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‘Indivisible’ Anti-Trump Strategy: Obstruct. Disrupt. Sabotage. Delay. Defame. Accuse. Investigate. Agitate. Impeach

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“Indivisible” leader Ezra Levin appeared on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show on Tuesday to take a victory lap after the midterm elections and to promote the new Indivisible manual for 2020. The new activist handbook provides a how-to program for “progressive” Democrats to take back the White House, as well as the Senate, and expand their new majority in the House of Representatives. The group has also published an additional guide aimed at helping Democrats retake state legislatures and governorships.

Some might call the Indivisible activists Antifa-Lite, the Antifa Auxillary, or Antifa without the masks and baseball bats, but Indivisible has shown that it can mobilize large numbers of activists to march and protest, as well as invade and occupy Republican town hall meetings, and register and mobilize Democratic voters. By both promoting and exploiting the virulent anti-Trump derangement on the Left, Indivisible has managed to assemble a sizable army of activists since President Trump’s inauguration. The organization, which was formed by former Democrat Congressional staffers specifically to oppose President Trump, enjoys tax-exempt 501(c)(4) status. It claims to have nearly 4,000 local Indivisible groups nationwide, and it have been credited with playing a decisive role in many of the recent Democratic victories.

In the wake of the midterm elections, Indivisible’s Ezra Levin appeared on Maddow’s program on November 13 to hype the group’s new push for a take-down of President Trump and a “progressive” transformation of America.

The new manual, entitled “Indivisible on Offense: New Congress, New Indivisible Strategy,” proclaims that “Trump’s America is racist. Trump’s America is corrupt. Trump’s America is sexist. Trump’s America is inhumane.”

Get the picture? Yes, it’s pretty much the same old leftist rant we’ve heard for two years, to wit, Trump and the GOP are evil incarnate: racist, sexist, fascist, nazi, KKK.Arguably, this non-stop demonization strategy has worked for the radical Democrats, at least to some degree.

According to the Indivisible manual, “It’s the job of Democrats to repudiate Trump’s agenda and show them what that alternative vision is. It’s the job of the grassroots — all of us — to make sure that they do. We can’t win in 2020 if we fail to do this.”

So, what is the Indivisible “alternative vision”? Well, from their own words it looks like they intend to use their newfound majority power in the House of Representatives over the next two years to: Obstruct. Disrupt. Sabotage. Delay. Defame. Accuse. Investigate. Agitate. Impeach.

“Indivisible supports impeachment proceedings because there’s copious evidence that Trump has obstructed justice (and there is likely more evidence of other crimes and corruption that will emerge after real investigations are completed),” says the new manual. Naturally, it does not cite even an iota of this “copious evidence.”

Indivisible tells its cadres that “the way we ultimately get Trump out of office is by making him so toxic that a significant number of Republicans realize that they need to abandon him to save themselves.”

“That means doing some legwork,” the manual notes. “To get there, we will need: Overwhelming evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offense (even more than we currently have); Extraordinarily low Trump favorability ratings (lower than we’ve seen thus far in his presidency), which will force Republicans to split from him to protect themselves.”

It demands “relentless investigations and ensuring that his policies are recognized as toxic and are regularly defeated in Congress.” Of course, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and other House Democrats have already signaled that they propose to do precisely that.

“Investigations are the first step forward,” the Indivisible handbook states. “ With control of the House, Democrats should use their investigatory power to begin investigations into whether Donald Trump has committed crimes that would justify his impeachment. This is a first and necessary step. There is no shortage of avenues: obstruction of justice in his firing of James Comey, his violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, collusion with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election.”

Not without reason, the “Indivisibles” are cocky and feeling their oats. Besides having the advantage of enormous funding from George Soros, Democracy Alliance, ActBlue, and a host of other deep-pocket donor sources, Indivisible and its anti-Trump comrades can count on positive coverage for, and amplification of, their hateful message and disruptive antics by the Fake News cartel at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

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