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Seeing Red: MAGA Hats Trigger Media, Celebrities, SJWs Into Fits of Hate, Intolerance

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Simply wearing a red MAGA cap makes you fair game for verbal and physical attack. That is the growing sentiment of a disturbingly large portion of the media elites and an even larger portion of vocal academics at the prestige universities. Ditto for the swarms of radical students they’ve indoctrinated. And double dittos for the hyper-emotive Hollywood prima donnas and the thought police of the LGBTQ mafia.

Yes, whether you are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or Martian, and whether you’re man, woman, child, or vegetable, if you dare don a red baseball cap with President Donald Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” slogan, you have put yourself beyond the pale, according to the “tolerance” moralists. By placing a MAGA cap on your head, you have aligned yourself with Nazis and the KKK, they say. You’re a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic bigot. As such, you have no rights, and deserve any punishment that the “social justice” vigilantes (SJVs) mete out. You deserve to be doxxed, so that you, your family, your friends, your school, your community, and your employer can be subjected to physical and mental harassment, by anonymous cyber-bullies online as well as by real-life street bullies. If you are subjected to violence and death threats, well, that’s what you get for wearing that hat, say the apostles of tolerance, peace, and unity.

“Before he encountered Omaha elder Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial, Covington High School student Nick Sandmann had already taken steps to provoke and insult people of color. He'd put on a MAGA hat.” So declared Noah Berlatsky, in a “Think” piece at NBC. Berlatsky and a swarm of media commentators, pampered actors, radical professors, and social media thugs have remained invincibly arrogant in the face of overwhelming evidence that they got the Covington students-versus-“Native American elder” wildly, spectacularly wrong. After ignoring (again) the annual March for Life, the pro-abortion “mainstream” media unleashed a jihad of hate against a group of pro-life Catholic students who had journeyed to Washington, D.C., to participate in the March. According to tabulation by the Media Research Center, the three major networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — devoted a combined total of merely 58 seconds to the March for Life on Friday, January 18. The same networks devoted 19 times that coverage to savaging the Covington students and stirring up the perpetual outrage lobby. In a separate report, the Media Research Center also noted that the radical Women’s March, which took place in Washington, D.C., the day after the March for Life, received nearly 15 times the broadcast network newscast coverage of the March for Life. That coverage disparity and censorship of the huge annual March for Life is nothing new. What was new this time around was that the collective Big Media went crazy over some pro-life kids, some of whom were wearing the verboten MAGA caps.

The best that can be said regarding the media’s horrible “rush to judgement” in running with the “racist, white, Catholic, pro-life MAGA-hat-wearing students” narrative is that (with some of the media, perhaps) it may have indeed been a rush-to-deadline/rush-to judgement, albeit fed by an anti-Trump, anti-Christian, pro-abortion confirmation bias that rendered the media herd all too willing to believe the worst and jettison all journalistic standards. But ignorance, incompetence, negligence, hurriedness, and unconscious bias are no excuse for this media travesty, which now goes to the top of the list of media crimes that confirm the “Fake News” label that President Trump has assigned to most of the major media.

However, after the initial Two Minutes Hate, which then went on for days, and still continues, any of the weak excuses mentioned above fail completely. The persistent media purveyors of the Orwellian hate session that has been directed at Nick Sandmann, Covington High, and MAGA hat wearers everywhere have entered into the realm of malevolence; they’re hardcore haters, as is evident from their inflammatory rhetoric, often replete with homage to Marxism and the “critical theory” of Antonio Gramsci and his fellow cultural subversives of the Frankfurt School.

Which brings us back to Berlatsky and NBC. The headline for his commentary is: “Nick Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic, says he was a silent bystander in viral video. But his MAGA hat spoke for him.” The subtitle reads: “Aligning oneself openly with Trump's movement sends an aggressive political message.”

“The Hat He Was Wearing Spoke Hate.”

“The Covington kids may have just been wearing the hats to provoke onlookers, or to show their solidarity with the president,” Berlatsky says. “But just like wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt, or taking a ‘joking’ prom picture with everyone's hand raised in a Nazi salute, actions have reactions. You can insist that you don't see it as a symbol of intolerance. But you're essentially daring people to disagree with you. You're daring people to be offended. This affects the nature of any encounter even before words are exchanged.”

Berlatsky continues, comparing the MAGA hat to the Nazi swastika: “MAGA hats are far more prevalent than Confederate flags or swastikas, which makes it impossible to stigmatize their use the way other symbols of intolerance have been (at least partially) stigmatized. Trump has blurred the lines between partisan Republicanism and bigotry, so that the first becomes little more than a hollow mask providing deniability for the second. The rise in hate crimes since Trump took office is disturbing. But what's even more dangerous is the way that signaling intolerance has become normalized, unremarkable and uncriticizable because of its association with the president.”

First of all, Berlatsky is still citing the alleged “rise in hate crimes since Trump took office,” even though time and again hundreds of these crimes — especially the high-profile claims that get total media saturation — have turned out to have been hoaxes perpetrated by the alleged victims. (See here, here, and here. )

Moreover, the real hate crime epidemic is the one that the left-tilted “mainstream” media is aiding and abetting, to wit the ongoing violence by the anti-American, anti-Trump Left, which the media systematically censor and cover up. During the 2016 campaign, peaceful Trump supporters wearing MAGA caps were subjected to criminal assaults (not to mention vile taunts, intimidation, and venue obstruction) from one end of the country to the other, with barely a peep of indignation from the media preachers of civility. They simply ignored the hundreds of videotaped incidents against Trump supporters, including even severe beat-downs of kids and setting a young girl’s hair on fire. (See, for example, “Love Trumps Hate!” — And if You Disagree, WE’LL KILL YOU! )

These are real hate crimes documented on video (as well as by eyewitnesses), not the anonymous claims typical of so many of those referred to by Berlatsky, which are either unverifiable or turned out to be fake incidents aimed at smearing Trump, his supporters, and the GOP. Such as, for instance, the hijab-wearing Muslim student at the University of Louisiana who claimed she was assaulted and reviled by two men, one of whom wore a Trump cap. It got lots of media hype. She later admitted she fabricated the whole incident.

Did the same media give the same coverage to the exposure of her admission? You know the answer to that. However, even if they had done so, it wouldn’t have undone the hatred and division that their earlier coverage of the hoax had sown. It would not have reversed the corrosive damage to race relations and civil discourse. However, in virtually all of these cases, the media perpetrators don’t even make a good-faith effort to correct their offenses, or to avoid committing the same “errors” again in the future.

The Narrative: MAGA Hat = KKK Hood

Berlatsky ends his NBC piece with this claim: “Sandmann wants us to believe that he was merely a silent, innocent bystander during the confrontation. But the hat he was wearing spoke hate.”

He is not alone in condemning the MAGA hat as a symbol of hate. Indeed, the MAGA/KKK trope is running rampant among the chattering classes. “Just think about the symbol of that red hat. When I see the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat now, Chris, I’m triggered, I’m so triggered,” blurted out Angela Rye on Chris Cuomo’s show at CNN. “This ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is just as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a KKK hood. That is the type of hatred his policies represent,” Rye declared.

The major media have also given generous play to the anti-Covington hate spewing from social-media platforms. The following are but a few of the Twitter rants, some of which incite, advocate, or condone violence against the Covington teens and MAGA hat wearers:

• Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted: “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood. Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”

• Actor Ron Perlman tweeted: “Always some [bleep] on the internet tellin me I ain’t seein what I’m seein. Little white [bleeps] in red hats symbolizing the lowest impulses there are. F*** ‘em!”

• “Comedienne” and former CNN commentator Kathy Griffin tweeted: “The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f*****s wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again.” This is the same Kathy Griffin, of course, who infamously tweeted at First Lady Melania Trump: “"F*** you, Melanie [sic] … you feckless complicit piece of s***.” Even more infamous and outrageous was her “stunt” with a simulated  severed, bloody head of President Trump.

• Disney producer (Beauty and the Beast) Jack Morrisey: “MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.” Morrisey underscored his sentiments with a graphic depiction of a huge plume of blood spurting out of a woodchipper. Now that’s real civility and tolerance!

• Actor/activist Ed Asner tweeted: “This is a disgrace. This is not America.”

• Hollywood screenwriter Michael Green, tweeted regarding Sandmann: “A face like that never changes. This image will define his life. No one need ever forgive him.”

• Professional feminist Jessica Valenti tweeted: “I think so many of us have been on the receiving end of the face he was making: a smug, untouchable, entitled f*** you.”

• The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said Sandmann had a “smug look on his face” and that “everyone that sees that smug look wants to punch that kid.” “Trump or not, he just looks like an a*****e,” Noah joked.

• Former CNN contributor Reza Aslan: “Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?”

Saturday Night Live writer/comedienne Sarah Beattie offered free oral sex to anyone who would punch Nick Sandmann, a minor, in the face.

“Smiling Face of Whiteness”

Black Ivy League professor of education Ebony Elizabeth Thomas weighed in on the viral video of Sandmann and Phillips, referring to Sandmann as the “smiling face of Whiteness.” But that white smile, she warns, is one that “always hides a knife behind its back.”

According to Professor Thomas, who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, “That knife says this: ‘You must forgive us. You must educate us. Or else.’” “Usually, that ‘or else’ happens anyway,” Thomas avers, “But it will assuredly happen unless you kiss Whiteness' ring.” The professor professes to know “all about Whiteness’ outrageous demands,” and asserts that “whiteness endlessly forgives its own transgressions.”

Laura Wagner at Deadspin denounced the Covington students as “teens draped in racist, misogynist paraphernalia” and “some ****head MAGA teens.”

Chauncey Devega, a leftist firebrand and a race-obsessed black writer/commentator for Salon, Alternet, and RT (Russia Today) penned a Salon piece entitled “White victimology, white privilege and the Covington Catholic rules of race.”

“There are,” says Devega, “rules of race and the color line in post-civil rights American and the age of Donald Trump. Learn them. These rules were almost instantly deployed in defense of the dozens of white MAGA hat-wearing teenagers from Covington Catholic High School who, in a widely viewed video, harassed and mocked a Native American elder last Friday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.”

Here’s how Salon’s Devega recounts the incident: “A group of white teenage boys donned their MAGA hats — which are overt and intentional symbols of bigotry, racism and ignorance — attended a right-wing Christian rally aimed at denying women their reproductive rights, then happened upon a group of ‘Black Israelite’ cartoon bigots, and in retaliation decided to harass and insult a Native American. They did so because white privilege had trained them from birth that they would likely be able to act in such a way without consequences.”

“What W.E.B. Du Bois described as the ‘psychological wages of whiteness’ can take many forms,” Devega warns. “One of them is the ability of those deemed to be ‘white’ to bend reality and distort plain and obvious facts in the service of white supremacy. Defending the behavior of the white teens of Covington Catholic is a prime example of an old and dangerous American problem.”

Surpassing even Angela Rye, Professor Thomas, and Chauncey Devega for fanning the flames of racial resentment is a sarcastic “Open Apology to the Covington Catholic MAGA Hat Harassment Team” by Michael Harriot, a writer for

Harriot's “Dear White Boys” epistle concludes with the following racist screed:

Thank you, Covington Catholic.

Thank you for showing that any person of color in America who has ever protested has faced this kind of scorn. Thank you for showing that white boys intimidating others is a longstanding American tradition.

But most of all, thank you for reminding America that there is one untouchable, unassailable thing in this country — white boys. And whether it’s Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump or a bushel of high school Klansmen-in-training, if anyone ever makes the mistake of blaming them for their black-hearted hate, they will be forced to apologize.

God bless the National Championship white supremacist squad from Covington Catholic High School for giving us this much-needed history lesson.

And may God bless the still racist, always “great,” past, present, and future white boys of the United States of America.

Within hours of unleashing their barrage of hate, the Fake News gang was exposed, as video recordings of the Covington/Phillips “confrontation” showed the media narrative was a blatant lie. Some of the perpetrators  of this travesty — journalists, news organizations, celebrities — have apologized. Sort of. A few of the apologies qualify as genuine mea culpas; most were forced admissions that evaded responsibility by hiding behind claims that newer videos now provide more “nuance” and “context.” However, as our previous reports indicate (see links below), there is little reason to believe that the Fake News propagandists of the Deep State establishment media will allow this latest unmasking to cause them to change their ways. They are hell-bent on taking down Donald Trump, our constitutional system, and Western Christian civilization. And they are willing to incite race war, class war, gender war, and every other imaginable conflict in order to bring that about.

 Image: Chamtrumping via Wikimedia Commons

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