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Lawyer: Lawsuits Against “Native American Elder,” Media Accomplices, Soon to be Filed

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Nathan Phillips, the “Native American elder” who became a cause célèbre for the radical left and mainstream media after his confrontation with Nick Sandmann and his fellow high school students at the Lincoln Memorial, had better don his war bonnet and dust off his quiver of arrows.

Lin Wood, the attorney for Sandmann, said he will sue Phillips because he smeared the boy from Covington Catholic High by aiding and abetting the media’s misrepresentation of the now-famous face-off.

Phillips, Wood avers and video shows, repeatedly lied about the matter.

So did the media, which based their smear upon a short clip that, as misrepresented by the media, wrongly depicted Sandmann as the aggressor in a nose-to-nose showdown with the bedraggled professional activist.

The coming attractions in the case also include multiple defamation lawsuits against the leftist smear merchants so eager to claim Sandmann is a privileged white racist.

Letters, Then Lawsuits
Wood disclosed the news to LifeSite News that he’s ready to hit the warpath against Phillips.

Phillips “will be sued,” Wood told the website. His “lies and false accusations” are “well documented.” Wood told the website that the “first round of lawsuits” are coming shortly.

Wood’s vow to begin legal war on Sandmann’s behalf follows his release of a 15-minute video, which demonstrated conclusively that a group of black racists, the Black Hebrew Israelites, were shouting racist slogans at the Indians and the boys, that one of the Indian activists told the boys to go back to Europe, and that Phillips, most importantly, was the aggressor toward Sandmann.

The media reported exactly the opposite, and even Catholic bishops, in a rush to judgement, denounced the boys.

Last week another attorney for the boys sent letters to more dozens of actors who helped retail the false drama, demanding they maintain any and all records of the event. Four Catholic dioceses received the letter.

The “list of recipients of the notices ‘continues to grow in number,’” Wood told the website. The legal team is “in the process of sending formal written retraction demands in conformity with statutes in states in which litigation may be filed.” Thus, the smear merchants can expect the boys’ attorneys to “file the first round of civil lawsuits within the next two weeks.”

Covington Diocese “Investigating”
Amazingly, reported Lifesite, the Covington Catholic Diocese is still looking into the matter.

Wood wonders why:

We have no idea why the investigation by the Diocese has not been concluded but we are confident that any objective review of the evidence will conclude that Nick did nothing wrong. Nick remained calm and well-mannered despite being confronted by an activist beating a drum within inches of his face while chanting loudly. Nick did not utter one word except to quietly urge a classmate to refrain from making any comments that might aggravate the situation created by Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Even worse, he divulged, Sandmann “was prohibited by the school from attending classes for 6 school days in the two weeks following the incident,” and he wasn’t allowed back until Wood let the school know in no uncertain terms the clumsy attempt to shun the boy would not be tolerated.

The Fake Military History of Phillips
As for Phillips, the media repeatedly and falsely called him a “Vietnam veteran.” Phillips got away with it because his leftist comrades think their causes gain credibility if supported not just by being a “Native American elder,” but by being a military hero to boot.

He once claimed that he was a “recon-ranger,” a non-existent military occupational specialty, and that when he returned from hard duty in Vietnam, “people called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.” Phillips also claimed he put a beat down on her boyfriend because “she hurt my feelin’s.”

But Don Shipley, a retired Navy SEAL who unmasks fraudulent claims of military heroism known as Stolen Valor, quickly retrieved Phillips’ military records, which showed just how gullible the media were in swallowing all the lies the “Native American elder” told about his time in the Marine Corps.

In fact, Phillips never served in Vietnam. He never left the United States, and instead was a refrigerator repairman. He also went Away Without Leave more than once.

Beyond that, Phillips is a convicted criminal.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video of 2015 interview with Phillips

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