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Kamala Harris: ICE Is Like the Klan

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Senator Kamala Harris, the leftist Democrat from California, thinks that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is analogous to the Ku Klux Klan.

Harris offered the opinion during the confirmation hearing of Ronald Vitiello to become the next chieftain of the agency.

But Harris isn’t alone in trying to demonize the agency and its employees. Immigration officials as racist enforcers of unjust laws is a running narrative among the radical left of late. But top Democrats have pushed that lie as well. They have called ICE agents criminals, permitted thugs to harass its employees, and suggested abolishing the agency.

Among the kooks on that front are the new representative from New York’s 14th District, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But today, Harris upped the ante and called ICE agents Klansman — the equivalent of domestic terrorists.

The Exchange
The exchange between Harris Vitiello, the acting head of ICE, began with Harris regaling the committee with the tale of Vitiello’s tweet of 2015 in which he called the Democrats “neo-Klanist.”

Harris extracted an apology from Vitiello. “It was wrong to do,” Vitiello admitted, because the “offensive words” have “a history in this country and I honestly did not mean it that way.”

Treating the nominee like a school boy caught stealing from the dime store, Harris asked why the words were offensive. “Please talk about the history. What is the history that would make those words wrong?”

Vitiello explained that the Klan is “what we would call domestic terrorist group.”

Harris continued the spanking in her customary supercilious tone: “Why? Why would we call them a domestic terrorist group?”

“Because the Klan,” Vitiello replied, “tried to use fear and force to change the political environment.”

“And what was the motivation for using fear and force?” the officious senator asked.

“It was based on race and ethnicity,” Vitiello replied.

ICE Is the Klan
That answer gave Harris her segue into calling ICE a Klannish agency that terrorizes poor, put-upon immigrants: “Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the laws and do you see any parallels?”

“I do not see any parallels between sworn officers and agents...,” Vitiello replied.

“I’m talking about perception,” Harris continued. “I’m talking about perception...”

Vitiello tried to answer: “I do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to enforcing the law,” he began, but Harris kept on.

“Are you aware that there is a perception?” she interrupted.

Vitiello: “I see no perception...

Harris: “Are you aware that there is a perception?”

Vitiello: “... that puts ICE in the same category as the KKK. Is that what you’re asking me?”

Harris: “No, I’m very specific in what I’m asking you. Are you aware of a perception that the way that the discretion... ”

Vitiello: “I see no parallel,” Harris interjected

Harris: “I’m not finished,” Harris said.

Vitiello: “I see none.”

Harris: “I’m not finished, I’m not finished. Are you aware that there is a perception that ICE is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation, particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America?” Harris asked. “Are you aware of that perception?”

Vitiello: “I do not see a parallel between the power and the authority that ICE has to do its job and the agents and officers who do it professionally and excellently with lots of compassion.”

Then Harris essentially called him an idiot, “Sir, how can you be the head of an agency,” she asked, “be unaware of how your agency is perceived by certain communities.”

Top Democrats Have Demonized ICE
Prominent Democrats have been demonizing ICE and its hard-working employees for months.

Ocasio-Cortez, a former barmaid, virtually threatened violence against ICE officers during her campaign and said activists must “shut down” airports until the borders are open.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called ICE officers “thugs” and threatened to prosecute them for doing their jobs in New York. A congressman threatened the same thing.

Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have called for abolishing ICE, and the leftist mayor of Portland allowed and even encouraged anti-ICE goons to harass the agency’s employees.

Keep in mind that Harris is a notorious liar. The Washington Post awarded her four Pinocchios for the lies she told about Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

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