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Muslim Rep. Suggests Graham Is “Compromised"; Pelosi Gives Her Seat on Foreign Affairs Committee

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Even an anti-Israel, anti-Christian, anti-homosexual, Islamic extremist is not too extreme for the Democratic Party.

Indeed, it now seems that the more extreme one is on those points, the more likely one is to rise to the party’s top ranks.

For even as newly elected Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is “compromised,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed the subversive to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

You heard that right. Head wrapped in hijab, a Somali immigrant attacked a senator born in the United States. Instead of a censure, she received a plum committee assignment.

Graham “Compromised”
Omar’s latest outrage was a short tweet answering a coreligionist who had tweeted, “I can’t even imagine what they have on Graham,” referring to Graham’s initial opposition to Trump.

Replied the Somali immigrant, “They got to him, he is compromised!,” which might suggest, as many hateful leftists have, that Graham is a closet homosexual.

Even anti-Trump CNN was skeptical, as the Free Beacon observed, and pressed the anti-Israel congresswoman.

“We need to ask you about this,” CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said without mentioning the obvious.

Omar unspooled a ridiculous answer:

Over the last three years, we have seen many times where Senator Lindsey Graham has told us how dangerous this president could be if he was given the opportunity to be in the White House, and all of the sudden, he’s made not only a 180-turnaround but a 360-turnaround, and so I am pretty sure there is something happening with him, whether it is something that has to do with his funding when it comes to running for office, whether it has something to do with the polling that they might have in his district [Graham represents a state, not a district] or whether it has to do with some sort of leadership within the Senate. He is somehow compromised to no longer stand up for the truth and to make sure that he is fighting to protect the oath that he took in serving the American people.

So Sciutto asked again: “But that’s quite a charge to make. You say you’re pretty sure. Based on what evidence? What facts? That’s a remarkable comment to make about a sitting U.S. Senator.”

“The evidence really is present to us, it's being presented to us in the way that he’s behaving,” she replied.

“But that’s not evidence,” interjected Sciutto’s cohost, Poppy Harlow. “That's your opinion, but now as a sitting member of Congress, you would have tweeted ‘they got him on this.’ Again, just based on what evidence, congresswoman?”

The tweet, the Mogadishu-born immigrant said, was “an opinion based on what I believe to be visible to me, and I’m pretty sure there are lots of Americans who agree [with] us.”

Omar, who married her brother to perpetrate immigration fraud, news reports credibly allege, has also attacked the faith of Vice President Mike Pence.

Reward: Foreign Affairs Committee
The despicable claim of January 15, did not, of course, earn Pelosi’s rebuke. Intead, Pelosi rewarded the Muslim congresswomen with a post on the Foreign Affairs Committee, where she can peddle her anti-Israel fanaticism.

“As someone who has seen firsthand the havoc wreaked by war, I am proud to serve on the committee that is responsible for overseeing our country’s — and this President’s — actions abroad,” Omar tweeted after Pelosi’s blunder.

As The New American reported a few weeks before she swore her oath of office on the Koran, Omar is an apologist for radical Islam. She’s thick as thieves with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Discover the Networks has reported. CAIR has ties to some of the most notorious terrorists in the world, not least the Hamas terror outfit.

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” she tweeted in 2012. “#Gaza #Palestine #Israel.” In May, she accused Israel of “apartheid.”

Omar’s Classic Islamic Deception
Omar’s evasive answers to CNN about the smear on Graham, as well as her evasive answers to the charge of marrying her brother to perpetrate immigration fraud, suggest that she is well-versed in the practice is taqiyya, the Islamic injunction to deceive the infidel.

Islam sanctions outright lies and deception to advance the power of Muslims in non-Muslim societies.

But because Omar is an African Muslim immigrant and Democratic star, her colleagues in her party are unlikely to challenge her.

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