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Monday, 04 February 2019

“Exposed”: Fake News Ignores Video of “Drunk, Naked” Bernie Sanders Singing With Soviet Comrades

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Bernie Sanders’ “honeymoon” in Communist Russia is only part of a life-long love affair with communist regimes: Soviet Russia, Castro’s Cuba, Sandinista-run Nicaragua, and the Chavez-Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela.


Senator Bernie Sanders naked? Bernie Sanders drunk? Bernie Sanders on honeymoon in the Soviet Union? Socialist heartthrob Bernie Sanders singing songs with vodka-swilling Commie Russians? All on one video?

Well, this is a story of yes and maybe yes/maybe no. Yes, a video (see embedded below) has surfaced of Bernie’s “strange honeymoon” (those are his words) in the Soviet Union in 1988 with his second wife, Jane O’Meara Driscoll. The video was released, reportedly, by fellow Democrats who are supporters of new Dem heartthrob Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, which has touched off flamethrower exchanges between Bern and Beto devotees.

Does the video show Bernie naked? Maybe, maybe not; what it does show is Vermont’s most famous avowed socialist naked from the waist up, sitting at a long table with about a dozen other men and women similarly undressed, although the women in the camera’s view are wearing sleeveless shirts or some kind of skimpy tops. Some descriptions of the video say that Sanders and the other men are wearing “briefs,” apparently referring to underwear. Hmm, maybe; it does look like one of the men is wearing white briefs, or maybe gym shorts or swimming trunks. It’s difficult to tell about Bernie, as the camera angle doesn’t allow us to get an unambiguous view of his lower half. (Not that this viewer would have any interest in viewing that part of his anatomy, mind you, just saying — in the interests of settling the issue of “naked” Bernie tying one on with his Soviet comrades.) You watch it and decide.

What about “drunk” Bernie? It does appear that Bernie and the comrades in the video are at least in the “tipsy” range, but since the clip is fairly short and we don’t have any blood alcohol reading, a verdict on our part would be subjective and inconclusive.

So, did Bernie and the gang just come in from the beach or hot tub? Or were they playing strip poker? Or getting ready for an orgy maybe? We have contacted Senator Sanders by e-mail seeking answers to questions about his Russian honeymoon excursion, but have not received a response thus far. The establishment media, naturally, has ignored the Bernie-Russia video completely.  Yes, the same Fake News media that was all over the fake “Steele dossier” that alleged Donald Trump was involved in lurid sexcapades in Moscow has no interest in Bernie’s Russian adventures.

Media Ignore Bernie’s Escapades in Russia

Recall that President Trump’s detractors in Congress and the press speculated, on the basis of the bogus Steele evidence, that Trump had been sexually “compromised” by Putin’s intelligence agents. Well, Bernie’s visit to the Soviet Union was undoubtedly scripted start to finish by the KGB. That’s how things were done in Soviet Russia, and compromising/recruiting foreign visitors (with sex, drugs, bribes) was standard operating procedure. (As a side note, Vladimir Putin was an officer in the KGB when Sanders made his pilgrimage to the USSR).

Yet, the Fake News media, which have been obsessed with promoting the Mueller investigation and breathlessly reporting each new development (with still no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion), have ignored completely the Bernie Sanders Russia video. It’s not just the titillating “naked, drunk” aspect of the video that is newsworthy. Sanders and comrades can be seen singing a Soviet song and then breaking into a round of “This Land Is Your Land,” the most famous song created by communist singer/activist Woody Guthrie.

On his return from the Soviet Union, Bernie and his Vermont traveling companions held a press conference (see video below) that was essentially a propaganda forum promoting the Soviet government’s line on “peace.” This was, keep in mind, the same time during which the Soviet Union was still operating its vast Gulag system of slave labor/death camps, still carrying out its genocidal occupation of Afghanistan, still supporting Castro’s Cuba and the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, still occupying the Baltic States, still supporting and training the PLO and other terrorist groups — in short, still sponsoring war, revolution, and terror worldwide.

Jenny Singer, writing in The Forward, a New York-based left-wing Jewish newspaper/website, treated the Sanders-Soviet visit as a big nothingburger, and the release of the video as an “attempted smear.”

“It’s true,” Singer wrote, “that in 1988 Bernie and Jane Sanders spent time in the Soviet Union immediately after their wedding, but Sanders was the mayor of Burlington at the time, and the trip, to Burlington’s Soviet sister city, Yaroslavl, was a part of his official duties. Sanders wrote openly about it in his memoir, jokingly referring to it as a ‘honeymoon.’”

Other Bernie defenders, apparently taking a cue from Singer, have parroted her line that Mayor Bernie was merely carrying out his “official duties.” What they don’t mention is that it was Mayor Bernie Sanders and his fellow Sanderistas on the Burlington City Council that pushed through the Burlington-Yaroslavl Sister City program, thus creating the “official duty” of visiting the USSR, a duty to which they dutifully, cheerfully responded.

In a review of Sanders’ 1998 book Outsider in the House, an NBC article by Alex Seitz-Wald noted: “Sanders honeymooned in the USSR. Sanders married his current wife, Jane, in May of 1988 and the next day left for their ‘romantic honeymoon’ to Yaroslavl, in the then-Soviet Union. The trip was an official delegation from Burlington to cement the two cities’ sister-city relationship. ‘Trust me. It was a very strange honeymoon,’ Sanders writes. He also visited Cuba with Jane in 1989 and tried to meet with Fidel Castro, but it didn’t work out and he met with the mayor of Havana and other officials instead.”

Several years earlier, in 1985, Sanders journeyed to Nicaragua to embrace Daniel Ortega and the Communist Sandinista revolution. A video interview with him expressing his enthusiastic support for the brutal Sandinista regime can be viewed here.

Trevor Loudon’s Keywiki site entry on Senator Sanders provides many more details on his life-long pro-communist career, including his extended stay in 1963 working at the Stalinist, pro-Soviet Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim, near Haifa in northern Israel; his 1985 visit to Nicaragua and meeting with communist dictator Daniel Ortega; his relations with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s Citgo Oil company; praise and endorsements for Sanders from top Communist Party officials and activists; his 99-percent rating from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a radical Marxist “think tank” with ties to the Soviet KGB and Cuban DGI; and much more.

None of this, of course, is to be found at CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, or the rest of the Fake News industrial complex. They have had more than a week to deal with the release of the 1988 Sanders video and all of the serious implications for national security that his long pro-Soviet, pro-Castro, pro-Sandinista, pro-communist background should indicate to any thinking person. However, they continue to ignore this, just as they have ignored Hillary and Bill Clinton’s many troubling ties to Vladimir Putin and Putin’s Russia, while simultaneously pushing the years-long Mueller witch hunt for the (so far) nonexistent “Trump-Russia collusion.”

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