseat reached around, putting his hand over my mouth and holding my arm to keep me in the car. I screamed into his hand. Kavanaugh continued his forcing himself on me. He pulled up my sweater and bra exposing my breasts, and reached into my panties, inserting his fingers into my vagina. My screams were silenced by the boy in the backseat covering my mouth and groping me as well. Kavanaugh slapped me and told me to be quiet and forced me to perform oral sex on him. He climaxed in my mouth. They forced me to go into the backseat and took turns raping me several times each.

“Jane Doe” brought up Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s first dubious accuser. “Like Dr. Ford,” she wrote, “I’m a teacher, I have an education, a family, a child, a home. I have credibility. Just because something happens a long time ago, because a rape victim doesn’t want to personally come forward, does not mean something can’t be true.”

She explained why she lodged her accusation anonymously:

I refuse to allow Donald J. Trump to use me or my story as an ugly chant at one of his Republican rallies.... Jane Doe will get no media attention, but I am deathly afraid of revealing any information about myself or my family. I watched in horror as Trump vilified Dr. Blasey-Ford. I will not allow this abuse to be directed toward me.

Lady Liar Claims She Is Jane Doe

On September 26, committee gumshoes asked Kavanaugh about it under oath. Replied Kavanaugh, “The whole thing is ridiculous. Nothing ever — anything like that, nothing.... The whole thing is just a crock, farce, wrong, didn’t happen, not anything close.”

On October 3, Grassley wrote, a Judy Munro-Leighton emailed the committee with this subject line: “I am Jane Doe from Oceanside CA — Kavanaugh raped me.”

Committee staffers quickly learned that Munro-Leighton was a liar. Munro-Leighton, Grassley wrote, is “is a left-wing activist,” is “decades older than Judge Kavanaugh” and “lives in Kentucky.”

When committee investigators spoke with Munro-Leighton, she confessed. “‘No, no, no,” she replied, when committee investigators asked whether she wrote the letter. “I did that as a way to grab attention. I am not Jane Doe ... but I did read Jane Doe’s letter. I read the transcript of the call to your Committee.... I saw it online. It was news.’”

Munro-Leighton admitted her lies were a “tactic” and “ploy” to “get attention.” And she confessed she wanted to ruin Kavanaugh: “I was angry, and I sent it out.” When committee staffers asked whether she had met Kavanaugh, she replied, “Oh Lord, no.”

Wrote Grassley, Munro-Leighton submitted a fabricated allegation, which diverted Committee resources.” Part of the fabrication is in the subject line of her email to the committee: Kavanaugh raped me.

The question is whether Munro-Leighton told the whole truth in confessing. Was she part of a broader conspiracy to sink Kavanaugh with false allegations?

Who is Jane Doe?

Other Referrals

This is the fourth referral to the FBI for a probe of rape lies against Kavanaugh.

Grassley first asked the FBI to investigate a liar who claimed Kavanaugh attacked a woman on a boat in Rhode Island.

The second and third referrals requested a probe of porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick, who accused Kavanaugh of gang rape.

Grassley told the FBI that Avenatti and Swetnick lied to the committee.

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