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White Electorate Dying; Hispanics Set to Outnumber Blacks in 2020

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Reflecting America’s low white birthrate and how statists manage to import voters via immigration, whites’ percentage of the electorate is consistently shrinking while blacks’, Hispanics’, and Asians’ share is growing. In fact, the latest projections show that whites will constitute a historic low of only 66.7 percent of 2020-election voters, despite their traditionally being more likely to cast ballots than other groups. Another historic first is that Hispanics will outnumber blacks among voters, albeit by a tiny margin, according to the Pew Research Center.

As the Washington Examiner reports:

In a major shift that appears to help Democrats and liberals, one-third of the eligible voters in the upcoming 2020 presidential election will be non-white, the first time ever, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census data.

… The growth of non-white voters, which Pew said favored Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 election, comes at the expense of the white vote.

Pew said that the white vote will total 66.7 percent in 2020, down from 76.4 in 2000.

Hispanics should constitute 13.3 percent of the voters, 32 million in raw numbers, while blacks’ projected 30 million number should put them at 12.5 percent of the electorate.

“This change reflects the gradual but continuous growth in the Hispanic share of eligible voters, up from 9 percent in the 2008 presidential election and 7 percent in the 2000 election,” Pew tells us.

Pew also reports that this “increase is at least partially linked to immigration and naturalization patterns: One-in-ten eligible voters in the 2020 election will have been born outside the U.S., the highest share since at least 1970.”

This is actually a 50-year pattern now. Ever since 1965’s Immigration Reform and Nationality Act took effect in 1968, 85 to 90 percent of our immigrants — and likely an even higher percentage of illegal aliens — have hailed from the Third World. Upon naturalization (and, note, some illegals vote, too), 70 to 90 percent of this group consistently votes Democrat.

This lies in stark contrast to our pre-1968 immigration, which was primarily a European phenomenon involving far lower numbers of newcomers: approximately 250,000 a year. The 1965, demographics-rending act caused the number to swell to more than a million annually. This non-Western nature of our immigrants, along with their massive numbers, is a major reason why the rate of immigration long ago exceeded the rate of assimilation (hence “pressing ‘one’ for English” and government documents printed in multiple languages).

It’s also why Republicans find winning national elections increasingly difficult. Note that the GOP derives 90 percent of its votes from whites. Also know that while many commentators like to trumpet the “walk away” (from Democrats) movement among blacks and others, the statistics belie this phenomenon. In the 2018 midterms, for example (despite the much ballyhooed Trump effect, which involves attracting new people to the GOP), 90, 77, and 69 percent, respectively, of blacks, Asians, and Hispanics voted Democrat. Add to this that 77 percent of Jews and 59 percent of women also voted Democrat, and that party’s seizure of the House is not entirely surprising.

Additionally, (im)migration helps explain why California, once the land of Reagan, is now a deep-blue Democrat bastion; and why once-red states such as Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona range from purple to light blue. As is so often said, demography is destiny.

By the way, now you know why the Democrats want neither a wall with Mexico nor any kind of effective immigration enforcement and why our border has remained porous for many decades. It’s not that leftists love immigrants. They love power — and they’re importing their voters.

This is a phenomenon throughout the West, mind you — one leftists will acknowledge during honest moments. Perhaps the best example was the admission by Andrew Neather, ex-aide to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In 2009, he confessed that the previous 15 years’ massive Third World migration into the U.K. had been designed by his Labour Party “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.” It’s an old principle: If you can’t get the people to change the government, change the people.

This by-design demographic upheaval — along with extra Democrat-district congressional seats due to counting illegals in the census, vote fraud, and ballot harvesting — means that President Trump and other Republicans will have their work cut out for them in 2020. It’s the best government immigration policy can buy.

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