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Is There a Civil War Brewing in the Democratic Party?

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On Monday, June 7, Nancy Pelosi was greeted by hecklers, who bordered on violence, as they began to throw items in the audience at a Washington conference for progressive activists. Only minutes after Pelosi began to speak, protesters attired in orange shirts began to shout over her. One of the protesters from Code Pink, an anti-war, pro-socialist group, shouted, “Stop funding Israel terror.”

CBS claims that the critics have “expressed anger and impatience with President Obama and the Democratic majority for failing to seemingly live up to their expectations and for failing to respond to progressives’ growing resentment.” Likewise, many in the Far Left have voiced opposition to Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, claiming that they are not liberal enough. Harsh criticism of Democrats by fringe left-wing groups have political analysts wondering, “Is there a civil war brewing in the Democratic Party?”

On yesterday’s episode of Glenn Beck, he outlined the argument that there is indeed a civil war brewing between the radical leftists and many Democrats. The extreme leftists in question are people like Jodie Evans of Code Pink and Van Jones, a self-proclaimed Marxist, and revolutionaries Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, former members of the domestic terrorist group “Weathermen.” These leftists have teamed up on liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, Harry Reid, etc., who perhaps believed that they could rein in the extremists and meet their agenda halfway.

Slowly but surely, however, it is becoming evident that the Marxist revolutionaries are unwilling to compromise and are ready to throw their own political liberal allies overboard. Pelosi and company may find themselves in danger as they begin to be targeted for “betrayal” by the radicals who expected so much more from them.

Beck argues that radicals are the most dangerous when they detect that their reign is coming to an end. In the first two years of Obama’s presidency, with a Democratic majority, the progressives and radicals have enjoyed relative autonomy with little opposition to their agenda. Now, however, as it becomes clear that the Democrats will likely lose their majority in November, the extremists are radicalizing further.

On June 7, former SEIU President Andy Stern said, “American needs a 21st century economic plan because we now know the market-worshipping, privatizing, deregulating, dehumanizing American financial plan has failed and should never be revived, worshipping the market again. It has failed America and everyone that works here.” Of course, as Stern likely well knows, free markets haven't been allowed to work in the United states for years, and almost every bit of government "deregulation" came with boatloads of new government regulations, begetting the corruption and financial problems we now have.

It is language like Stern’s that truly reveals the radical Marxist agenda, especially as it mimics Marxist language. Marx wrote, “At a certain stage of their development, the material forces of production in society come in conflict with the existing relations of production … with the change of the economic foundation the entire immense superstructure is more or less rapidly transformed, in considering such transformations the distinction should always be made between the material transformation of the economic conditions of production which can be determined with the precision of natural science and the legal, political, religious, aesthetic or philosophic — in short, ideological forms in which men become conscious of this conflict and fight it out.” Marx is describing a fundamental transformation, and the way to bring about the transformation is to eradicate the enemy: capitalism and the free market.

Van Jones has admitted that he dropped his “radical pose” in favor of “radical ends.” Van Jones is the same man believed to have written the handbook for the Marxist group STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). Just yesterday, at a conference for America’s Future Now, Jones declared, “This week will mark a historic inflection point when progressives decided to be progressives again in this country.”  STORM’s handbook states, “STORM did have an agenda. We wanted to help lay the groundwork for a revolutionary period…. We could build strong organizations (and therefore power) in oppressed communities. We could promote revolutionary politics and ideas.”

In the announcement for the America’s Future Now conference, the website indicated that the conference will outline strategies to achieve the true progressive agenda and will create a “progressive majority that challenges both obstructionist Republicans and timid Democrats.”

And even as the federal government was declaring Tea Parties and Rush Limbaugh to be dangerously capable of inciting violence, an anonymous French group called the Invisible Committee published a book called The Coming Insurrection, a call to arms for a violent revolution to bring down capitalism. The movement started in France, spread to Greece (and we see how well that is working out), and found its way to the United States in August 2009.

The book declares, “Take up arms. Do everything possible to make their use unnecessary. There is no such thing as a peaceful insurrection.  Weapons are necessary.” Also, “It’s a question of knowing how to fight, to pick locks, to set broken bones and treat sicknesses; how to build a pirate radio transmitter; how to set up street kitchens; how to aim straight.”

Not surprisingly, the Communist Party USA is also calling for a Marxist revolution. They’ve declared, “The main barrier to socialist transformation is the US state. The capitalist state must be dismantled or de-constructed and replaced by a proletarian state and socialist republic.”

Leftist groups against Obama have popped up on Facebook and LastFM. From June 17-20, Socialism 2010 will be holding a conference in Chicago, Illinois. The website for the event declares: “With the economy in shambles and with wars and occupations continuing, the challenge to change these conditions confronts us all. More than a year ago, millions placed their hopes in Barack Obama and the Democrats to solve these problems. But after months of broken promises and concessions to conservatives, jobs are scarce, health care reform is on life support, and full equality for LGBT people remains elusive. Socialism 2010 … will provide an unparalleled opportunity for new and veteran activists and scholars to explore questions about how we got into this mess and how we can get out of it.”

Clearly, the radicals do not believe Obama is the solution, despite his lean toward socialism and Marxism.

Determining which of the liberal politicians are in fact Marxist revolutionaries is a conundrum in some cases. Do people like Pelosi and Biden understand the movement within their own party, or are they blind to it? Do they seek a Marxist revolution? Americans need to do their homework to find out the truth.

What Americans need to realize, unfortunately, is that if the alleged “civil war” is taking place within the Democratic Party, the fate of the country may well be determined by the winner.

Here’s how. President Obama has been the most progressive President in American history — a quick overview of his 19 months in office proves it. As an example, if passed, the financial regulation bill will place 70 percent of the economy in government control. Freedom of speech and press and Internet freedom is under attack. American citizens are losing their rights of “habeas corpus.” The movement toward global government through American affiliation with the United Nations, Council of Foreign Relations, and the International Monetary Fund is underway. Yet, the radicals are not happy. Why? Because they seek a revolution — a Marxist revolution. If the radicals win the “civil war,” all bets are off.

The question remains: Is there a civil war brewing within the Democratic Party? It is likely that the answer will soon reveal itself.

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