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Lavender Mafia Says 2020 White House Contender Gabbard Is a Homophobe

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Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the raven-haired beauty from Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district who announced her candidacy for president last week, just smacked into the Democratic party’s border wall.

Its color is lavender.

The leftist Gabbard is a “homophobe,” the party’s homosexual activists allege, and therefore an unacceptable candidate for president.

The occasion of the Two Minutes Hate is Gabbard’s past opposition to same-sex marriage, which she now supports.

Right and Left
Gabbard, a half-Samoan Army veteran who served in Iraq, announced her run for president on Van Jones’s CNN show.

The 37-year-old candidate told the avowed communist and former Obama legman she would formally announce this week. Her “main” issue, she said, is “war and peace.”

On foreign policy, Gabbard is something of an isolationist who rightly doesn’t think the United States should have troops in Syria, and supported President Trump’s decision to pull them out.

Gabbard earned a good review in establishment conservatism’s journal, National Review, because she thought — and said — former President Barack Hussein Obama was a girly-man on foreign policy. She didn’t think the president, an outspoken Muslim sympathizer, was tough enough on terror.

Still, Gabbard is a hard leftist. In 2016, her choice for president was communist sympathizer Bernie Sanders, the “Independent” senator from Vermont. She clicks all the right boxes on the issues that matter to “progressives.”

Trouble With the Lavender Lobby
That includes “gay marriage,” which is neither gay nor marriage.

Problem is, she was against homosexual nuptials before she was for them, as the saying goes. Early in her career, she clung to the views of her father, Mike, a former Republican who switched parties in 2007.

Testifying against homosexual unions when she was a state legislator, reported the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Gabbard committed what is now a mortal sin — at least for a Democrat. She disputed homosexual hegemony over the law.

“To try to act as if there is a difference between 'civil unions' and same-sex marriage is dishonest, cowardly and extremely disrespectful to the people of Hawaii,” she said. “As Democrats we should be representing the views of the people, not a small number of homosexual extremists.”

The Star-Bulletin noted that her father, then a city councilman, was “leader of the Alliance for Traditional Marriage and Values, which has battled against same-sex marriage.” Her father also ran an outfit called Stop Promoting Homosexuality America and openly spoke against the homosexual lobby.

But her Army service overseas turned her into a leftist. When she landed in Kuwait, she got religion on “gay marriage” and abortion, both of which she once opposed. “My time in the Middle East forever changed me,” she wrote. “I understand how precious our freedom is, and that allowing government to dictate these most personal aspects of our lives is diametrically opposed to what makes America great: individual liberty and equal rights for everyone.”

Yet in 2016, a reporter wrote that “her personal views haven’t changed, but she doesn’t figure it’s her job to do as the Iraqis did and force her own beliefs on others.” Thus, the hard-left Huffington Post reported in rounding up the LGBTQ line on Gabbard, the homosexual mafia that controls the Democratic Party’s LGBT plank is pink with rage.

“Tulsi Gabbard is a flat no” because of her long-ago testimony, homosexual journalist Mark Harris tweeted.

“So, she’ll co-sponsor bills supporting LGBTQ rights, but still personally thinks we’re icky,” wrote a “trans activist” of whom you were blissfully ignorant until now.

A Google search shows just what a big problem her past is.

Defended Knights Of Columbus
Yet Gabbard might be in trouble on another count as well.

When leftist immigrant Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) smeared the Knights of Columbus as extremist in written questions for Brian Buescher, President Trump’s nominee for the United States District Court in Nebraska, Gabbard defended the venerable Catholic men’s group.

“I stand strongly against those who are fomenting religious bigotry, citing as disqualifiers Buescher’s Catholicism and his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus,” she wrote in The Hill. “If Buescher is ‘unqualified’ because of his Catholicism and affiliation with the Knights of Columbus,” she wrote, then so where the Kennedy boys, John and Ted.

Though Gabbard likely doesn’t stand much of a chance due to her youth and inexperience, and because she is largely unknown, her outspoken views, past and present, are likely a non-starter in a party committed to permanent social and sexual revolution and the expulsion of the Christian religion from public life.

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