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Democrats Pass Sham Resolution; Condemn Whites Instead of Omar

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House Democrats courageously sallied forth yesterday and passed a resolution condemning just about every form of hatred. Hatred of Jews. Hatred of Muslims. Hatred of minorities.

Oddly, the resolution inspired by the “anti-Semitic” remarks of one of its premier members, Somali Muslim Ilhan Omar, didn’t mention hatred of two groups: Christians and whites. It did, of course, mention “white supremacy” more than once.

And while the resolution detailed attacks on mosques and synagogues and FBI statistics, and even disinterred the 19th-century anti-Jewish Dreyfus affair in France, it somehow missed a hate crime of just a month or so ago: the despicable Two Minutes Hate visited upon Nicholas Sandmann after a “Native American” who turned out to be military faker hoaxed an entire nation.

The one thing the resolution didn’t mention? The hijabbed Muslim who spewed accusations of dual loyalty on the part of Israel supporters: Ilhan Omar.

Pelosi: Omar Not the Problem
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained Omar isn’t the problem. Rather, the problem is hate in general, and white haters in particular.

“I see everything as an opportunity,” the aging leftist told reporters, the New York Times reported. “This is an opportunity once again to declare as strongly as possible opposition to anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim statements,” and “white supremacist attitudes.”

“It’s not about [Omar]; it’s about these forms of hatred,” she said.

Thus, the resolution says, “whether from the political right, center or left, bigotry, discrimination, oppression, racism and imputations of dual loyalty threaten American democracy and have no place in American political discourse.” But again, for all its concern about “white supremacy,” including attacks on “Native Americans,” it somehow missed the attack of “Native American” supremacists, backed by the media, on white, high-school Catholic boys.

Instead the resolution included a few “whereas” clauses referencing anti-Muslim bigotry even as it avoided, for instance, the Muslim terror attack on a homosexual night club in Orlando, Florida, in 2016, and the ongoing Islamic slaughter of Christians in the Middle East. Thus did a resolution meant to denounce anti-Jewish hatred from a Muslim end in a resolution denouncing hatred of Muslims.

Unsurprisingly, 23 Republicans voted against the sham measure, the Washington Post reported. “Rep. Mo Brooks (Ala.) said that he voted against the resolution because its wording ‘suggests America’s House of Representatives care about virtually everyone except Christians and Caucasians.’ Discrimination against those groups, he argued, was ‘just as insidious as discrimination against any other race, ethnicity or religion.’”

Representative K. Michael Conaway (R-Texas) said likewise, the Post reported. The resolution, he said, should have included more than “instances that fit their progressive liberal agenda.”

As well, the Times reported, some Jewish Democrats weren’t too happy. Said Representative Ted Deutch of Florida, “We are having this debate because of the language of one of our colleagues, language that suggests Jews like me who serve in the United States in Congress and whose father earned a purple heart fighting the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge, that we are not loyal Americans.”

Unsurprisingly, the Democratic Coalition and one loud-mouth anti-Israel Democrat, the Post noted, denounced Republicans for not joining the Democrats’ phony stand against “hate.”

“Where’s the outrage over the 23 GOP members who voted NO on a resolution condemning bigotry today?” raged Democratic star Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Oh, there’s none? Did they get called out, raked over, ambushed in halls and relentlessly asked why not? No? Okay. Got it.”

Replied GOP Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, “Here’s the outrage: your party put a sham resolution on the floor designed to protect the anti-Semitic hate and bigotry of @IlhanMN.”

Pelosi Lies for Omar
For her part, Pelosi tried to cover for Omar, the Times reported. “I do not believe that she understood the full weight of the words,” Pelosi said of the anti-Israel, anti-Christian congresswoman. “I feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-Semitic attitude.”

Hooey. Omar knew exactly what she was saying. She said it anyway. “I am told everyday that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel,” she replied after a Jewish Democrat called out her dual-loyalty accusation. “I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks.”

But Omar isn’t just anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. She’s anti-Christian.

She also ridiculed Vice President Mike Pence for his Christian faith.

But Pelosi and the Ocasio-Cortez Democrats didn’t care about that.

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